Though you might not think the secondary school the most amatory or picturesque place to take battle photos, we love that Andrey Hicks and Stefany Sanchez returned to the seat they first met for their school term with Nichole Meredith Photography. not alone are their battle photos perfect for fun save the date cards, they besides tell Andrey and Stefany ’ s sweetness sexual love deck. Like B & G on Facebook | Follow B & G on Instagram

Andrey was working out at Fort Meade Planet Fitness when he saw her. normally, he was excessively civilized to bother person during their practice, but he decided to make an exception for this beautiful girl. “ I knew I wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forgive myself if I didn ’ thyroxine, ” says Andrey. “ I mean, what if I never saw her again ? What if the populace divided in two and she was on the other english ? Or what if she met David Beckham the future day ? ” not volition to leave their future to fate, Andrey approached Stefany. Though she refused to provide her earphone act or to accept his, Andrey wore her devour enough that she last took his e-mail cover. A few emails late, they ’ five hundred set up their first base date.

When the prison terminus for their beginning date came around, however, Andrey had to cancel. A mercenary industrial graphic designer and software developer, Andrey had received a request from a customer at the final infinitesimal. He responded to the customer with a price for his service he thought they ’ five hundred surely hindrance at, but when the client agreed to pay the eminent sum, Andrey knew he needed to accept the job. Though Stefany was leery as to why he had very cancelled their date, Andrey made it up to her by using the money he ’ five hundred made to upgrade their beginning go steady to a weekend change of location to New York City.
One class from the day they ’ d touch, Andrey and Stefany were in Los Angeles staying in a hotel. After dinner, Andrey brought Stefany second to their room, blind folding her outside the door and telling her he had a storm. “ Is it a puppy ? ” she asked. When they entered the room, a musician garter of Andrey ’ south, who was waiting with an acoustic guitar, started spill the beans and playing “ I Choose You ” by Sara Bareilles. Once they made it to the middle of the room, Andrey removed the blindfold and got down on one stifle.
For their date portraits, Andrey and Stefany teamed up with Nichole Meredith Photography to retell the story of how they ’ five hundred meet and dates they ’ d been on. They returned to Planet Fitness for a practice photograph shoot, followed by a amble with their frank, and a coffee bean date. Andrey and Stefany married on August 13, 2015 in New York City.

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