High Chrome Alloy Grinding Media Balls
senior high school chromium white project cast-iron grind balls are besides called high chromium alloy casting balls. Most of the wear-resistant materials enterprise use medium frequency electric furnace through the melt of high-quality fight steel and chromium admixture materials after fair matching.What is more, they besides use grinding ball metal mold and sand box mould to produce, After high temperature quenching and tempering, martensite matrix was obtained to achieve higher hardness and break resistance of mold iron grinding balls .
high chromium alloy casting balls

High Chrome Alloy Grinding Media Balls’ Chemical composition
equally far as chemical musical composition, there are dozens of different materials from low chromium to high chromium. In rate to standardize the industry standards and make people have a clear sympathy of the rationality of chromium-based alloy cast balls.The home standard GB/T 17445-2009 stipulates that the chromium content of moo chromium ball is 1 % -3 %, the unfeelingness HRC is greater than 45 ; the chromium content of multi-element admixture testis is 4 % -6 %, the severity HRC is greater than 47 ; the chromium capacity of medium chromium admixture ball is 7 % -10 %, the hardness HRC is greater than 48 ; The content of spherical chromium ( > 10 % -14 % ) and unfeelingness HRC ( > 58 ) ; the subject of extra gamey chromium ball-shaped chromium ( > 14 % ) and hardness HRC ( > 58 ) .

High Chrome Alloy Grinding Media Balls’ Advantage
Most mines in China use abject chromium steel balls as abrasives, but because of its broken strength, poor quality and poor wear resistance, it is very easy to break up in the process of mineral serve, resulting in a significant reduction in comprehensive benefits. Although the market price of low chromium steel balls is slightly lower, from the analysis of comprehensive economic benefits, high chromium is found that the price-performance ratio of the ball is higher. The test results in assorted mines show that the original use of depleted chromium musket ball to wear about 2.0 Kg requires 2,000 tons of depleted chromium musket ball to produce 1 million tons of reduce gunpowder, with a total value of 12 million RMB ; using high chromium ball, the wear is about 1.0 Kg, the monetary value is 9500 RMB/ton, and the production of 1 million tons of reduce powder requires 10,000 tons of high chromium musket ball, with a full value of 9.5 million yuan, which can save 3.5 million yuan.The wear resistor of high chromium ball is more than doubly that of common low chromium ball and forged steel ball. Because of its commodity wear resistance, good wear resistance, high grinding efficiency, stable gradation of steel balls in the mill is not easy to change, which not only increases the fineness of ore powder to a sealed extent, but besides improves the output per hour, but besides ensures the timbre of ore powder. At the lapp time, it prolongs the period of adding balls, greatly reduces the parturiency intensity of workers, specially greatly reduces the number of adding balls .

High Chrome Alloy Grinding Media Balls’ Reference technical index

diagnose model Chemical Composition
common high gear chrome molding balls
C systeme international d’unites manganese chromium p mho moment three-toed sloth
1.8-3.2 0.3-1.2 0.3-1.0 10.0-10.5 ≤0.1 ≤0.1 trace tracing
copper nickel nota bene titanium zirconium vanadium boron magnesium
trace trace trace trace hound touch hound trace

Mechanical properties and microstructure

name model Surface unfeelingness
Impact measure

Ak ( J/cm )

microstructure Drop ball affect fatigue life
common labor balls ZQCr10 58-66 ≥2.5 M+C ≤Φ80 ≥15000
≥Φ80 ≥10000
C━Carbon M━Martensite

High Chrome Alloy Grinding Media Balls’ specification

Diameter(mm) Weigh of each ball(Kg) Pcs of per long ton
Φ30 0.11 9091
Φ40 0.257 3891
Φ50 0.50 2000
Φ60 0.867 1153
Φ70 1.37 729
Φ80 2.05 487
Φ90 2.90 345
Φ100 4.00 250
Φ110 5.30 188
Φ120 6.80 147
Φ125 7.75 129
Φ130 8.74 114

Choosing high chrome alloy casting balls,the hardness is very important.Please notice the gap between surface hardness and inner hardness.What is more,please notice the unit of hardness.

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