Season of television series

Season of television receiver series
The X Factor is a british television music competition to find new singing talent. The fourteenth series began airing on ITV on 2 September 2017, presented by Dermot O’Leary. For the foremost time in seven years, the judge panel remained the same as the former series, with Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh returning. [ 2 ] This is the first series not to include companion show The Xtra Factor, after it was cancelled in January 2017. [ 3 ] Its refilling is a program called Xtra Bites presented by Becca Dudley on the ITV Hub. This is besides the first series to be sponsored by Just Eat, with the prove having been sponsored by TalkTalk since 2009, [ 4 ] ampere well as the moment time the show has premiered in September, rather than August, since the first series in 2004. [ 5 ] Rak-Su won the contest on 3 December 2017 and they became the irregular group to win the contest and Simon Cowell became the succeed mentor for the one-fourth time.

Judges and presenters.

In December 2016, Louis Walsh confirmed he would continue to judge the series through 2018, stating he had signed through “ the future two years ”. [ 6 ] That lapp calendar month, both Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger cast doubt on their render, with Osbourne citing her dual-work on The Talk, and Scherzinger submit : “ I ca n’t confirm that I ‘m going to [ be back ] but I think if I did return it would have to be with this empanel because I ‘m very near with this empanel. [ … ] I ‘ve truly enjoyed myself and we ‘re very close. ” [ 7 ] [ 8 ] On 13 April 2017, Cowell announced his intentions to retain the same judge control panel for the fourteenth series. [ 9 ] In June 2017, it was announced that the evaluate jury would remain the same as the previous series. [ 2 ] Dermot O’Leary returned for his tenth series as presenter. On 23 June 2017, it was announced that Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon would appear as a node judge for the first sidereal day of Manchester auditions, due to Scherzinger having a “ previous diary commitment ”. [ 10 ] Five days late, on 28 June, it was announced that Dixon would once again appear as a guest evaluator, this time for Osbourne, who was unavailable ascribable to a long-standing back injury. [ 11 ] Cowell arrived late to the London auditions on 4 July 2017, due to an illness. [ 12 ] On 29 October 2017, Dixon reappeared as a guest judge on the Sunday live read, this time filling in for Cowell, who was absent recovering from an injury during the weekend .

choice process.

On 4 July, it was reported that there would be major changes to the show this year. Auditions were taking place in Thorpe Park, bootcamp would take place in front of an audience and there would be six weeks of alive shows rather of the common ten. additionally, acts would be sent home on both Saturday and Sunday, as “ boring ” Saturday nights received lower viewing figures than Sunday. [ 13 ]


The minimal senesce to audition this year was 14 after being reduced down from 16 the previous class. [ 14 ] Contestants needed a “ yes ” from at least three of the four judges to progress to Bootcamp .

mobile auditions.

The mobile auditions began on 11 May 2017, in Belfast and concluded on 23 May 2017, in Yeovil. [ citation needed ]

Judges ‘ auditions.

The auditions began on 20 June 2017, in Liverpool and concluded on 10 July 2017, in Surrey. [ citation needed ]


Bootcamp was filmed live at The SSE Arena, Wembley in battlefront of a studio apartment consultation. [ 15 ] Following the film of bootcamp and prior to the film of the six-chair challenge, the judges ‘ categories were revealed. Cowell was given the Groups, Scherzinger was given the Over 28s, Osbourne was given the Girls and Walsh was given the Boys. [ 16 ] There are two different stages to Bootcamp : Wall of Songs, where a list of 35 songs appeared on a wall 4 times, and the four acts who pick the same song would perform it together, and the judges would decide instantaneously who would make to the 2nd stagecoach of bootcamp : the Boot camp hearing, in front man of the judges and a survive hearing, where after an act performance the judges will instantaneously decide whether or not they ‘ll make it through to the 6-Chair Challenge. The categories were all revealed in Wembley Stadium, and revealed on television on 7 October .

Six-chair challenge.

The six-chair challenge took stead over the course of three days, from 26 to 28 July 2017, at The SSE Arena, Wembley. [ 17 ] Unlike previous years, where all four judges sit together, each judge was secluded on their own while their respective class performed. The three remaining judges sat together and gave their own critiques of the performance, before allowing the category ‘s evaluate to make the concluding decision. [ 16 ] [ 18 ] It was broadcast over three episodes ; Osbourne choose in the first, Cowell and Scherzinger choosing in the irregular, with late portions of her decisions shown, alongside Walsh ‘s, in the third base. [ 19 ]

Judges ‘ houses.

The judges ‘ categories were announced in July 2017, [ 16 ] with extra details of the judges ‘ houses announced in October 2017. [ 20 ] [ 21 ] [ 22 ] Anthony Russell withdrew after the pre-recorded sections of the testify and was replaced by Sam Black who was knocked out of the rival at the Bootcamp stage. Black was in Walsh ‘s Boys class. [ 23 ] In a statement, Walsh stated, “ Anthony has been fantastic across the series, a great singer and performer who we are truly sad to see go. I had to think for a long time who could take the plaza. Sam had a great chemical reaction from the british public when his audition aired. So I re-watched it and realised we missed a magic trick not putting him through at Boot Camp. He has that retro 60s style viewers will love. He ‘s truly likable and talented and I ca n’t wait to hear more. ” [ 24 ] At the end of judges ‘ houses, it was announced that the public could vote for a wildcard from each class bringing the total number of contestants for the live shows to 16. [ 25 ]


Key :

– Winner
– Runner-Up
Playing card club A.svg – Wildcard (Live Shows)

live shows.

The finalists for the know shows were announced during the sequence broadcast on 22 October 2017. however, at the end of the episode, a wildcard vote for each category was announced by O ’ Leary. The winners of the wildcard vote were revealed on 28 October at the begin of the first be display. [ 26 ] For the first fourth dimension since series six, a major overhaul of the set layout was made as populate shows debuted in a fresh film placement, LH2 Studios in London, following the closure of Fountain Studios. Numerous other changes were introduced for this series ‘ live shows. This included dissenter and melodious node performances on both Saturday and Sunday shows, and the removal of the final confrontation, deadlocks and judges ‘ votes on the Sunday testify. Each show, two of the categories would sing and immediately after the performances, the public vote would open for a short amount of time. At the end of each prove, the dissenter with the fewest votes is automatically eliminated from the contest. In addition, the contestant with the highest votes for that night would besides be announced. [ 27 ] The two acts who won their respective populace vote would then sing against each other in a fresh component of the show called the trophy competitiveness. After another public vote, the achiever of the pry fight would win a special weekly loot. [ 28 ] For the first prison term ever the bouncy final was broadcast from the Excel Centre, London and not Wembley Arena as separate of the read ‘s drastic changes this series. [ 29 ]

musical guests.

Liam Payne performed on the first live show, while Stormzy performed on the second live show. [ 30 ] Tokio Myers performed on the one-third live indicate, while Rita Ora performed on the fourth. [ 31 ] Harry Styles performed on the fifth bouncy appearance and Paloma Faith performed on the one-sixth. [ 32 ] Matt Terry performed on the seventh be testify and Fergie performed on the one-eighth. [ 33 ] James Arthur performed on the first semi-final and Ed Sheeran performed on the second. [ 34 ] PrettyMuch [ 35 ] and Louis Tomlinson [ 36 ] performed on Saturday ‘s final, while P ! NK, Sam Smith, [ 37 ] CNCO and Little Mix [ 38 ] performed during the Sunday final examination .

Results drumhead.

Colour key
Act received the fewest public votes and was eliminated
Act received the most public votes

Live read details.

workweek 1 ( 28/29 October ).

The wildcards were revealed at the start of Saturday ‘s picture. [ 53 ] Cowell missed this week ’ second indicate, due to convalescence from falling down the stairs the dawn before. [ 54 ] Alesha Dixon filled in as a guest judge on Sunday. [ 55 ]

week 2 ( 4/5 November ).

week 3 ( 11/12 November ).

week 4 : Quarter-Final ( 18/19 November ).

workweek 5 : Semi-Final ( 25/26 November )


O’Leary confirmed that there was to be no Prize battle from this week onwards and all the categories were to perform on the lapp night for first time this series. [ 59 ]

25 November
26 November
Acts’ performances on the Sunday Semi-Final
Act Category (Mentor) Order Song Result
Lloyd Macey Boys (Walsh) 1 “Fix You” Eliminated
Rak-Su Groups (Cowell) 2 “I’m Feeling You” (original song) Won Public Vote
The Cutkelvins Groups (Cowell) 3 “Show Me Love” Eliminated
Kevin Davy White Over 28s (Scherzinger) 4 “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” Safe
Grace Davies Girls (Osbourne) 5 “Wolves” (original song)

workweek 6 : Final ( 2/3 December ).

O ’ Leary revealed on 2 December that the winners ‘ single this year would be the contestants ‘ couple. [ 62 ]

2 December

Kevin Davy White received the fewest public votes and was mechanically eliminated. [ 50 ]

3 December
Acts’ performances on the Sunday Final
Act Category (Mentor) Order First song[65] Order Second song[65] Result
Grace Davies Girls (Osbourne) 1 “Nothing But Words” (original song) 3 “Too Young” (original song) Runner-Up
Rak-Su Groups (Cowell) 2 “Touché” (original song) 4 “Mona Lisa” (original song) Winner

Winner ‘s one.

All proceeds from the achiever ‘s single are in help of children ‘s hospice charities, together for Short Lives and Shooting Star Chase. Simco Limited will donate 100 % of its profits from the sale of each download and in respect of all sound recording cyclosis of the one, and the Chancellor has besides agreed to donate the VAT, in each case to be shared equally by the charities. This contribution will be at least 20p plus VAT for each download sold in the UK. FremantleMedia, ITV and all performers featuring on the one have besides agreed to forgo any master royalties due to them in connection with downloads and all audio stream of the unmarried. [ 62 ]



Episode Air date Official rating
Official rating
(millions inc. HD)[66]
Official rating
(millions inc. HD & +1)[66]
Weekly rank[66]
Auditions 1 2 September 5.76 7.38 7.92 5
Auditions 2 3 September 5.73 7.46 8.04 4
Auditions 3 9 September 5.15 6.60 7.23 11
Auditions 4 10 September 5.52 7.10 7.57 6
Auditions 5 16 September 5.78 7.57 7.87 8
Auditions 6 17 September 5.40 7.07 7.50 12
Auditions 7 23 September 4.53 5.99 6.48 21
Auditions 8 24 September 5.42 7.09 7.39 12
Bootcamp 1 30 September 4.92 6.41 6.83 16
Bootcamp 2 1 October 4.67 6.11 6.34 24
Bootcamp 3 7 October 4.58 5.83 6.18 25
Six-chair challenge 1 8 October 5.34 6.97 7.36 11
Six-chair challenge 2 14 October 5.10 6.67 7.05 13
Six-chair challenge 3 15 October 4.54 6.27 6.66 25
Judges’ houses 1 21 October 5.29 6.95 7.25 12
Judges’ houses 2 22 October 4.42 5.58 6.26 26
Live show 1 28 October 4.77 6.45 6.63 21
Live show 2 29 October 3.77 5.27 5.58 27
Live show 3 4 November 4.40 5.83 6.08 24
Live show 4 5 November 3.37 4.61 5.03 36
Live show 5 11 November 3.96 5.46 5.71 22
Live show 6 12 November 3.68 4.97 5.38 26
Live show 7 18 November 3.97 5.33 5.47 28
Live show 8 19 November 3.83 5.17 5.34 29
Live show 9 25 November 3.60 4.93 5.18 36
Live show 10 26 November 3.66 5.13 5.31 33
Live final 1 2 December 3.61 4.89 5.28 34
Live final 2 3 December

4.17 5.56 5.83 30


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