This list is for a prison guard web site that ‘s already filled with automatically updating message including articles, shop, television, & news.

Have you constantly wanted your own web log or website that you could earn extra money from every month but do n’t know where to start ?

Our commercial enterprise is developing and creating pre-made websites for people who do n’t have the prison term, skills, or desire to develop one themselves. The price of custom-made web design does n’t fit into everyone ‘s budget so we offer low-cost premade sites designed for people who want to “ get their feet wet ” with a web site without investing a distribute of money.

The biggest advantage of starting out with one of our premade websites is that your web site will have a PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE from the depart. No “ under construction ” areas or missing sections with these websites. Since they are already filled with content, it won ’ triiodothyronine look like you merely started your web site yesterday. No more waiting to launch your site or being afraid to partake it because you only have a few blog posts ! Since we take the initial blueprint and contentedness off your home plate, you get to focus on adding your own message on your own schedule. bonus : You can besides MAKE extra MONEY from your traffic with the built-in banner ads !

Our sites are designed for people with small or no network exploitation skills ( they are ace NEWBIE FRIENDLY ). We presently have over 50 templates to choose from ! Our advice would be to choose a web site on a subject that interests you or that you are passionate about !

“ If one advances confidently in the steering of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours. ” – Henry David Thoreau

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• Includes a super user-friendly admin area where you can delete/add articles, change colors, and customize capacity.

• Pre-populated with a assortment of recess articles on your topic.

• News class pulls in top site-related news articles day by day, keeping contentedness bracing for your visitors. This besides adds plenty of newly indexing material for google and the other search engines !

• Includes an Amazon affiliate store page filled with refer Amazon items. MAKE COMMISSION every time a visitor makes a buy at Amazon through your links ! No inventory, dealing with customer servicing, or the harass of packing and shipping items !

• Additional page contentedness includes : A Contact Us shape, an About page, and a privacy Policy

• Videos are hosted on YouTube and the other television sites so they do n’t take up valued bandwidth on your server, saving you money.

• Pre-built with consort banner advertisements so you can start earning from your dealings ASAP.

• Integrated social icons on the sidebar ready to be linked to your sociable media profiles.

• Social sharing widgets integrated into each foliate so that your visitors can easily partake your subject.

• Built with WordPress on the batten Genesis framework.

• Modern, mobile-responsive design ( adapts to all blind sizes ).

• Search engine optimized. Every clock new subject is added it automatically pings aggregators like google and lets them know your locate has fresh contented !


You will need a host account and a world mention to install this web site on. If you need web site host, we offer premium HOSTING PACKAGES that include absolve web site apparatus, and access to my node membership portal that ’ s filled with market data and WordPress train video recording. Please contact me if you are interest in this servicing because it includes many other bonuses not listed here ! If you already have hosting and want us to set the web site up for you, we do offer a WEBSITE SETUP SERVICE for an extra fee.

**If you need any customization ‘s or additions to the content or composition other than what ‘s included, please contact me for a quote. **

Please note : This product is an blink of an eye digital download that contains a Getting Started pdf with a particular yoke to download your web site ‘s files !

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I largely work with people who are new to owning a web site, so no interrogate is besides “ newcomer ” for me !


“ Amaraq Websites creates master, active websites supported by the most efficient after sales servicing I have ever experienced. ” -Malcolm Desborough

“ Repeat Buyer ; very happy. especial customer service ! ” -Nashokan

“ Great web site with clean invention & excellent customer service. Recommended. ” -Darwinbeagle2013

“ Excellent service and support. A great prison guard web site. ” -DaintyDot

“ We ‘ve been involved in internet traffic since 2004, and have seldom experienced the clear tied of customer military service provided by Amaraq ” -Patrick H, London – reprise buyer

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