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Best Friends/Club President and Vice President/Co-hosts


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KyoTama is the convulse embark between Kyoya Ootori and Tamaki Suoh from the Ouran High School Host Club fandom .


As constant classmates since middle-school, Tamaki is one the few people who has gotten close to Kyoya through plain decision and sincere sake. Their friendship, while initially forced ( possibly on both sides ), becomes a authentically close bond, to the point that Tamaki calls himself “ Daddy ” to Kyoya ‘s “ Mommy ” ( based on their respective positions as the President and Vice-President of the Host Club ). Although Tamaki sometimes annoys Kyoya, the two accept one another ‘s eccentricities. When the unharmed Host Club is shown dress in Bali-themed outfits, Haruhi talks to Kyoya who is revealed to be the one who planned the whole natural process on Tamaki ‘s commission. Kyoya besides mentions that Tamaki had a photograph album of Bali on his desk, hinting to the origin of the outline. belated, when Tamaki is crying about Haruhi using “ ore ” as her pronoun, he calls upon “ Mom ”, being Kyoya, to complain. Renge ‘s appearance in the club causes Tamaki to brood in a corner, due to Renge ‘s humiliate comments and, according to one of the twins, because of how Kyoya had kept a secret from him. After Kyoya confirms that he had never met her before, Tamaki sighs in relief. When Kyoya shows no underground towards Renge becoming the director, Tamaki pops up from behind him to ask whether it was okay or not. Kyoya asks him to be courteous to the girlfriend. Later, after Kyoya smashes the film camera, Tamaki defends him by saying that being a compassionate, sweet-hearted person equitable was n’t the type of person Kyoya was. As Tamaki attempts to explain how Nekozawa had cursed him by giving him an incomprehensible quiz, Kyoya steps in to clarify that Tamaki had unintentionally taken the test for the greek Language class. While Tamaki fantasizes about Haruhi giving him box lunch, Kyoya overhears and impassively calls all his delusions “ incoherent ”. After having a dream about Haruhi ‘s be conditions, the first person Tamaki calls is Kyoya. obviously, the cry was to ask Kyoya to come with him to check out Haruhi ‘s family. When they arrive, Tamaki yells at Kyoya for bringing along the twins, though Kyoya reasons that it was because he knew Tamaki did n’t want to be alone. Despite Tamaki happily accepting the Newspaper Club ‘s propose of a particular interview, Kyoya elbows him and alternatively declines. Kyoya belated comments how he hates it when Tamaki ignores them tied though he can still see them. As Haruhi predicts, Tamaki begins to look at them with his touch puppy-dog eyes, convincing foremost Haruhi, then the twins, leaving Kyoya as the last stand. ultimately, Kyoya gives in, albeit not without some conditions. Though the rest of the host cabaret is busy attempting to collect “ refresher points ” to stay at Haruhi ‘s motel, Kyoya declines to join in. When Kyoya mentions that he has a count of ways to make the crippled more interesting, the twins automatically assume that he is trying to help Tamaki win. Seeing Tamaki on the ground, Kyoya comes over and suggests some options that may let him win.

The sequence “ And so Kyoya Met Him ” highlights how Kyoya and Tamaki met and finally became best friends. Upon their first meet, Kyoya is shown to be polite and pleasant to Tamaki, though taken aback by the early ‘s demeanor. He is besides shown to envy Tamaki ‘s position as an merely child and successor apparent to the feeder Suoh family business, despite his illegitimacy. Despite this, Kyoya works his hard to make certain he meets Tamaki ‘s every need, as if being his supporter mean to entertain him at all seconds of the day. Kyoya ‘s older sister comments on this, thinking to herself that Kyoya has never been so passionate about anything. Kyoya ‘s frustration and envy finally makes itself known when he accuses Tamaki of not trying hard enough, but his emotional accusations are calmly refuted when the other replies that it is Kyoya himself who has given up. When he realizes that Tamaki ‘s words are correct, he discards his father ‘s desires for his own, represented by him last painting out of the frame he set himself to stay with and making a beautiful rainbow rose. Later, Kyoya co-founds the Host Club with his best friend on the basis that it is a “ brainsick mind. ”


  • At the ball, Tamaki is surprised when Haruhi is designated as the king of the ball instead of him. The Hitachiin twins blame Kyoya for changing the names.
  • Hikaru and Kaoru draw Haruhi away to discuss their classes for next semester, while Tamaki sulks under a tree. He asks “Mom” if the twins get more chances to meet Haruhi, and Kyoya agrees condescendingly.
  • When explaining the physical exam, a short scene of Tamaki and Kyoya with their shirts off is shown. Tamaki is taunting Kyoya about beating his height.
  • Tamaki calls Kyoya, Honey, Mori, Kaoru, and Hikaru the “Homosexual Supporting Cast”.
  • Tamaki uses Kyoya’s family’s private beach in Okinawa to treat the Host Club.
  • After getting into a fight with Haruhi, Tamaki asks Kyoya to show him to his room.
  • Kyoya and Tamaki link fingers while playing a “commoners game”.


Tamaki“Say… Mommy, dear?”
Kyoya“What is it now, Daddy?”
Beware the Physical Exam!
“I’ve never seen him so passionate about anything before.”
— Fuyumi Ootori-Shidou about Kyoya making plans for Tamaki, “And so Kyoya Met Him!”
“It seems like the more I listened, the more ridiculous his plans became. But for some reason, I got the feeling that if I shared his world, I would experience something different than anything I had ever experienced before.”
— Kyoya about Tamaki, “And so Kyoya Met Him!”
Kyoya“He may be a hopeless idiot, but even so…”
(Memory) Tamaki“Kyoya, let’s start a club together!”
Covering the Famous Host Club!


Fans took to the pairing identical cursorily. Most of the Host Club is paired up both in the series and in the fandom. This is normally done by year, and since Tamaki and Kyoya are in the lapp year, they are paired up. Although this is not why people ship them. The two are best friends, and are identical close, despite their oppose personalities. Fanworks of KyoTama normally depict Kyoya with unanswered feelings or believing that his feelings are unanswered. On AO3, KyoTama is the second gear most written ship within the Ouran High School Host Club – All Media Types tag ; Tamaki ’ south second most written and Kyoya ’ s most written.



Kyoya/Tamaki tag on AO3
Tamaki/Kyōya tag on FanFiction.Net



  • Michael J. Tatum, the English voice actor for Kyoya, has stated on multiple occasions that he believes Kyoya is gay and/or has feelings for Tamaki.[1][2][3][4] He also believes that Kyoya thinks Haruhi and Tamaki are a better fit for each other rather than him.


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