Scenario 8- He cheats... You break up ;-;
You where walking towards the host club when your telephone started to ring, you cursorily answered and it was your founder. `` Hi dad '' you smiled and stopped by the doors of the horde cabaret, `` kraut '' he muttered, `` your boyfriend ... Souh ... I was out denounce for your mother, around 5:30 this dawn, before educate time. I saw him making out with another daughter who i know was n't you as your mother confirmed you where placid in bed asleep. He handed her a stage and she kissed him in thanks ... '' He explained, your eyes watered as you said goodbye to your father . You opened the doors for the host golf club after fixing your self up, `` oh hello ( y/n ) '' Kyoya greeted with a smile. `` Hello. I have a question, do the hosts ever kiss the girls out of clubhouse ? '' You asked trying to play it aplomb, `` not even in club ... Why ? '' He asked giving you a mocking look. `` Oh no reason but thank you. Tamaki ! '' You thanked him before calling out to your boyfriend. `` Oh uh hello love '' Tamaki said awkwardly, `` hello um who did you buy a necklace for ? '' You asked tapping the necklace you where wearing. `` Oh uh you ? '' He said in confusion, `` wrong. You got me paws, but my father catch you this dawn getting a necklace for another female child '' you smiled calmly. He flinched at your steady smile and looked depressed, `` fine.. You caught me.. '' He muttered, `` effective adieu ... '' You said and turned out walking out without another word.
You walked happily around school, with a newly reserve, a black journal to match his. You had gone shop and saw how it looked like his and you thought it was cunning and funny story. You clutched it close to your chest and think of what to write in it, `` oh ( y/n ) ! '' You heard Haruhi abuse, `` oh hello '' you greeted him with a smile and bow. `` I found something ... You should.. See.. '' He muttered sadness crossing his confront, you shrugged and followed him to behind the school. You felt pale and you could n't figure out why, something was incorrect, you could feel it ... You followed Haruhi around to behind the school and examine Kyoya making out with some daughter, holding her up on the tree he touched her breast and she moaned obstreperously. You had a reason to be pale ... You gasped and hugged onto Haruhi and cried, he stroked your hair and lead you back to the host club room, music board # 3. `` Guys one showed her.. '' Haruhi said as he lead you to the horde clubs room, you held onto his arm and cried. `` He does n't deserve you ... '' Haruhi muttered and moved some hair from your face, you nodded and dried your tears. `` person will be lucky to have you one day Haruhi. '' You muttered and walked to one of the tables. You set down to matching notebook and opened it up, you began to write a bill on the first page ... Saying how you had caught him, you did n't need him and that he did n't deserve you. You said adieu on the bottom of the page and signed it, the rest of the pages you wrote in boldface writing sad things like death, depression, tears, etc. then you left for dear ....

You where walking adjacent to Hikaru in the promenade, `` be right binding, i need to use the lave room. '' Hikaru excused him self running off before you could say anything. You shrugged and sat down on a bench close by and pulled out your call to pass time you read books, played games, and messed around on your phone. `` I hope he is approve '' you muttered looking about when he had n't returned after 10 minutes . * 20 minuets later * You got tired of waiting and went to check on him, on the room to the mens public toilet. You saw a sight that made you picket, Hikaru was holding hands with another female child and was walking around the plaza with her. alternatively of jumping to conclusions, you decided to follow them. You lento and craftily followed them, `` oh thank you for this date Hikaru ! I love you ! '' The daughter said in an annoyance gamey pitched voice. `` I love you besides baby girl '' he replied and kissed her brow, `` oh hawaii Hikaru, how is your date going ? '' You asked appearing in front of the two. `` ( Y/n ) ! '' Hikaru gasped stumbling backwards, `` iodine hope my ex-wife boyfriend treats you correctly, he did n't treat me right. '' You warned the girl crying at the two. `` What do you mean ? '' She asked in her screaky voice, `` well, you 're his side hoe, he is cheating on me with you. '' You replied before waving good adieu and walk home cry ... .

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