WARNING!!! there is profanity in this chapter!  I'm pretty sure its like only one so its not that serious, lmao.
                           Tamaki:  You held back your tears as you stared at your boyfriend in bed with a charwoman you have never seen in your life. You slammed the door exclude to make yourself known and furiously walked down the step of his unintelligent mansion .
                           You came here to surprise him but alternatively you where the one who received a surprise, a very undesirable surprise. The maids gasped as they saw your pluck stained side and started to whisper to one another. 
                           `` Y/N ! '' A conversant blond shouted as he ran down the step after you. You continued your travel out his house. A hand grasped your elbow and whirl you around. You came face to face with a very dazzle Tamaki. His hair was a mess and the only thing he wore was his unintelligent vest. You grabbed the introduce you brought him and slapped him with it over and over again .
                           `` Y/n ! Stop, that hurts ! '' He shouted covering his face. You saw the female child peek from upstairs as she watched confuse .
                           `` It 's supposed to hurt asshole ! '' You shouted as you threw the bag and continued to walk away .
                           `` We need to talk about this, y/n ! You ca n't leave ! '' He shouted as you opened the big door. He followed you outside and watched you walk away .
                           `` Watch me, bitch. ''
                           Kyoya:  `` so this is what you were busy doing ? Cheating on me ? '' You asked calmly as you watched Kyoya cautiously get out of the bed. The daughter stretched her limb as she rubbed her bore eyes. She held the blanket conclude to her thorax as she opened her eyes and met with your cold glare. 
                           `` Y/n, I can explain.. '' Kyoya said slipping on a shirt as he walked near you. He placed his hand on your shoulder and you shrugged him off .
                           `` Explain what precisely ? That you decided to cheat on me on my birthday ? '' You asked your stare cold than ever and Kyoya shuddered under your stare. He had never experienced such an intimidating stare in his life .
                           `` It was a mistake, y/n. I swear I did n't mean- '' You cut him off, tired of hearing his stupid excuse .
                           `` finely let me explain something to you Ootori. '' You said shoving him back which caused him to stumble and he looked at you with surprised. He never thought you would get crimson with him, `` It was a mistake dating you. I swear I did n't mean to trust you but I did. It 's over. ''
                           Hikaru:  Hikaru awoke gasping from the sudden cold that splashed against his confront and sprinkled down his back causing him to look around madly. You on the other hand watched your boyfriend, now ex, watch you with big eyes. You threw the credit card cup at him and flipped him off. The daughter that was soundly asleep beside him stirred and grasped his wet chest and looked up at him in confusion .
                           `` Babe why are you wet ? '' Any bless of color promptly drained out of Hikaru 's confront as he stumbled out of the seam and ran to follow you. 
                           `` Y/n ! Wait please let me explain ! Do n't leave ! '' Hikaru tripped over his own feet and he reached out to grab you but only succeeded in grazing your bare ankle with his finger tips. `` I do n't know how it happened.. '' He grunted, out of breath, `` Do n't leave.. ''
                           Kaoru:  You were burning with anger and a new hatred started to boil in your soundbox as you watched your boyfriend bring the girlfriend close to his body. You wanted to rip the female child to shreds and fling Kaoru out of the window but you decided against it. rather you slapped him across the face waking him from his sleep, his eyebrows were furrowed in anger as he held his buttock in pain .
                           `` Y/n, what the sin was that for ? ! '' He shouted and you slapped him again. This time you walked aside from him when he saw the daughter wake up from her sleep and wholly ignoring the dark aura that was emitting from your strain frame .
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