Let me tell you a admonitory fib about predaceous lend … .. In May of 2020 I had some customization work done on my new truck, the shop class offered in-house finance with 90 days lapp as cash. Seemed to be a good distribute, so I agreed and they arranged finance, told me I was approved through Greenwave for $ 3,000. I told them aplomb, go ahead and do the oeuvre. I was presented with a simpleton print receipt for three distinguished and a call count, was instructed to contact them within the adjacent few days to setup payment arrangements. The shop completed the work and I came by late that evening to pick up my hand truck. I had zero clue what the terms of the loan were or I would have told them to take a raise … .but I ‘m getting ahead of myself. Fast forward a few days late and I ‘ve contacted Greenwave to setup my payments. We agreed on the 90 day same as cash payment, he rambled on about loanword end point fees and bric-a-brac, gave me my bi-weekly requital amount and the concluding payout sum and go steady. so far so good-ish ( I hush had NO estimate what I ‘d signed up for ). COVID did its thing and fiscal stresses did n’t allow me to pay it off during those 90 days, so I just figured I would keep up the payments and be done with the loanword in a fair clock without excessively much mother. As of today, their node portal vein on their web site is calm not working, so I ‘ve never tied had the ability to look up any of my loan terms or requital information to amply understand the sleep together I was receiving. Armed with this information, I would have sold a kidney to avoid paying these nothing short of criminal fees. Fast ahead to nowadays ( December 14th ), I look at my bank statements and notice that I ‘ve already paid them $ 4,031.28 on a $ 3,000 lend, so I called customer serve to see what my remaining balance was. To my absolute HORROR, they told me that I still owed another $ 3,125.72 on the loanword tied though I ‘ve already paid over $ 4,000 to date. They offered me an early buyout of the loan for an extra $ 2094.23 if I took care of this today. In compendious, I received a $ 3,000 lend with zero paperwork nor official contact from the company other than the initial margin call to setup payments. Their web site ‘s customer portal vein has been “ under construction ” from the identical depart, with no way to review terms or gain a complete understand of the degree of rape I ‘m receiving. The work was already done to my vehicle before payments were even apparatus and conditions discussed, so besides late to back out on the loan sharks without a huge legal mess. That $ 3,000 “ lend ” turned into a $ 7,000+ nightmare. How is this even legal ? I will burn these clowns toss off to the flat coat on every mercantile establishment humanly possible. I emplore you – DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE. I did n’t even get a reach-around nor a kiss on the buttock. You wo n’t either.

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