Below, introduce to you the facility method acting of semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall !
Vertical and horizontal glass curtain wall installation
The first facility method acting : glaze paste on the two vertical edge of the glass frame with the installation furrow, the glass frame with a cook musical composition is fixed on the vertical rod of the aluminum debase human body system ;
The upper and lower cross edges of the glass are fixed in the inlaid furrow of the rut beam of the aluminum debase frame lattice body.

The glass and the vertical border of the glass frame are bonded by glue injection in the particular workshop of the factory. The surface of the material is houseclean and the adhere quality is good .
The glass frame is transported to the web site for installation after the structural adhesive material is wholly cured, and the bonding quality is guaranteed .
The second installation method : the coat looking glass is first fixed in the top and penetrate of the aluminum alloy profile inlay groove, in the methamphetamine and the vertical rod surface to form a time slot time slot, and then in the field will be filled with morphologic glue slot slot, forming a vertical structural glue glass assembly system .
Because this production method is in the battlefield of glue injection, the material surface is clean and dry, the degree of environmental cleanliness is difficult to be amply guaranteed when the glue is injected, and often in the structural glue is not cured before it will bear wind load, which affects the adhere potency .
broadly limited to buildings and aluminum admixture frame system without initiation gap between the build, unless absolutely necessity, should not be used .
Glass curtain wall installation of horizontal and vertical hidden glass curtain wall

In this organization, morphologic glass fabrication method is adopted in the cross focus, while aluminum alloy looking glass inlay furrow is used in the vertical guidance .
especial way is glaze glue is installed at the boundary of the upper and lower two groove on the methamphetamine box of glass frame on the frames on the aluminum admixture skeleton social organization system of the beam, the box was fixed with fixed on a air, and the side of the blackmail plate is fixed on a cross glow, and the vertical edge on the glass of the stem with press set furrow, form the wholly piece of glass from top to bottom by the vertical bar clamp into retentive strips .
Horizontal and upright can not be hidden in the field of glue injection, besides do not allow on-site glue injection .
Another initiation method of semi-hidden frame field glass curtain wall is to add a pressing home plate to the horizontal or erect side of the full-hidden skeletal system glass curtain wall to form a horizontal or erect semi-hidden frame curtain wall .
In other words, the full hide frame glass curtain wall is made into a semi-hidden frame consequence .
This crusade plate is cross or erect adornment argumentation not merely, and undertook the second time to glass guarantee, the feel of security is enhanced reasonably, besides can change the form of bid plate and color to increase design discolor at the like meter.

The above is the installation method of the semi-hidden skeletal system glass curtain wall that we introduce to you. This kind of glass curtain wall is between the hide frame glass curtain wall and the open skeleton glass curtain wall. It has good ocular effect and adept performance in terms of security .
This requires that the installation of glass curtain wall should be operated strictly according to the initiation standards .
With the appearance of the glass curtain wall LED display screen door, the commercial respect of the glass curtain wall, a modern advertise mailman, has been developed. Its high permeability, green and energy-saving adept performance is profoundly loved by the majority of advertise companies and lighting companies, and its future development potential is unlimited .

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