Dell Heatrix

Dell Heatrix

Dell Heatrix Heaters for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Q Applied Systems is a manufacturer ’ sulfur representative for Dell Heatrix a manufacturer of the best electric heating products and a recognized drawing card in the electric heat diligence for innovative invention of UL Listed Electric Duct Heaters, Open Coil, Finned Tube, Indoor and Weatherproof Outdoor Approved OEM Applications and customs applications .
Heatrix electric heaters and duct heaters may be used with heat pumps, cooling units or any forced air system, and are suitable for zero clearance installation with horizontal or upright air travel hang. Their fully channel of duct heaters includes both open coil & finned tubular elements suitable for NEMA1 indoor, and NEMA 4 outdoor facility. In partnership with Dell Heatrix ; Q Applied Systems offers the industry ’ s fastest turn-around on quotes, custom-made design, and delivery along with quality, flexibility, competitive price.

together we have the products, cognition, and services to meet the needs of both industrial / commercial and all plan & specification, to develop innovative solutions angstrom well as to satisfy tomorrow ’ s applications .

Available Heater Options

Q Applied Systems and Dell Heatrix caters to a variety of industries providing custom products to meet customer needs. Our heaters are engineered to meet an enterprise ’ mho specifications including custom OEM units. Our team work close with businesses and mangers to make products that in full comply with that company ’ s unique heating needs. For that rationality, Dell Heatrix produces :

  • HXOB Fan Discharge Heaters
  • Open Coil Duct Heaters
  • Finned Tubular Duct Heaters
  • Round Duct Heaters
  • NEMA 4 Outdoor Duct Heaters
  • OEM Custom Modular Heaters
  • Specialty Heater Finned Tubular
  • Outdoor Duct Heaters
  • Staged Control, Step Modulating Control and SCR Control Options

Depending on the specific needs of your company, you can be confident in choosing the best inflame solution from our available products.

Electric Heater Equipment Pairings

Dell Heatrix heaters are often used in junction with a kind of early equipment including cooling units, heat pump and forced air systems. Their duct heaters, OEM custom-made modular heaters, HXOB winnow exhaust heaters, forte fastball finned tubular and others can operate with zero headroom initiation using either horizontal or vertical airflow. This gives the units a greater rate of application and versatility .
Dell Heatrix offers the industry ’ s fastest turn-around on custom design, delivery and quotes for open coil duct heaters, finned tubular duct heaters, round off duct heaters and NEMA 4 outdoor duct heaters. additionally, they ensure a high level of quality and flexibility vitamin a well as extremely competitive price. If you want a bespoke solution for your heating need, Q Applied Systems is fix to help you deigns and install the perfect heater for your application .

Electric Heater Industry Leaders

Q Applied Systems and Dell Heatrix are dedicated to being industry leaders and innovators adenine far as heating systems are concerned. Our products are designed to be of the highest choice available on the commercialize. even though they maintain high production standards, the company hush strives to maintain extremely competitive price. After all, what ’ s the point of superior heat system that isn ’ t cost effective ?

once you club your inflame system, you can expect a quick delivery. Often times, effective environmental control relies on timely responses and action. Whether you are starting from scribble or replacing a break system, you ’ ll receive your products in the shortest total of fourth dimension possible. This leads to a faster initiation and utmost organization shock .
At Q Applied Systems we recognize every application is different and has its owns requirements. We ’ ll work with you to carefully consider your needs before you begin looking at products. Do you require a specific character of system ? Does your equipment have to stand up to regularly extreme or nerve-racking conditions ? Your answers to these questions in junction with professional advice will guide you toward the best option for your company .
For more information regarding your applications and options, gives us a call at 858-435-2236 or fill out our quick online contact form.

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