Instructions and Help about home determine shape

Music hey I ‘m recording right now so keep the dirty comments to a minimal we ‘ve got the concrete pump here the concrete pump is absolutely compulsory it is expensive, but it allows us to pour concrete so much faster and that allows us to do greater volumes of concrete at one time all right lashkar-e-taiba ‘s bomb we ‘re just finishing up this tincture your foot you want to feel it always you have to yeah which is if alternatively of wasting it we ‘ll precisely put it in that pad down there whatever we got left Music possibly thus slow hey there ‘s a bunch together of concrete right here yea come on this indicate on filling up I ‘ll get it Music okay not only can ice cube concrete, but I can run a camera at the same time some many powers I am and occasionally I tell Joker to I do n’t know how she ‘d do this without the pump it ‘s between the trees and the spacing for the walls there ‘s no way yea on top of our footings but at the bottomland of our walls we use these metal spacers that hold our 34-inch plywood in place precisely 8 inches wide Music Applause get it all the way down in the bottomland Music that ‘s some beautiful work, so this box is going to be our column that will support our deck that goes around the cabinet Music we ‘ll get it all laid out get the holes drilled filling them up with epoxy and hammer the rebar in that way the rebar will be precisely, precisely where it needs to be some people like to put their rebar in while the concrete is however moisture, but we found that that sometimes conflicts with layout, and it ‘s easier to epoxy it after the fact and get it precisely where you want it so that ‘ll be Center where they cross will be Center the rebar as per engineers requirements Music beautiful one more on the bow bang-up Kane straps are required to keep the house besotted and concrete initiation today we ‘re going to pour some initiation walls, and we ‘re besides going to be these blot footing the owners wanted feather columns and these will support to deck outside their cabin we ‘ve held these back and so that the deck way is family we ‘re out over them, and you wo n’t see them they ‘ll be hidden away, and they ‘ll have a in truth nice deck around two sides of the cabin nowadays when it comes to house plans most health plans just have pretty pictures and no data, but these finical plans did n’t have either pretty pictures or good information, but we were able to try and figure it out, and I think we built a pretty fantastic putting a foundation to carry this little cabin from a contractor ‘s perspective if you have the opportunity to spend a little extra on your house plans I guarantee it will pay big dividends when it comes to the construction process it takes a draw of clock time campaign and energy to coordinate all the different subcontractors whether it be concrete framing complete electric plumb HVAC all of those systems to bring them all together and if you have a roadmap for everybody to follow that ‘s easy to read and easy to understand it ‘s going to save a draw of meter and a draw of money, and we ‘re off to the …

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