You stared in awe at the beautifully decorated room. You stuttered, trying to find words. The blond haired boy stand and approached you, gently moving your bangs out if your face .
                           Tamaki : Why, hello there, princess. We 're you trying to say you wanted me ? My name is Tamaki !
                           He looked into your ( e/c ) eyes and you felt yourself faint. You, being more of a person who did n't express their emotions, covered it up by being cold or uncivil. In other words, you were a Tsundere. You pushed the boy away and blushed, crossing your arms and huffing. 
                           You : I-I did n't pick you ! Ugh. .. So this is the legendary Host Club ? It is n't so impressive. . .
                           Tamaki looked a light damage as he smiled piano .
                           Tamaki : Oh, my dear. Please let me change your mind. I know I can ! *He gasped* Let me take you on a little date to lift your spirits !
                           You : A d-d-date ? !
                           He took your hand and lightly kissed the circus tent of it. This made you blush more. Sighing quietly, you decided that possibly it would n't be a bad theme to go out with him .
                           The adjacent day, identical early in the dawn, person knocked on your door. As you opened the door, Tamaki strided in proudly, twirling and looking down at you, who was shorter than he was. 
                           Tamaki : fix for our go steady, ( y/n ) ?
                           You : I 'm not even dressed yet, Tamaki. . .
                           Tamaki : then get dress ! Or. .. *His eyes sparkled* Would you like for me to dress you ?
                           You gasped and ran into your room, blushing heavily at his jest. After cursorily getting dressed, you and Tamaki made your way to a street fair. You walked around for a while, talking with Tamaki and laughing at his apt jokes. You were surprised with how chic he actually was ! And you were even more surprised when he asked to take you on a another date the follow weekend .
                           You :. .. Do you ask everyone who comes to the Host Club out on dates ? Am I equitable another customer. . .
                           Tamaki : Oh, no. When I first saw you, I knew I would fall in love with you. And I did. 
                           You : Love ? !
                           Tamaki : Love. *He took your hands in his* ( y/n ). .. Will you be my girlfriend ?
                           You gasped softly. You looked at your feet and nod lento. After you and Tamaki hugged for a moment, you softly kissed and found yourself falling in love with him .

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