`` Get you hands off her ! '' He yells with a little growl and you look at him through the tears .
                           `` Kyoya ! '' You shout as he glares towards Kenshi and pushes his glasses improving .
                           `` I said .... Get you hands off her .... '' He says once again, slowly and every news his articulation lowers in a shivering tone. `` now ! '' Kenshi 's hands dismiss as you push aside and run to Kyoya as fast at you can. He pulls you behind him as Kenshi glares and Kyoya never once drops his ranking glower. `` Get out .... Never come back. '' 
                           `` finely .... '' He whispers shoving his hands into his pockets and shrugging as he walks out of the haunted house wit a smug grin .
                           You stand there for a here and now and abruptly, you ca n't stand anymore, equitable standing drains you of all energy as you slide down the wall. Kyoya is quick to hold you up as you ca n't even speak .
                           `` Do n't worry Y/N. You 're going to be o .... I 'm properly here, nothing else will happen to you. '' He whispers as you attempt to nod and your head lies against his surprisingly broad chest of drawers. He does n't say anything as you listen to the beat of his heart .
                           *bu-bump bu-bump bu-bump*
                           `` You heart is racing .... '' You manage to whisper as he nods and you listen as his voice comes out in a gruff whisper .
                           `` I was worry .... ''
                           `` Y/N-chan ? ! '' They shout as Kyoya walks out with your paralytic soundbox and everyone stares Googly eyed. `` What happened ? ! '' Hunny shouts as Haruhi runs to your side and Kyoya helps you stand alongside her. `` Are you okay ? '' Kaoru shouts as Haruhi looks at you .
                           Your peel pale than your common spirit and your whole body shaking. Although, you did n't feel scared at all, possibly Kyoya made you feel condom, but why are you still like this than ?
                           `` The house is off, everyone go home. '' Kyoya shouts as some shout their complaints but early obey and he turns to you. `` We need to get her home. '' Haruhi nods and with the serve of um .... Everyone in the horde club, you are helped base .
                           After a brief walk, you enter into the house with a little push and shove hera and there. There, sitting at the table, Ungle Ryouji stares with a small glare in his eyes as they all stop .
                           * stare*
                             `` Um ... .. '' Tamaki goes to talk when he holds up a hand. His eyes fall on you and then he grabs Tamaki 's collar. `` What the hell happened ? '' He growls as they each gulp and you lento walk with Haruhi to her room .
                           `` Something tells me it 'll be a while. '' She mumbles as you sit on her bed and she stares at you with wide eyes. `` Um ... .. Do you want to change into your pjs ? ''
                           `` No ... '' You whisper as she puffs up her impudence as you stare at the floor. `` He tried to do something .... '' You mumble as she sits beside you and you shake you head. `` Pervert. '' You hiss and she lets out a growl. `` Haruhi ? '' You whisper and look up to see flare eyes of end. Your mouth drops in fear and she smiles slightly trying to calm down .
                           `` proceed. '' She whispers with a terrifying laugh and you gulp looking down .
                           then ... slowly, you open up and say everything. Tell her the entire report from when you first gear met him. How he seemed like a decent big guy but well, he was n't, and in refund she says how the club had been watching in font. They did n't trust the guy either and you felt better. Haruhi gives you a bad hug and then a huge bang and shouting draws your care to the kitchen .
                           Peering out, you watch as the guys and even Your Ungle course the table with bats and swords and other things ( Hunny dressed in his soldierly arts vest ). Ungle Ryouji holds his bat up as he yells out a plan .
                           `` We go to the kids house. then we ... .. KILL HIM ! '' He shouts as they cheer out and Haurhi turns white as a sheet as she runs. `` Haruhi, quell in for this one .... ''
                           `` No one is killing anyone ! '' She shouts as he frowns and the twins both shout out .
                           `` retaliation is the best medicine ! '' They bark and Hunny smiles wickedly .
                           `` He must die for what he did. '' He whispers as Haurhi shrinks at his terrifying front along with the twins ' .
                           `` Mori-Senpai ! You have some sense do n't you ? ! '' She shouts hoping at least he would do the correct thing .
                           `` He was unjust. '' He says merely which means, he was on their side .
                           `` Listen Haru. '' Tamaki says as he holds the bat on his shoulder. `` He hurt our club member, therefore, he deserves DEATH ! '' He shouts as they cheer out and her eyebrow twitches. 
                           As you watch the position unfold of an ageless conflict of 'Death ' and 'No Death ' you feel a bubble of laughter coming up. then, it pops. You let out a laugh, then another and another and then you ca n't stop. They stare at you as you lean into the doorways frame as tears begin to spill out from all the laughing. Your digest burns in that atrocious means and your face reddens as you continue on. then, you were n't laughing alone. They were laughing with you as they realized how farcical it all was. then, like they were n't about to go kill person, you all sit at the kitchen table as Haurhi brings out food and such and you sit and talk about nothing in particular. Of course, there are some moments of Tamaki 's celebrated corner and the twins bickering, or Hunny 's flowers, Mori 's few words, and some of Kyoya 's smile. On that night, you felt the closets you 've ever felt with the host cabaret and that night, was the night of your very first Halloween with them .
                           Thanks for reading~~~ I hope you liked~~~ sorry I didn't update please tell me what you think and don't be shy! I love to hear what you'd have to say! Thanks again, and please, vote, comment, add, and follow for more~~~~  also for your an undertale fan! Check out my new story!!!! Stay determined guys!!! Love!!!
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