You lento opened your eyes. The room was dark, Hikaru and Kaoru were out of go to bed. You slowly got out of bed and opened the curtains .
                           `` Hi, ( Y/N ), '' the twins said in unison from behind you. You jumped and turned around .
                           `` good dawn, '' you yawned and then rubbed your eyes. Hikaru and Kaoru were in black hoodies and pants. 
                           `` Go get cook, '' Hikaru lightly nudged you out of the board. You picked an equip on your way out and walked to the toilet. You changed, brushed your hair, etc .
                           once you were done you walked back into the twins room and shut the door. Hikaru and Kaoru were hovering over you .
                           `` What 's up ? '' You asked .
                           `` Oh nothing, '' the twins said in unison .
                           unexpectedly Hikaru threw you onto the bed and straddled you between his branch. He kissed your impudence and licked down to your neck where he bit and sucked on it. You tried your best not to moan but when Hikaru hit your sweetness topographic point you moaned loadly .
                           This turned Hikaru and Kaoru on like crazy .
                           Karou snuck his hand down your pants and starts to rub you through your panties. 
`` Do you trust us ? '' He says, lustfully as you squirm from his tease . You nod, seeing as trying to speak would result in a groan. He chuckles, `` adept. '' They then start to undress you, leaving you in nothing. When you last find your voice, you say, `` Now.. this is n't fair, '' you look into their eyes, nervously. `` Why am I the only one nude ? '' They smirk . They lean in close to your ears, `` How 'bout you do it for us ? '' You blushed and hesitantly took off Hikaru 's hoodie first and then Kaoru 's. now for the pants. Your confront turned superintendent loss as you slipped off the twins pants. now you were all wearing nothing . You blushed as your eyes traveled down, resting on their humanness. Your eyes widened at their size. They saw your gaze, and chuckled. `` so, is the innocent small girl secretly perverted ? '' Your faced flushed even more red as Hikaru leaned down and kissed you. `` You 're then adorable. '' While Hikaru attacked your lips, Kaoru started going down, leaving small kisses along your body . once he reached your womanhood, he rubbed his fingers against you. After a while of that, he stuck a feel in you. Hikaru began to kiss your clavicle as you gasped, trying to get used to the impression . `` Oh, a virgo, huh ? '' Kaoru smirked. `` This should be fun, correct Hikaru ? '' Hikaru lifts his head. `` Oh, of path, Kaoru. '' Hikaru and Kaoru attach themselves to your breasts, Kaoru lento thrusting his finger in you. You moan obstreperously at the touch. He adds another finger and goes a sting faster. They detach from your nipples and Kaoru starts to lick your clitoris while thrusting his fingers quicker. Hikaru roughly kisses you, you moaning in the middle of it, which turns him on . Before you could release, Kaoru takes his fingers out. He looks you in the eyes and licks his fingers lustfully while you blush . Hikaru moves to the front man of the bed and flips you onto your knees. He promptly passes Kaoru a condom. He puts it on, eager to get started . Kaoru lines himself up at your entrance. He leans down to your ear. `` This 'll hurt a draw. Are you sure ? '' Worry is clear in his tonicity. You nod. He slowly pushes himself into you, while Hikaru feeds sugared nothings into your ears . A while subsequently, the pain has subsided, and the tears stopped flowing. Kaoru slowly takes himself out, and thrusts in again. You moan loudly, clutching the bedsheets. He starts to thrust into you lento, but deep . Hikaru, becoming hard at seeing the intercourse, guided your mouth to his penis. You lick the tip, moaning forte. Kaoru goes fast, while Hikaru forces his member down your throat . Your choke, gurgling sounds are now mix with moans as Kaoru thrusts harder, and faster than ahead, starting to move the bed. Hikaru continues to face-fuck you, the three lovers moaning their lungs out . Kaoru goes deeper, forcing scream-like moans to occur from your throat. Hikaru stops face-fucking you to let you blow him normally, hand wrapping around him . After a while of this, you all moan obstreperously as they release. You hesitantly swallow Hikaru 's load as Kaoru pulls out of you, and throws the condom aside . You three then go under the covers and cuddle for hours, resting on what the hell good happened . You could n't fall asleep and neither could the twins. You said nothing but you all breathed heavily. After a few more hours of cuddling you got up and put on some clothes and the twins did the like. You were huffy, exhausted, and flustered . You sat on the bed looking at the floor . `` Is everything all right ? '' Hikaru asked, sitting adjacent to you and wrapping his arms around you . `` Yes I 'm just ... Flustered is all .... '' you yawned . Kaoru sat on the other side of you and set you in his lap. You laid your head on his chest of drawers as he hugged you. `` We love you, '' Kaoru whispered into your ear . `` I love you guys excessively ... '' and you fell asleep . THANK YOU _MaLfAy_ FOR WRITING THE LEMON PARTS since I'm too innocent to do it myself. :/

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