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Hosta Virus X ( HVX ) was inaugural described in 1996 at the University of Minnesota. now a common virus on hosta, it is a business to nurseries, garden centers, and home gardeners. HVX infects different hosta cultivars and can lead to arrant death of leaves. There is no bring around for HVX .

Host Cultivars

HVX has been detected in the follow cultivars ( other cultivars are besides susceptible ) :

  • Birchwood Parky’s Gold Lunacy
  • Blue Cadet Montana Chirifu
  • Color Glory Moonlight Sport
  • Diamond Tiara Opipara
  • El Nino Pacific Blue Edger
  • Fan Dance Paradise Joyce
  • Gold Edger Queen Josephine
  • Gold Standard Regal Splendor
  • Golden Prayers Richland Gold
  • Golden Tiara Rim Rock
  • Goldrush Royal Standard
  • Harvest Glow Stiletto
  • Hydon Sunset Striptease
  • Janet Sun Power
  • Kara Sum & Substance
  • Krossa Regal Undulata Albomarginata
  • Little Aurora Wide Brim
  • Louisa Yellow Splash Rim

Before this virus was widely known, some septic plants were thought to be new varieties of hosta and were given names. All plants with the following cultivar names are thought to be infected : Breakdance, Eternal Father, Kiwi Watercolours, Leopard Frog, Lunacy, Parkish Gold .


Symptoms vary by cultivar and meter of infection. Some hosta cultivars have natural tinge or stripe, so it is important to know what is “ normal ” for a given cultivar. The most dramatic and diagnostic symptoms include occupation patterns ( particularly along veins ), mosaic patterns, blotches, puckering, twisting, or ringspots. however, certain cultivars may alone express little necrotic ( brown/dead ) spots. And, some plants may be infected but display no symptoms. This can occur if the plant was infected recently — it can take a class or more for symptoms to develop. additionally, certain cultivars just do not express symptoms well. These “ asymptomatic carriers ” add


HVX is mechanically transmitted. It can be spread on hands, snip tools, and by propagation ( divisions ). It is a full drill to sterilize tools between plants when pruning or dividing. incidentally hitting hostas with a lawn lawn mower or weed whacker might besides spread the virus. There is no tell that HVX is spread by insects.

management Strategies

There is presently no remedy for HVX. once a plant has been infected it can not be cleared of the contagion. assorted diagnostic labs can test for the disease, but since there is no bring around the only available management scheme is to prevent the spread of the disease. mechanical transmission can be prevented by sterilizing tools between establish while pruning or dividing. Home gardeners should not buy plants that appear leery. Neighboring plants may besides be infected, but not showing symptoms. If plants become diagnostic and no test is desired ( ascribable to cost or convenience ) then merely discard or burn the infect plants. The virus does not persist in land. Once roots of infect plants have decayed, newfangled plants can be planted in the like localization .

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