`` This wo n't please the ladies ! '' Tamaki shouted slamming his hand on the table.His hand slam made a few tea cups wobble a snatch. A few drips of coffee fell on the table .
                           Ugh, that annoys me. correct now everyone in the server club including me was in Music board 3. I think we 're having a stupid argument over what we should wear for nowadays since it 's Halloween. Hikaru and Kaoru parents already brought a bunch together of outfits .
                           today is actually a month after we visited Haruhi. Kyoya in truth did n't do anything he just let the incident skid. `` What about this ! '' A cheerful spokesperson exclaimed. Everyone jumped in reverence confront at something except for Kyoya and Mori of course. Hm, wonder what it is. I took a peek over Tamaki 's back. 
                           `` What the sweets Honey ! What are you thinking ? ! '' I shouted jumping in fear. Holy shit He was wearing a Werewolves mask with blood covering like 99.9 % of the mask .
                           `` Yeah, I think it would just scare them alternatively of pleasing the ladies. '' Haruhi stated slouching her back. Ha, I do n't mind, everybody needs a good frighten once in a while right ?
                           `` then what do we wear ? `` Hikaru said. `` Our ma did bring a bunch of outfits. '' Kaoru said dropping a huge smokestack of clothes on the floor. `` Why not the vampire outfit 's over there ? '' I looked around where the voice came from .
                           It was Kyoya 's. He was pointing to the couch behind Hikaru .
                           `` well, I guess vampires are popular. '' Hikaru mumbled .
                           `` then vampires it is ! '' Tamaki shouted.I opened my sass, but the bell interrupted me .
                           Fucking doorbell .
                           `` well looks like I 'll go. '' Haruhi said already walking away .
                           `` same '' Hikaru and Kaoru both said. I was going to disagree with the idea of Sparkly vampires, well actually the theme of Sparkly vampire hosts, that 's even worse it even gives me the chills. 
                           such a basic theme. I jumped on the frame immediately my back was on the sofa stare at the ceiling .
                           `` Does anything seem to be bothering you ( y/n ) ? '' I looked over and saw a heartless perverted tax collector, AKA KYOYA .
                           `` No. '' I responded going back to my old stead .
                           `` Anyways, do n't you have classify with them ? You are going to be late you know ? '' Kyoya said .
                           `` Yeah yea. The teacher would be golden if I even showed up. '' I said yawn .
                           `` arsenic retentive as you come to the host baseball club after school hours I could care less, now I 'll be taking my impart now. '' I heard the sound of a laptop close a few footsteps fading off .
                           `` Oh by the direction ( f/n ). '' I looked over at Kyoya and his hand was about to touch the door knob .
                           `` Do n't be belated tonight. ''
                           He then walked out shutting the door softly. Pfft, I wo n't be deep for tonight 's horde clubhouse thingy. Well possibly. possibly .
                           `` Um ( f/n ) -chan you 're already late for class. '' Honey said. I raised an eyebrow at him. 
                           ' Don't you have class Honey, Oh right it's nap time for you pre-K Kids. '
                           I let out a little chortle from my own jest before speaking, which Honey looked at me weird. `` Oh, I 'll get going now, Honey. '' I said standing up sweeping off the complex number dust off my hedge. I walked over to the door and walked out .
                           I did n't tied bother shutting the doorway all the way, I left it half loose. I was walking through the hallways, my footsteps were echoing through the hallways. I was going to enter class until I saw Haruhi with a boy in the corner .

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