This is a request by Unicorn_girl071 Could I request a Hikaru x reader x Kaoru? Possible lemon? Warning : Sexual content! Oral! Threesome! Don't like, don't read! Enjoy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Your POV Wheezing lightly, I wince as the corset wrapped around my middle tightens around me, practically holding me in its handle of death, squeezing my shank to be at its smallest width possible. The graphic designer, leans against the wall of mirrors humming to herself every indeed often as the person that 's dressing me ties the corset off, the strings lightly tickling the minor of my back as they 're dropped to the garment of clothe. Finding it hard to breath in this thing, I practically scream at the sight of the dress toward in on a clothe vilify, pulled along by the designers 'helpers ', the person dressing me sending me an apologetic smile, sliding the dress of the hanger . Taking a deep breath, I lift my arms up, spluttering as the fabric underneath the skirt of the dress rub against my face, some of it tickling my nozzle as it 's pushed past my head and the bodice is fitting snugly against the corset. Looking toward the designer, smiling in relief as she hums in approval, she gives me a flick up as the dresser smoothens the snip, making sure there were no creases within the whole skirt while the filler underneath made it look poofy and wide-eyed. What is with fashion these days ? ! A wave of stand-in washes over me as the chest of drawers pulls away, letting me admire myself in the mirror. This dress was n't for some casual field day to the countryside, oh no, it was more of a ballgown, possibly even a wedding snip. It had a simple so far striking design on the bodice, loss roses overlapping the hem of the bodice and the annulus. The filling underneath began to scratch uncomfortably at my thighs as I took a small dance step forward, giving a fiddling spin in front of the mirrors as the designer smiles triumphantly, tugging at the sleeves as she walks over, making sure everything was perfectly envisioned as how she saw it in the first gear place . It was a gorgeous dress, do n't get me wrong, but man, it 's so itchy and uncomfortable ! It much made me regret and mull over my decisions in becoming a model for these sorts of designers ... but hey, I got exempt clothes out of it so I ca n't complain besides much ! `` This is perfect, thank you ( Y/n ), '' Mrs Hitachiin hums, sending me a soft smile as she takes a quick couple of pictures, so she can report back to her commercial enterprise, explaining how the modeling went and if they should produce more or less, `` That looks absolutely gorgeous on you, '' `` thank you, Mrs Hitachiin, '' I reply, releasing a small sigh of relief as the dress is unzipped from behind me and falls to the floor, `` It is a beautiful gown, '' `` Yes, it is is n't it ? '' She muses, pumping her already big ego, sending me a happy smile, `` My boys actually suggested it, they have roses around them all the meter, it 's a simpleton design so far it catches your eye with the sprinkle of color in those roses contrasting with the pale color of the trim, '' Nodding piano, I rub my hand over my abdomen as the corset is finally releasing its homicidal fascinate on my soundbox. Letting it drop to the floor, I step forbidden of it, thanking the dresser for their avail before sliding on a blouse and some jeans, pulling the clips out of my hair, letting it tumble back down to its natural stylus, smiling toward the interior designer who wraps an sleeve around my shoulders, kissing my brow as if I was one of her own. Rubbing my weapon as she leads me out of the appointment room, leaving one of her assistants to sort out the dresses and everything .

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