Y/n's POV
                           I looked up at the high pink build. I just transferred to Ouran High School. I heard different things about this invest but what I saw was way worse. Why ? It was solid pink for sleep together sake ! And the uniforms. damn ! In my last school I did n't have to wear it at all. It was a topic of choice. And here ? Those scandalmongering dresses the girls wore were hurting my eyes. All of the ladies looked the lapp. Guys besides. And immediately I had to leave my valued leather pants and black shirts at home, because I was forced to wear this. I was getting flush more make as I walked through the gates. Girls were squealing. Are they always so brassy here ? My head was about to explode when I saw the person I was looking for .
                           -Haruhi, my dearly cousin ! Nice to see ya. 
                           -Y/n, hey, how was your flight and good morning sol far ?
                           -Do n't ask. Too forte in here .
                           She barely giggled and nodded her pass. I knew about the whole ordeal with the vase and the Host Club. I wanted to cover her debt but she refused. Haruhi said she can handle this, so I did n't push it. She knew what she was doing. We were walking to the class when I heard an annoy voice .
                           -Haruhi, who is this man ? Tell Daddy is he bothering you ?
                           -This is Tamaki I assume.- I said. Haruhi nodded .
                           -Oh you heard about me ?
                           -Yeah. You rightfully are ... obnoxious.- I said and Tamaki went to his emo corner. then two voices were laughing. – And these here are ...
                           -Hikaru and Kaoru. Yeah .
                           -Who 's that ? - they asked together. Another voice answered before I could say anything. I was getting angry again .
                           -Y/n m/n l/n, the heir of the Platinum Dragon Incorporated. Good at basketball and boxing. Known in his hometown for getting into fights a draw. That is besides the reason he is here. My name is Ootori Kyoya. Welcome to Ouran High .
                           -Thanks immediately shut the fuck up all of you.- I said and went to class .
                           Time skip
                           Since the moment I met Tamaki he was pestering me about joining his club. I on the other hand wanted to shoot his head off. But I did n't want to give my parents any other reason to be worried or disappointed with my behavior. It was adequate. I had to grow the sleep together up .
                           I was stubborn with my decision to refuse Tamaki all the time. But Honey unfortunately found out about my sweet tooth. So he bribed me to have angstrom a lot patty I wanted if I join the damn club. So I did .
                           Time skip
                           Kyoya labeled me as a badly son type of host. Well, I could work with that. The girls were all over me, and I had adequate of the questions like `` are you single '' or `` what 's your type of girlfriend '' So when I got fed up with that I told them I wanted a guy, and whoever would be patient enough to stay with me will be fine. I thought it would cut it, but no, turned out they were a bloody fujiyoshis ! Where 's my fortune when I need it huh ? so I sat there answering the questions and occasionally eating some coat or proto-indo european with Honey .
                           And then the bloody twins appeared. Hikaru was on my leave, Kaoru on the right .
                           -Soo, ( nickname ) – that fucking nickname again – let 's play a plot .
                           -What game ? – I asked not very matter to .
                           -Which one of us is Hikaru game ! - they said in unision. 
                           -You 're Hikaru, you 're Kaoru. – I said pointing on them .
                           -Wrong !
                           -No I 'm not. And you know it. –I said and stood up. I wanted some proto-indo european .
                           -How do you know ? - Hikaru said. I winked at him and started eating my pie. He blushed and I smirked. Girls were whispering something to each other. I paid them no care .
                           Time skip
                           I was chilling on a beach. It was Kyoya 's idea for club nowadays. I was laying on my towel wearing my swim trunks. The girls were getting nosebleeds. Oh well. I was pretty ripped so I 'm not surprised. I closed my eyes and let a message sigh. But this content came to an end then the two idiots with water guns came along. I got angry and run for Hikaru and Kaoru. once I caught them both I tried to drown them. But I let go when Honey brought pie. Pie is constantly more important .
                           then some girls run to us and said that Haruhi was in danger. She protected them from some thugs. I jolted up from my seat. Hikaru an Kaoru followed me. I saw Haruhi on the cliff surrounded by three guys. The were about to push her off. I ran vitamin a fast as I could .
                           -Stop it correct here bastards- I barked .
                           -The hall do you want kid ? Go back to your ma. – one of them said .
                           -Once I 'm done with you your ma 's wo n't be able to recognize you .
                           I launched forward. I punched one of them so hard I broke his haw. then I grabbed another guy by his hair and slammed his face against my knee breaking his nose. His face was covered in lineage. Kicked him in the catgut. He fell on the sand. The third base was frighten shitless when I was getting closer to him. I punched him in the catgut, then in the jaw. I kicked his confront knocking him out. When I turned I saw Hikaru and Kaoru reach and leap on the unconscious mind guys. I have to say they were cute, but badly ? I needed to smoke .
                           Time skip
                           It was quite former. I decided to look at the beach in the moonlight. So I sat on the backbone and lighted up the cigarette. I in truth was a hopeless sheath. But what can I say ? I 'm the one who sets the rule and boundaries. And I love to push them. It was my freedom. freedom of choice and my parents let me to choose what I wanted. But I guess It 's time to make some estimable choices. But do I regret anything I 've done ? No. I would do it all over again if I could .
                           I was n't alone for farseeing. Hikaru and Kaoru joined me .
                           -What are you doing here ? - asked Hikaru .
                           -I could ask you the lapp question. Tamaki will get delirious at you for leaving at night. Go to sleep .
                           -But you do n't bother, why ? - this prison term it was Kaoru .
                           -Cause it 's my life and no-one is going to live it for me. so no-one but me gets to decide what to do. particularly not such a bratwurst like Tamaki.- they laughed .
                           -So ... -Kaoru started .
                           - ... Show us your freedom.- Hikaru finished. Their faces got closer to me. I knew what was coming future. thus I kissed first Hikaru, then Kaoru. then we laid on the sand. They cuddled up to me. We stayed like this for an hour I guess. then went back to the sign of the zodiac. 
                           Next morning
                           Haruhi was looking for the twins. No-one could find them. So she decided to ask her cousin for avail .
                           -Hey Y/n, have you seen ... - she stopped when she saw Y/n between the twins sitting up slightly to look at her. He made a silence gesticulate then laid back down. Haruhi decided to let the three sleep. She did n't want Y/n to be all crabbed just because person woke him up in the dawn. And nothing, evening proto-indo european, would fix it .

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