Our serve is one-of-a-kind and here ‘s why .root-accessroot-access

Full Root Access

All host services include root access and allow you unrestricted access to your server and its operating system, with or without a control condition control panel. other providers allow you either root entree with no wangle support, or managed support only with their control jury. We will gladly provide you with all of them or any combination you want .pricingpricing

Transparent Pricing

We do n’t hide our actual prices behind bait-and-switch plans or too-good-to-be-true offers. The prices you see on your screen are the actual prices you ‘d be paying. We besides wo n’t increase your rates at refilling, or ever – the price you start with is the price you get to keep constantly .money backmoney back

100% Uptime SLA

We guarantee a true 100 % uptime for your servers and we go one level beyond. For any hour of unscheduled downtime we will credit you 1000 % ( 10x ) the hours your service was gloomy by dividing your monthly recurring service charges by the phone number of hours in a month ( 720 hours ) and multiplying by the downtime hours.

dell serversdell servers

Best Dell® Servers

We use the latest-generation Dell® PowerEdge servers equipped with Intel® Xeon® Gold processors or better to keep your processes running smoothly and efficiently. That, combined with our enterprise-grade NVMe memory creates a system that will handle your on-line operations faithfully, all day, every day .us locationus location

U.S. Location

With our data center located in St. Louis, Missouri, you can expect gloomy latency across the entire United States. Our network will provide you with bang-up speed and low latency thanks to our data focus on location, less than 50 miles from the population center field of the United States. All data center systems are N+1 pleonastic.

managed supportmanaged support

Fully Managed Service

All our host services come with our outright 24/7 fully-managed support service, all at no extra cost to you. We will setup and configure any software stack you need and will configure it and tune it manually to your specification and requirements – good let us know what you need and we ‘ll handle the rest so you can focus on managing your clientele and not your servers.


Network Information

Our network shape is designed with capacity and dependability in heed. We use pleonastic 10Gbit connections through respective Tier-1 upriver providers. Depending on your plan, servers are able to use up to 1 Gbit/s of network bandwidth. Your websites will perform excellently on our network infrastructure, and will be faithfully accessible from everywhere .no limitationsno limitations

No Arbitrary Limits

We impose no arbitrary limitations on your server. You can host as many websites, application and services as your server hardware can handle. Most providers limit you, to a predefined number of websites or WordPress installations, or sometimes even phone number of page views or visitors per month. We plainly do not, feel free to use all the resources ( CPU, RAM, Disk ) available on your server with no restrictions .21 years21 years

21 Years In Business

Over the past two decades in the host industry, we have perfected our processes and we ‘ve met about every emergence conceivable with hosting websites and software on servers. Thanks to this, we are prepare to provide you with support for flush the most apart or rarely seen issues. You can relax, your server is in good hands .

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