The best at encouraging clients to spend money, he rakes in deoxyadenosine monophosphate a lot as US$375,000 per month .

horde Clubs are places where women can have some no-strings-attached fun with some hot guys. We ’ rhenium not talking intimate fun, normally ; we ’ ra talking coquettish fun and good company. Drop a little money on some liquor, and your server will entertain you with great conversations and a thoroughly clock time .
naturally, hosts pride themselves on being excellent companions, because the more they are liked, the more they can get their patrons to spend at the club, and the more money they can make. Every sol often one particular host becomes far and away the best at his job, so popular among the ladies that he achieves the style of King of the Hosts. A few years ago it was the fine-looking Naoki, but right now, it ’ s the charming Roland.

At fair 26 years old, Roland is said to be the most successful host of Kabukicho, the area of Tokyo ’ s Shinjuku neighborhood with the highest concentration of host and hostess bars. He made his debut at the old age of 18, and now manages one of the most popular host clubs in the area, Platina Club, where he has obviously doubled the annual earnings .
Roland is a master of seduction, and regularly gets his ladies to spend harebrained amounts of money without getting intoxicated himself. He only drinks the most expensive and the finest liquors, anyhow, so anyone who wants to have his attentions must pay top dollar .

In fact, Roland holds the record for the most “sales” for a single day, month, and year. obviously, on his birthday final year, patrons allegedly spent 10 million yen ( more than US $ 88,000 ) on him in just three hours. Birthdays are, of course, when clients spend the most money on their favorite host, but Roland has besides been able to rack up angstrom much as 42 million yen in an ordinary calendar month .
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As such, Roland is said to be the highest-paid host in Kabukicho, and of class he uses that money to live a animation of luxury. He apparently owns several expensive cars, including a Porsche, and wears only the most high-end clothes. He besides lives out of hotels, not because he can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate afford a home, but because it ‘ suits his life style better ’ .
What makes him so successful ? His charming personality and coquettish behavior, of course, but as with many hosts his looks possibly have the biggest effect on his popularity. He has naturally good looks and great style, and he spends hours at the gymnasium every day to maintain his sexy human body.

He has besides had cosmetic surgery, and he ’ s not ashamed to admit it. He ’ second spend around 10 million yen to make adjustments to his face, and says he spends about 200,000 yen ( $ 1,800 ) to maintain it every calendar month, and for good reason. His income apparently doubled after he got the procedures done !
His dear looks have besides earned him fame arsenic well as fortune. He frequently appears on television and is featured in a regular segment on the YouTube channel Host television. With his faultless expressive style and nice smile, it ’ s no surprise that he has been therefore successful .
I wonder how our own Mr. Sato and Go Hattori would compete with those numbers ? Their pop fly Host Club Roketto for this year should be coming up soon, so we ’ ll have to wait and see !
source : Oddity Central
Featured Image : Instagram/ @ roland_0fficial

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