Tamaki He takes you to his vacation home for the weekend. ( He does n't try anything on you ) You in truth good enjoy some clock time together at the beach. You go swimming in concert, make sandcastles, and at night you go back up to the family to have smoothies and play pool together. He showers you with all the chocolates and roses you could always ask for.
Kyoya He plays it cool by equitable having you come over to his sign of the zodiac to watch movies in the theater room. He made surely to bring a big comfortable blanket and he made hot cocoa and popcorn for the movie, but before it starts you give him his portray. It was a fancy fountain pen that you had been saving up for, for weeks. You knew how a lot he liked the feel of fancier quality pens. He smiled and kissed your impudence as a thank you. The two of you then watched some bum french romanticism film while cuddling into each other. You fell asleep somewhere after the middle of the movie. Kyoya woke you up afterwards to give you your giving. You opened it and were in traumatize of what he gave you. It was a diamond encrusted bracelet with your name on it. It came with a note adenine well . Dear (Y/n),
Thank you for being mine. I love you so much and will never stop loving you. Happy Valentines day.
Kyoya You kissed him with love before falling back to sleep on his shoulder. He let you sleep in peace as he embraced you . Hikaru Kaoru was out with a friend thus the two of you hung out in the twins room play Just Dance and watching square horror films, laughing whenever person did something stupid. It was a playfulness night and you enjoyed every second base of it . Kaoru He took you out for ice cream and took you to his front-runner boutique. The two of you had a sting of a patronize collage, trying on outfits and taking pictures of each early. You spend hours on end doing sol and finally bought a few outfits before leaving to get some dinner at a korean BBQ restaurant. It was a fantastic nox.
Hunny You and him went to a Build a Bear denounce spend half the night there, trying to make two perfect teddy bears. Each of you left a message saying you love each others in the fiddling hearts. It was lots of playfulness and the two of you went to the Cheesecake Factory afterwards for some coat. I mean, it is Hunny 's favored thing ... beside you that is. 😉
Takashi He decided to make a simple so far great Valentines Day for you. It started out by just having a particular dinner in his sign of the zodiac from one of his secret chefs. then, he took you up to his room where you watched old samurai movies and played cards games. It was therefore simple however then romantic. never did you think you 'd get thus lucky with such a guy like Mori. He rightfully was something particular. You finally good started making out, it slowly leading to ... other things. You spent the wholly night together, talking to each other, leaving a few love marks here and there, you flush talked a snatch about your future together. You wanted nothing else in the world, but to be able to do this every night. 💘 Haruhi You took her out to the movies. They were replaying Love Simon, so you decided to watch it. Afterwards, the two of you went to her sign of the zodiac. Her dad was working late again, so it was barely the two of you. She cooked some Tuna and rice for the both of you and you boiled tea. You ate together talking about your plans for the week and telling each other bum jokes. You laughed your buttocks off every time Haruhi would tell some truly bad, even funny joke. You loved her sense of temper then much, and she loved your angel laugh. It was quite fun being able to joke around like this. Most people do n't have the same sense of humor as the two of you. That 's something you appreciated about Haruhi. She thought the lapp way . `` Hey, let 's go cool in my board. '' She finally said after washing the dishes . You spent the rest of the night together, watching lots of homosexual romance movies. Which reminds Haruhi of her endow for you. She bought you a homosexual pride iris, for your board. She had the same one above her bed. now the two of you could match. 💗

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