Automatic Grease Traps (Grease Removal Units)

Grease Removal Units ( GRU ) automatically separates and removes fats, oils and grease from effluent effluent. These units save time and require minimal sustenance, providing you with peace of mind in regards to your grease management system .
Grease removal units can besides remove solid food lay waste to particles and eliminate cruddy odours that can be found in manual dirt traps. These units are equipped with automatic timers or sensors for self-cleaning and can be used at point of source or in cardinal locations .
With a wide range of models available to treat single & multiple slump appliances, big pas through dishwashers, combination ovens or chicken rotisseries and more, a GRU is now the most choose choice in the modern day kitchen .

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Big Dipper showing inside the of the product The Big Dipper Internal Strainer ( IS ) System is a fully-automated engineer organization for the separation and removal of FOG ( fats, oils and grease ) from kitchen effluent .
It uses a digital restrainer to ensure regular and efficient dirt “ skimming ” a well as self-cleaning, removing 99.5 % of FOG .
big Dipper ’ s full removal of FOG means that there is no prerequisite for any chemicals, but however the latest 51K series unit of measurement has advanced smell protection that provides a pleasant work standard atmosphere .
big Dipper can manage a maximal flow pace of 7.89 l/s and a grease retentiveness capacitance of at least 136kg, it can besides skim 18.16kg per hour .
The Big Dipper range of units can be sited underneath a grease producing fastness or centrally located within a plant room for arrant drain protection .

product shot of the grease shield Grease Shield offers a fully automatic pistol removal of FOG ( down to 100ppm ) and solid food waste particles. It operates using a pre-filter and an optional automatic solids transportation ( AST ) removal system .
ideal for those seeking to be environmentally friendly, Grease Shield is the beginning and only “ fleeceable ” certified grease trap in the world .
With no heat elements or required chemicals, it is besides a useful option for the economically minded .
Grease Shield have a range of active flow rates, from 1 litres per second through to a maximum of 4 litres per second.

Grease Shield has a relatively small footprint and can consequently be installed in most kitchens and low level invert options for combi-oven installations suit space constraints in any commercial kitchen .

Lipujet Grease Separator Product Shot The ACO Lipujet is a range of free-standing grease separators for complete disposal of dirt. The LipuJet functions on the footing that water system, fats, oils, dirt ( FOG ) and solid particles have unlike densities. Kitchen effluent enters the LipuJet grease trap where FOG floats upwards, sludge ( solid particles ) sinks downwards and the separated, “ cleaned ” water flows away .
The ACO LipuJet can be constructed from either polyethylene or stainless sword and is available in either a turn or ellipse design, enabling you a across-the-board range of options to suit your specific requirements. furthermore, polyethylene is corrosion-resistant but besides light ; making it easy to transport and install. The ACO LipuJet benefits from a 25-year guarantee on substantial stability and resistance against greasy effluent. The guarantee is valid providing that the centrifuge is installed, commissioned and maintained according to the manufacturer ’ randomness instructions .

The Grease Capture is designed for food service establishments where quad is limited and a larger dirt centrifuge can not be installed. Automatically removes greases, oils and fats before entering drain system to protect them from clogging. exceptionally effective removal of greases, oils and fats thanks to a alone two-chamber separation and coalescent gap system .
Easy and effective sustenance – only 5 minutes a day.
No moving parts – nothing can be blocked or clogged .
specially develop design and surface of the heat gat.

Unique inner shape of the device .
We can recommend a suitable size, provide initiation and service, analyses and measurements .

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