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This page contains copy/paste codes for scrolling text.

Scrolling Text using CSS

here’s a model of using a CSS pavilion to create scrolling text. This method is standards-compliant as it uses CSS animations to achieve the scroll effect.

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You can besides use CSS to create slide-in text, vertical scroll, bouncing textbooks, etc.

HTML Element

The following examples use the HTML tag. As with the CSS method, the HTML method can besides be used to give the text a horizontal coil ( from right to left, left to right ), an upright coil ( clear to the bottom, or bottom to top ), equally well as a bounce consequence.

Non-Standard Tag

The tag isn’t an official HTML tag. See CSS marquees for a standards-compliant marquee.

Right to Left (RTL)

This incision contains text that scrolls horizontally ( proper to left, left to right, or a combination ). As you can see, there is an issue with options with your horizontal scroll.

Slide-In Text

This textbook slides in from the right, then stays where it is. You will need to refresh this page to see the effect again.
Example :

Continuous scrolling text (RTL)

Example :

Faster Scrolling

This example uses scrollamount="30" to increase the scroll speed.
Faster scrolling works better on continuous scrolling as opposed to slide-in text. This is because slide-in text stops after sliding in. If it slides in excessively fast, many users might miss the slide-in impression all in all.
Example :

Left to Right (LTR)

Slide-In Text

This text slides in from the left, then stays where it is. You will need to refresh this foliate to see the consequence again.
Example :

Continuous scrolling text (LTR)

Example :

Text bouncing back and forth

Normal Speed

This text bounces at the nonpayment accelerate.

Example :

Faster Bounce

This example uses scrollamount="30" to speed up the scrolling/bouncing text.
Example :

Text Scrolling Up

This text has a vertical scroll – it starts at the bottomland and moves up. As with some of the previous examples, you can adjust the scroll rush by using the scrollamount assign. You could besides create a vertical swoop by using behavior="slide" .
Example :

Text Scrolling Down

This text besides has a vertical scroll, but this time it starts at the top and moves down.
Example :

Various Scrolling Speeds

This model demonstrates 3, unlike scrolling speeds.
Example :

Jumping Text

The following example uses the scrolldelay property to slow the scrolling text down and make it look like it’s jumping across the screen. actually, the case besides using the scrollamount attribute to increase the size of each jump.
Example :

Browser Compatibility

Some browsers don’t render the startle consequence. rather, the text will scroll smoothly.

Marquee Attributes

The tag accepts a number of attributes ( some of which are included in the above examples ). Feel detached to experiment with these settings to see the effect they have on your scrolling text. The full number of attributes are :

width Sets the width of the marquee scrollamount How far to jump as it moves
height Sets the height of the marquee loop How many times it should loop
direction Sets the direction of the marquee bgcolor Sets the background color of the marquee
behavior Whether to slide, bounce, or scroll hspace Sets the amount of horizontal space around the marquee
scrolldelay How long the marquee should wait before each jump vspace Sets the amount of vertical space around the marquee

Falling Text

You can use scrolling text for some great effects. Check out this falling text ( generated with the Falling Text Generator ).
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