Speaker Talk(s) Oliver Sacks What hallucination reveals about our minds (TED2009) Janette Sadik-Khan New York’s streets? Not so mean any more (TEDCity2.0 2013) Donald Sadoway The missing link to renewable energy (TED2012) Moshe Safdie Building uniqueness (TED2002)
How to reinvent the apartment building (TED2014) Stefan Sagmeister Happiness by design (TED2004)
Designing with slogans (TED2008)
The power of time off (TEDGlobal 2009)
7 rules for making more happiness (TED@Cannes 2010) Elyn Saks A tale of mental illness — from the inside (TEDGlobal 2012) Zainab Salbi Women, wartime and the dream of peace (TEDGlobal 2010) Renata Salecl Our unhealthy obsession with choice (TEDGlobal 2013) Sebastião Salgado The silent drama of photography (TED2013) Sheryl Sandberg Why we have too few women leaders (TEDWomen 2010)
So we leaned in … now what? (TEDWomen 2013) Michael Sandel The lost art of democratic debate (TED2010)
Why we shouldn’t trust markets with our civic life (TEDGlobal 2013) Laurie Santos A monkey economy as irrational as ours (TEDGlobal 2010) Mallika Sarabhai Dance to change the world (TEDIndia 2009) Dimitar Sasselov How we found hundreds of potential Earth-like planets (TEDGlobal 2010) Kailash Satyarthi How to make peace? Get angry (TED2015) Reshma Saujani Teach girls bravery, not perfection (TED2016) Mateo Salvatto

Talking With Deaf (TEDxRíodelaPlata 2020) Susan Savage-Rumbaugh The gentle genius of bonobos (TED2004) Allan Savory How to fight desertification and reverse climate change (TED2013) Shaurya Singh Cyber Crime: Asian Subcontinent vs. European and American Convention (TED2021) Rebecca Saxe How we read each other’s minds (TEDGlobal 2009) Keith Schacht Toys and materials from the future (TED2005) Andreas Schleicher Use data to build better schools (TEDGlobal 2012) Gavin Schmidt The emergent patterns of climate change (TED2014) Kathryn Schulz On being wrong (TED2011)
Don’t regret regret (TEDSalon NY2011) Laura Schulz The surprisingly logical minds of babies (TED2015) Barry Schwartz The paradox of choice (TEDGlobal 2005)
Our loss of wisdom (TED2009)
Using our practical wisdom (TEDSalon NY2011 2010) Louie Schwartzberg The hidden beauty of pollination (TED2011)
Hidden miracles of the natural world (TED2014) Amber Scorah What Cults Tell Us About Ourselves (TEDxPaloAltoSalon2019) Sophie Scott Why we laugh (TED2015) Deborah Scranton An Iraq war movie crowd-sourced from soldiers (TED2007) Sara Seager The search for planets beyond our solar system (TED2015) Al Seckel Visual illusions that show how we (mis)think (TED2004) eL Seed Street art with a message of hope and peace (TED2015) Parul Sehgal An ode to envy (TEDSalon NY2013) Martin Seligman The new era of positive psychology (TED2004) Ricardo Semler How to run a company with (almost) no rules (TEDGlobal 2014) Maurizio Seracini The secret lives of paintings (TEDGlobal 2012) Paul Sereno Digging up dinosaurs (TED2005) Sebastian Seung I am my connectome (TEDGlobal 2010) Elif Shafak The politics of fiction (TEDGlobal 2010) Sonia Shah 3 reasons we still haven’t gotten rid of malaria (TEDGlobal 2013) Ananda Shankar Jayant Fighting cancer with dance (TEDIndia 2009) Aditi Shankardass A second opinion on developmental disorders (TEDIndia 2009) Tom Shannon Anti-gravity sculpture (TED2003)
The painter and the pendulum (TED in the Field 2009) Toby Shapshak You don’t need an app for that (TEDGlobal 2013) Tali Sharot The optimism bias (TED2012) Josette Sheeran Ending hunger now (TEDGlobal 2011) Michael Shermer Why people believe weird things (TED2006)
The pattern behind self-deception (TED2010) Sxip Shirey A performance with breath, music, passion (TED2008) Stephanie “Steve” Shirley Why do ambitious women have flat heads? (TED2015) Clay Shirky Institutions vs. collaboration (TEDGlobal 2005)
How social media can make history (TED@State 2009)
How cognitive surplus will change the world (TED@Cannes 2010)
Why SOPA is a bad idea (TEDSalon NY2012)
How the Internet will (one day) transform government (TEDGlobal 2012) Ben Shneiderman User Interfaces for Searching (TED1998) Alan Siegel Let’s simplify legal jargon! (TED2010) Steve Silberman The forgotten history of autism (TED2015) Jay Silver Hack a banana, make a keyboard! (TEDSalon NY2013) Joshua Silver Adjustable liquid-filled eyeglasses (TEDGlobal 2009) Nate Silver Does racism affect how you vote? (TED2009) Sarah Silverman A new perspective on the number 3000 (TED2010)[25][26] Taryn Simon Photographs of secret sites (TEDGlobal 2009)
The stories behind the bloodlines (TEDSalon London Fall 2011) Cameron Sinclair My wish: A call for open-source architecture (TED2006) TED Prize
The refugees of boom-and-bust (TED2009) Simon Sinek Why good leaders make you feel safe (TED2014) P.W. Singer Military robots and the future of war (TED2009) Peter Singer The why and how of effective altruism (TED2013) Pawan Sinha How brains learn to see (TEDIndia 2009) Sivamani Rhythm is everything, everywhere (TEDIndia 2009) Derek Sivers Weird, or just different? (TEDIndia 2009)
How to start a movement (TED2010)
Keep your goals to yourself (TEDGlobal 2010) Jeff Skoll My journey into movies that matter (TED2007) Anne-Marie Slaughter Can we all “have it all”? (TEDGlobal 2013) Sleepy Man Banjo Boys Teen wonders play bluegrass (TED@New York 2012)
Bluegrass virtuosity from … New Jersey? (TED2013) Gary Slutkin Let’s treat violence like a contagious disease (TEDMED 2013) Amy Smith Simple designs to save a life (TED2006) Jeff Smith Lessons in business … from prison (TED@New York 2012) Willie Smits How to restore a rainforest (TED2009) Lee Smolin Science and democracy (TED2003) Edward Snowden Here’s how we take back the Internet (TED2014) Laura Snyder The Philosophical Breakfast Club (TEDGlobal 2012) Jill Sobule Global warming’s theme song, “Manhattan in January” (TED2006)
The Jill and Julia Show (TED2007) Christopher Soghoian Government surveillance — this is just the beginning (TED Fellows Retreat 2013) Andrew Solomon Love, no matter what (TEDMED 2013)
How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are (TED2014) Somi The dancer, the singer, the cellist … and a moment of creative magic (TED2015) Didier Sornette How we can predict the next financial crisis (TEDGlobal 2013) Alec Soth This is what enduring love looks like (TED2015) Michael Specter The danger of science denial (TED2010) Adam Spencer Why I fell in love with monster prime numbers (TED2013) Malte Spitz Your phone company is watching (TEDGlobal 2012) Marla Spivak Why bees are disappearing (TEDGlobal 2013) Morgan Spurlock The greatest TED Talk ever sold (TED2011) Paul Stamets 6 ways mushrooms can save the world (TED2008) Andrew Stanton The clues to a great story (TED2012) Philippe Starck Design and destiny (TED2007) James Stavridis A Navy Admiral’s thoughts on global security (TEDGlobal 2012) Alex Steffen The route to a sustainable future (TEDGlobal 2005)
The shareable future of cities (TEDGlobal 2011) David Steindl-Rast Want to be happy? Be grateful (TEDGlobal 2013) Nicholas Stern The state of the climate — and what we might do about it (TED@Unilever 2014) Michael Stevens How much does a video weigh? (TED-Ed 2013) Molly Stevens A new way to grow bone (TEDGlobal 2013) Bryan Stevenson We need to talk about an injustice (TED2012) Stew “Black Men Ski” (TED2006) Rory Stewart Time to end the war in Afghanistan (TEDGlobal 2011) Sting How I started writing songs again (TED2014) Gregory Stock To upgrade is human (TED2003) Clifford Stoll The call to learn (TED2006) Jim Stolze Can you live without the Internet? (TED University 2009) Bill Stone I’m going to the moon. Who’s with me? (TED2007) Kevin Stone The bio-future of joint replacement (TED2010) Bill Strickland Rebuilding a neighborhood with beauty, dignity, hope (TED2002) Steven Strogatz The science of sync (TED2004) Tristram Stuart The global food waste scandal (TEDSalon London Spring 2012) Daniel Suarez The kill decision shouldn’t belong to a robot (TEDGlobal 2013) Pavan Sukhdev Put a value on nature! (TEDGlobal 2011) Kevin Surace Eco-friendly drywall (TED2009) James Surowiecki The power and the danger of online crowds (TED2005) Rachel Sussman The world’s oldest living things (TEDGlobal 2010) Adora Svitak What adults can learn from kids (TED2010) Robert Swan Let’s save the last pristine continent (TEDGlobal 2014) Fred Swaniker The leaders who ruined Africa, and the generation who can fix it (TEDGlobal 2014) Julia Sweeney Letting go of God (TED2006)
The Jill and Julia Show (TED2007)
It’s time for “The Talk” (TED2010)

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