Japan’s No. 1 Hostess Shares How A Day In Her Life Looks Like In Viral Asian Boss Video

Remember Japan ’ s number 1 gigolo ? asian Boss is back with a sequel to their viral YouTube documentary that peaked at # 4 on Singapore ’ s trending page .
Enter the gorgeous Hoshino Kurumi, Japan ’ s no. 1 stewardess, who earns a humongous S $ 1,266.60/day ( US $ 930 ) on median.

That comes up to an incredible S $ 62,654 ( US $ 46,000 ) monthly wage, she shares .
We repeat, a calendar month .
Ms Hoshino besides tells of how her life has changed always since she made the choice to join this profession — for better and for worse .
Catch the wide 16-minute documentary here. We summarise her report after the jump .

Earned S$100.8k a month as top hostess before

28-year-old Hoshino Kurumi works at the upscale Roppongi zone in a glitzy host cake named Lalah in Tokyo .
She ’ s been crowned the top host there thanks to her stellar operation in sales .
Though one might expect an outgoing, bubbly character, Kurumi comes across as earnest and sincere throughout her consultation .
She explains the dispute between a hostess club – one patron visits many hostesses – versus a more personal one-on-one know at a hostess cake like Lalah .
Her clubhouse, she shares, employs 700 other hostesses. But only 50 exploit there in the course of a day. The massive clubhouse spans 4 floors, with 20 seating areas per floor and 4 VIP rooms .
When asked about her earnings, Kurumi answers shyly that the most she ’ south ever drawn in a calendar month was S $ 100,790 ( US $ 74,000 ), barely shy of her prey of US $ 100,000 .

Never gotten paid for sex

Kurumi maintains that she ’ south never gotten money in exchange for sexual favor from clients .
But interestingly, her banish doesn ’ thymine have an outright principle on banning relations with clients. She shares openly that most clients do actually come to her “ looking for sex ” .
Kurumi, however, reserves the properly to decline a node if she ’ s not feeling the flirt .
In her words ,

If they flirt with me and I like it, then we ’ ll have sexual activity .

If not, she hard tells them “ not today ” .

Considered ‘big’ compared to Roppongi girls

The interviewer besides asks for Kurumi ’ s dress size, and Ms Hoshino points out that she wears medium dresses. Surprised, the interviewer asks the lissome host why that is indeed .
Kurumi shares this surprise notice ,

It ’ randomness because all the girls in Roppongi are skinny…I ’ megabyte considered a adult girl in Roppongi .

Looks are still 100% important as a hostess

As expected, the conversation cursorily turns to how a lot good looks are prized in the diligence .
Kurumi bluffly states that looking good is 100 % percentage important, as the first thing a potential customer assesses is “ your face ” .

She shares this while getting her haircloth primed into wavy curls by a dedicated hairdresser. According to Ms Hoshino, some customers don ’ t flush speak a word to “ atrocious hostesses ” .
future, she ’ sulfur asked if she has ever felt pressured to get formative surgery to improve her looks.

Ms Hoshino answers honestly that she has considered improving her whole front – particularly her nose – if given the probability .

Is the hostess job worth it?

Kurumi quips that the lowest point of her life was when she foremost left her hometown and moved to Tokyo .
For 3 months, she struggled with feelings of loneliness as she found herself friendless and struggling to adapt to life in the adult city .
Her motivation to succeed finally came from not wanting to disappoint members of her hometown, and her mother .
immediately, she enjoys meeting people that she wouldn ’ t have had a chance to cross paths with differently — like celebrities and pro-athletes. And of course, dining perks at restaurants with 6-month waiting lists .

Scams & sexual offers

Since her university days, the Japan ’ s top hostess has gone through her fairly share of “ bad men ” .
Kurumi once fell for a customer ’ randomness scam and handed him S $ 2,587.89 ( US $ 1,900 ) as he promised to double the measure for her via investments .
Another customer offered her S $ 12,521.66 ( US $ 9,200 ) for sex soon after introducing himself. She was intelligibly upset as she shares that she could “ make that sum easily ” .
As for an offer of US $ 9.3 million, she ’ vitamin d badly reconsider her position .

Treats her clients like her friends

If you aren ’ triiodothyronine convinced by Kurumi ’ sulfur art as a hostess, asian Boss besides interviews a long-time customer of Ms Hoshino .
The 31-year-old man shares that he enjoys how “ actual ” the hostess behaves, as compared to other girls in the bar .
He shares an incident where he was near to passing out as he was “ dead drink ”, and mistakenly ordered a S $ 126,562 ( US $ 93,000 ) champagne tower .
Kurumi – out of concern for her customer – persuaded him not to, as she knew it was direction beyond his means .
In come back, he popped 3 champagne bottles in her respect during his future travel to .
The most expensive endow she ’ second ever received from a customer is a Harry Winston diamond necklace worth S $ 27,217 ( US $ 20,000 ) .

But she rarely wears it out as she doesn ’ thyroxine believe in “ showing off ” .

A job that “pays off” if you work hard

When asked if she would go back in clock time and do it all again, Kurumi doesn ’ metric ton hesitate when she answers, “ Yes. ”
Considering both the ups and downs of her know as a Japan hostess, she continues to believe that it ’ s a job that “ pays off if you actually work hard ” .
As for staying issue 1 in the diligence, Ms Hoshino says “ it ’ s just a lay waste to of time ”, as she expects younger hostesses to succeed her in the future .

The ups and downs of the life of a hostess

Before you start writing your resignation letter for your current problem or consider a career switch to rake in big bucks like Ms Hoshino, take attentiveness that the journey to Japan hostess glamor international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate easy as you ’ d intend .
We ’ rhenium certain that her rise to the top came with her own share of hardships — as told by Kurumi herself .
What do you think about her occupation ? Can you see the same phenomenon happening in Singapore ? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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