You were laying in bed feel quite disorder. You saw Mori, Your Mori hugging another girlfriend today. You had never seen him hug anyone like that ahead and she was sol beautiful. You could feel a tear elude from your eye as you replayed the trope in your head. Mori 's firm hanker arms wrapped around that reasonably ravenette girlfriend like as if they were in love. possibly they were. possibly you were n't good adequate for him. You cried at the remember. suddenly, you heard your doir close and two big familiar arms were wrapped around you. You looked up from where you were sitting to see Mori 's big calculate .
                           `` T-Takashi ... `` Your face turned crimson in embarrassment .
                           `` ( Y/n ). What 's wrong ? '' He asked with a tip of worry showing across his side. 
                           `` N-nothing.. '' You lied .
                           `` Do n't lie to me ( Y/n ). What happened ? '' His voice was grim yet
                           `` ... I saw you hug that girl today. I 've never seen you hug another girlfriend digression from me. It upset me cause you looked happier with her. If she 's what you want then.. I guess I 'll have to accept that. How could I ever think you could love folderol like me anyhow ? '' You began to cry intemperate .
                           `` ( Y/n ). That female child did n't mean what you mean to me. I was n't cheating on you. I just hugged her cause she was upset. '' Mori explained to you .
                           It was silent for a here and now .
                           `` Besides ... She 's my cousin. '' He said .
                           Your eyes widened and you facepalmed yourself. Baka.  You felt like an idiot for not knowing. You still could n't help but, to feel insecure though .
                           `` ( Y/n ). Your a beautiful girlfriend no matter how despicable you thonk you are. Your like a goddess. I love you. '' He said as he rubbed your sides with his large hands .
                           `` Do n't ever doubt my sexual love for you baby girl. '' His eskimo dog articulation practically sang into your ear .
                           You finished sobbing and looked into his grey mesmering orbs .
                           `` I 'm good-for-nothing Takashi. It 's merely thus hard to believe person could love me. '' You sniffled .
                           `` ( Y/n. ) '' Your name rolled off his clapper therefore absolutely .
                           You looked up at him with your bloodshot ( e/c ) eyes. He pinned you to the bed immediately and attacked your lips with his. His tall hovered over your body as he scarfed his spit down your throat. You moaned and he began to massage your breasts .
                           `` Taka- ngh. '' You tried to speak as he continued kissing you .
                           He pulled away and you both gasped for publicize. He then took off his shirt, throwing it to the side .
                           `` T-Takashi.. '' Your face turned loss at the sight of his acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene .
                           `` Would I do this with another female child ? '' His hot breath hit against your skin .
                           You did n't know how to reapond and just lied there defenseless. His lips pressed against the voiced spot on your neck and he began to attack it. Biting, suck, and licking at it .
                           `` Takashi ! '' You dug your nails into his back as he left a pimple .
                           `` You like that baby daughter ? I can give you indeed much more. '' His spokesperson was like eden as he said that to you .
                           `` Please ... More. '' You begged .
                           `` Anything for you baby. '' He said and took off your shirt .
                           He kissed at your clavicle, sucking and biting into it, leaving more hickeys on your ( s/c ) peel. You moaned and moaned louder each time. Soon your chest of drawers was full of hickeys. He then tugged at the strap of your brassiere for permission. You nodded your head merely thinking about what he was soon gon na do to you. He took off your brassiere and massaged your breasts as he kissed the spot between your breasts .
                           `` Ngh~ Taka-shi. '' You moaned .
                           You tugged on his hair as he continued his actions. 
                           `` You like that ( Y/n ) ? All of this is only for you. Id never want to do this with anyone else but you. '' His voice spoke into your ear full of lust .
                           `` Takashi.. I- '' before you could finish yourself he attacked your lips again .
                           He bit at your lips and licked them repeatedly over and complete. He slipped his clapper into your mouth, exploring every column inch of it. You melted like putty in his touch .
                           `` Ngh~ '' You wiggled your hips in anticipation .
                           `` What ? You want this ? '' He pointed at his body .
                           `` Mhm. '' You bit your brim as you nodded your head .
                           `` Whatever you want baby girl. '' He whispered seductively into your ear and unbuttoned your pants .
                           He slid them off fast and rubbed your fork through your underwear .
                           `` Your sol wet babe~ '' he chuckled. 
He pressed his lips against your hot sphere and began to eat you out through the fabric material . `` Takashi ! '' You pulled on his hair's-breadth hard . He stopped to pull off your underwear then proceeded his actions. He ate you out at a fast pace and you could about feel euphoria until he stopped. You whined at the lack of touch. once, you looked up at him he was naked. You bit your lip at the view of his huge size. No matter how many times you 've seen it you still react the same way . `` You quick baby ? '' He whispered into your ear . `` Y-yes. '' You shook and he last entered you lento act by bit . once, he was all the way in he waited for the approve to move . `` move. '' You whimpered and he lento began to thrust in and out at a steady tempo . He started to pick up the footstep going faster and faster. You dug your nails into his chest as he continued . `` All this is for you ( Y/n ). You very think I would ever want person else ? After everything I 've done for you ? '' He spoke and you began to cry.

You were crying because, you did n't know how to respond. He wiped away your tears and kissed your cheek . `` It 's o baby. It 's o. '' He kissed your eyelids and you stopped crying . `` I know your insecure but, in my eyes your arrant. You always will be. '' He spoke as he continued thrusting in and out of you . `` Thank.. You.. Mori. '' You moaned in between words . He lifted one of your legs onto his shoulder and thrusted in at unlike angles. He ultimately found your spot . `` There ! Right there Takashi ! '' You yelled . He kept hitting that topographic point over and all over at the fastest footstep he could go. The sleep together was shaking and your head hit the headboard a few times. right at the last thrust the bed broke and you both came. After a moment you spoke . `` We need a raw sleep together. '' You panted . `` I 'll buy one tomorrow. '' Takashi mumbled . He looked exhausted. You kissed his impudence and cuddled into his affectionate chest. `` Night Taka chan. '' You whispered . `` Night ( nickname ). I love you. I mean it. '' He kissed the top of your head and held onto tight . With that you never doubted his love for you again .
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