We know the pain of the customers when they indefatigably look for the WHMCS developers in the host industry who can build their host web site in a presentable manner. Thereafter, the customer has to deal with the headache of construct WHMCS compatible with their web site. so, in order to burn all this pain for WHMCS users or web host business owners, we have built this amaze HostX Solution, which is a prebuilt WHMCS web hosting composition. The new adaptation of HostX WHMCS Web Hosting Template includes a redesign WHMCS Client Area and Admin Panel with multiple amazing features like Tracking Codes, SEO Manager, Testimonial Manager, Social Media Sharing, and a lot more .

It is the most singular a well as creative web hosting WHMCS template, exceptionally designed for web host occupation websites. The template design is clean, childlike, slick, and highly customizable without any technical aid. furthermore, the redesign customer area is fabulously advanced to provide your clients a solid new level of have .


1. View Demo – Red Color Variation

2. View Demo – Blue Color Variation

3. View Demo – Green & Blue Variation

4. View Demo – Green & Black Color Variation

5. View Demo – Purple & Pink Color Variation

Client Area Demo Login Details

Username : democlientx @ gmail.com Password : show

HostX comes with 5 different color variations that is included in hostx you can activate anyone of your choice from backend .


It comes with 20+ prebuilt pages that you can choose from for your vane hosting web site, you can besides customize the pages using the Drag N Drop page builder. besides, you can create fresh pages in the HostX CMS Theme .

List of Pages that comes predesigned:

– Home Page

– Pre-built Dedicated Servers Selling Page With Configurable Bars

– Prebuilt VPS Server HostingPage

– Prebuilt VPS Private Cloud Selling Page

– Prebuilt VPS Public Cloud Selling Page

– Prebuilt Enterprise Servers Selling Page

– Prebuilt cPanel Web Hosting Selling Page

– Prebuilt Developer Friendly Page

– Prebuilt Future Element Page

– Prebuilt Plesk Web Hosting Selling Page

– Prebuilt Window Hosting Selling Page

– Prebuilt WordPress Hosting Selling Page

– Prebuilt SSL Certificate Page

– Prebuilt Terms and Conditions Page

– Prebuilt Webhosting Theme

– Prebuilt Domain Registration Page

– Prebuilt Refund and Cancellation Policy Page

– Prebuilt Website Design Page

– Prebuilt Coming Soon Page

– Prebuilt About Us Page

– All Element HostX Page

– Prebuilt Game Servers Page

– Prebuilt HostX Sample Page

– Prebuilt VPS Sample Page

– Prebuilt Not Found Page

– Prebuilt Offers Page

– Prebuilt Tables Page

– Prebuilt Offers Page with Live Timer

– Prebuilt Blog Page


– 20+ Pre-designed Pages & Elements

– Redesigned WHMCS Client Area

– Custom Orderform Template

– Blogs Manager – Easily Post Blogs

– Advanced Page Manager With Drag N Drop Page Builder

– SEO Manager – Add Meta Tags, Set Robots Indexing

– OG Tags Manager for Social Media

– Blocks Manager – Create, Copy and Edit a Block

– Website Top Menu Manager

– Client Area Side Menu Manager

– Dynamic Contents Manager

– Sitemap Generator with Custom URLs

– Assign Products to Pages With Ease

– GDPR Cookies Bar Manager with Style Editing

– Marketing Offer Popup Banner with Style Editing

– Home page products assigner to manage home page products

– Logos Manager for Website and Invoices

– Department Icons Manager

– TLD’s Showcase Manager

– Testimonial Manager – Create and Display Reviews on Selected Pages

– Language Manager to edit the languages files in WHMCS admin

– 100% Responsive and Fast

– Compatible with WHMCS v8.4.x and below

This feature of speech number has made HostX the best world wide web hosting root available in the WHMCS marketplace .


– A new WHMCS Client Area Dashboard

– All Redesigned WHMCS Client Area Pages

– Full-Width WHMCS Client Area

– Redesigned Login & Register Screen

– Redesigned Order Form Template

in full compatible with WHMCS v8.3.x, 8.4.x, and below versions. The new version of HostX comes with a in full redesigned Client area and Admin Panel. You can figure out whether you are using a WHMCS or any other bill platform .


– Menu Editor (Add/Remove Menu Items)

– Choose Type of Menu (Mega Menu/Drop Down Menu)

– Enable/Disable Sticky Header

– Enable/Disable Phone Number from Header Bar

– Manage Logos from Backend

– Manage Contents in the Mega Menu

– Assign a Specific Product Group to a Page

– Manage TLD’s on frontend from WHMCS admin

– Manage Favicons and Logos from WHMCS admin

– Manage Content from WHMCS Backend admin

– Change Icons of Products in the Client Area

– Add Reviews and Create Testimonials for Desired Pages\

– Complete SEO and SMO Manager


1. Startup (Single Color Version For 1 Website) – $144

2. Medium Business ( Version For 2 Websites) – $219

3. Professional (Open Source Version For 5 Websites) – $429

Choose the license package as count upon your requirements .

What is included in the license package?

– 1 year of theme updates

– 1 year of support

– License for 1 domain (Startup Plan), for 2 domains (Medium Plan) or 5 Domains (Professional Plan)

– License valid for lifetime

– Documentation Included

– Four Color Varaiation

What is not included in the license package?

– WHMCS Installation

– WHMCS Configuration

– WHMCS Products and Services setup

– Theme Customization Services

– Theme installation

Paid Theme Services Offered with Hostx Theme

– HostX Theme Installation – $100

– HostX Theme Color Scheme Changing – $70

– Hire WHMCS Developer – $30/hr


Is HostX a complete web hosting template?

Yes, HostX is a complete web hosting theme that comes with 21+ prebuilt pages. You can create as many new pages as you want with the HostX Advance page director feature. It is a complete package ( WHMCS Front End Website + WHMCS Client Area + Custom Order Form ) .

Is HostX is a onetime purchase?

Yes, HostX is a one time leverage. You need to purchase it on time lone and need to renew corroborate and updates after one class .

Can I customize the HostX Template?

HostX is a in full customizable WHMCS subject, you can customize any section of the HostX using the Blocks Manager feature of speech in the WHMCS admin. You can besides create custom-designed blocks and add them to any page you want to .

Is HostX a WordPress theme?

No, HostX is a WHMCS theme. We have created HostX in a manner that it is very hard to determine that whether HostX is a WordPress or a WHMCS theme. You need to install the HostX in the main domain .

Does HostX has a client area and order form?

Yes, HostX comes with a redesign client sphere and rate form .

Can we create new pages in HostX?

Yes, you can create new pages in the HostX root. HostX has an Advance Page Manager that allows users to create new pages from WHMCS admin and you can set streamer picture, title, and do other settings. Just create a new page assign the blocks using drag and drop page builder and save it .

Can I upgrade HostX?

Yes, you can upgrade the HostX plan anytime you want. In order to upgrade your existing plan, you can either contact us by raising a ticket or use the “ Upgrade Plan ” choice within your dashboard .

Will I get installation instruction with HostX?

Yes you can check out the detailed documentation of the HostX at : hypertext transfer protocol : //wiki.whmcsglobalservices.com/index.php ? title=HostX_WHMCS_Web_Hosting_Template

Does HostX have all the pages predesigned?

Yes, HostX comes with 21+ pre-built pages, you can change the images, text, , menu, and other details anytime from the WHMCS admin. not only that, you can create as many new pages as you want with the HostX WHMCS theme, with its advance Page Manager .

Is HostX SEO Friendly?

Yes, HostX is in full SEO friendly, it comes with an built-in WHMCS SEO Manager joyride that will allow WHMCS admin to add Meta Tags, OG Tags, Meta Robots .

Can we manage the contents of the price tables from the WHMCS admin?

Yes we have a price mesa editor program in the WHMCS admin by which you can change the contents of the pricing tables.

Can we edit the top menu items?

Yes you can add, edit and erase circus tent menu items from the menu editor program in the WHMCS admin .

Can I change the logos of HostX?

Yes, you can change the logo anytime you want from the composition settings. You can besides set the logo acme and width from the settings .

Can we change the colors of HostX?

Yes, you can change your HostX Theme color as we provide 4 different color templates and you can set any one at a time. furthermore, you can customize the composition discolor accordingly by adding custom CSS in WHMCS Admin Panel .

Does HostX have all the marketplace pages?

Yes, HostX have all the default WHMCS market pages .

Does HostX have all the client area pages?

Yes, HostX have all the client area pages predesigned .

For how many times I will receive the support?

free support will be valid for 1 year, after then you need to pay for the accompaniment and updates .

Can I get a refund on HostX?

No, ascribable to the nature of the intersection refunds are not applicable. We have shown the demonstration of the subject, so please go through it and decide .

What is the renewal cost of HostX?

It will cost $ 59 for 1 class dislodge confirm and updates .

Can we change the default images and content in the HostX theme?

Yes everything that you can see inside the HostX can be changed from the WHMCS admin of the HostX, so you can easily change the images and text from the WHMCS admin .

Does HostX supports multi-language and multi-currency?

Yes HostX supports multi-language and multi-currency .

Can I start reselling hosting website with HostX?

HostX works well for reselling host businesses. You can easily set up a reseller host business using HostX .

Does HostX supports WHMCS 8.4.X Version?

Yes, it supports WHMCS v8.4.X and all the above versions of WHMCS .

Can I install HostX on multiple domains?

One license is valid for 1 domain alone, but if you want to install it on multiple sites you need to purchase the Enterprise version of the theme. You can inactive install it on multiple domains under the same constitution .

Does HostX supports all WHMCS Modules?

There is no WHMCS root that can support all WHMCS modules, however if you face any issues with compatibility with HostX we will make HostX compatible with the faculty .

Can we set domain prices in HostX?

Yes you can set the prices of the domain from the WHMCS admin sphere section. It will automatically gets fetched in the front end web site .

Can we change social media links in the footer?

Yes in the blocks there is a pedestrian block from which you can change the links of the social media icons .

Can we enable social login in HostX?

Yes, you can enable sociable login from the WHMCS admin and it will start showing on the login page.

Can I change the destination email in Contact Us form?

Yes you can change it from the WHMCS admin default option contact us imprint finish electronic mail .

Can I hide the phone number in the header of HostX?

Yes we have given an option to view/hide the phone number .

For what industries HostX can be useful?

HostX can be used by Web Hosting Provider, SSL Service Provider, VPN Service Provider, Domain Service Provider, VOIP Service Provider, and IPTV Service Provider companies .

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