Welcome to the Forgotten Despair Discord Server’s Tumblr!

If you ‘re hera by casual, congratulations, I do hope you ‘re able to handle what we throw at you. If you ‘re here because you were searching for another waiter about Danganronpa to join. Well, let ‘s just say you ‘ve come to the right set, né ? But first let ‘s lay down the anchor rules of this lovely rate. To start off, Forgotten Despair is an 18+ only discord server, minors, I apologize if you were looking to come and see the wonders the waiter had to offer, but the guidance we desired for the waiter just did n’t involve such things, since we wanted to be able to take a much more mature, and even at times dark, angle than we ‘d be comfortable with doing with minors besides present in the waiter. second, this server is Plural/System friendly, and is welcome to systems of all origins, no exceptions. On top of this, Syscourse, or System Discourse, is banned within the server wholly.

Third, specifically for this tumblr blog : anonymous is turned off. You will have to send in your auditions through your main web log. This is to ensure we can vet you properly, as for exemplar, if your web log includes things that are violent and are inciting harassment of others, or has hate manner of speaking on it, you will not be allowed in, regardless of the quality of your hearing. last, this is not a DR Verse only server. To explain, I will include our server ‘s lore below : lore of Forgotten Despair When the earth crashed, lost in the Depths of Despair, the Remnants were ultimately realized in their roles. Setting across the world, they worsened the state of it on global scales never before seen by the side of world, and, by extension, due to specific circumstances, created phenomena so deeply harmful that it thinned the barriers between all other worlds in the summons, creating Dimensional Rips and Tears that unleashed all sorts of different beings from within to merge into their own permanently, and some who ‘s appearance were merely impermanent as they were cursorily either exterminated, sealed, or sent back through the rips to their own realms, unable to survive in the World of Despair the Remnants and The Ultimate Despair had created and nurtured into realization. The Future Foundation, in an attempt to clean up the mess and make certain that the public never became aware of the tears in the very airfoil of world, created a full Replica of Hope ‘s Peak Academy. Where they then captured, commenced memory erasure on, and placed the Remnants within along with that of the Ultimate Hope and Ultimate Despair. In rate to best sell the new reality, they besides created raw memories in put of the lost ones, grafting in the nonnatural arrivals american samoa seamlessly as they possibly were able to. The Remnants are now under surveillance in the hopes of rehabilitation into their former states, and in the hopes that each will choose Hope, and then help proceed into the global with the purpose to fix it rather than break it promote. Along with them come : -The E-Class students of Kunikigawa & their eccentric & dangerous teacher. -The Seven Kings & their clansmen. And all technology that arrived with them.

-Those within attendance of Ryoutei Academy, a night school with prestige & status. Including those of the bloodthirsty kind. adenine well as many others. Each with their memories altered in order to preserve the modern environment of the Remnants of despair. This means that people can besides audition on top of the DR-verse canons from all the independent series of games, for canons from : assassination classroom K Project Diabolik Lovers OHSHC Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

And many others so long as they are inquired after. OCs will besides be allowed within certain limits & bounds, as the measure of OCs will be finite so they do n’t exceed the come of canons in the server. We look forward to applications/auditions ! ! A post will be coming soon with templates to use both for canon auditions and OC auditions .

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