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Shared web hosting is one of the most popular hosting solutions, it is a really good option for beginners and the smaller website. The reason for this is the affordable price which is offered. If you are targeting Brazil or you searching for a good and reliable web hosting in Brazil in today’s article we are will review the Best Shared Hosting Provides in Brazil for 2021. Let’s start now!

Why Use Shared Web Hosting in Brazil

Shared Web host is considered both the most popular host type and besides the most low-cost. many founder web site administrators start with these cheap offerings and work up their means to other types of host services and higher-tier plans. even though they are among the cheapest plans, many of them hold a identical good price-to-value ratio .
Brazil is one of the most significant countries in this area and as such is considered one of the best offerings. Many of the top IT companies have set up their offices and subsequently, this has lead to the initiation of datum centers that have a steer connection to the main Internet spinal column.

Shared vane host is cheap evening for brazilian price standards and this allows customers from other countries to besides rely on hosting companies located in the state. due to the huge national and external list of clients, the company Brail has become the regional IT hub .

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting in Brazil

brazilian companies tend to include the whole host portfolio of services that are expected from anyone looking to start a small blog or personal site to big enterprises that require several high-grade machines looking to host critical infrastructure. In this regard the shared host services are well-developed and our analysis shows that many of the lead companies ( including the ones listed in this guide ) tend to constantly improve on the quality and features available with the shared host plans. They are very brassy and provide all of the basic necessities in order to run an on-line presence .


Like in other countries and regions the exceed host companies are immediately located in the lead Brazil datum centers, allowing for high-speed and low-latency access to the Internet. As ceaseless improvement is being made many of the shared host plans benefit from upgrade hardware and improvements on the backend to deliver very-high uptime. Many of the top companies deliver on the promised SLA and even include other provisions that guarantee fast and issue-free access to the hosted content. Examples include capacity manner of speaking networks ( CDNs ), caching, web site optimization, and compression .

Top Data Centers

respective large data centers operate in Brazil and are used by the largest companies in the industry. All of them bear top enterprise-grade facilities and colocation host of assorted customers, including web host companies. The data centers are up-to-date with the latest requirements security-wise and only provide access to those that have the want credentials .
All of the quoted datum centers used by the top companies are deemed as authoritative for the hale region vitamin a well. many adjacent countries besides depend on them due to the excellent conditions and features. In this esteem businesses and bombastic companies that want to settle in the region and be surely that is they will operate at excellent levels .

Technical Support

support services for shared web host are besides available for web host customers at the lapp grade of expertness. Following the tendency of most global companies the support services offered will not be fair end-client support via the park communication channels ( e-mail, earphone, and ticketing systems ), but besides knowledge base articles, tutorials, video recording guides, etc .


As shared web hosting in Brazil is one of the most democratic types of services, security is a precedence for companies. Most of the web site administrators are not very feel and as such, they may not know how to secure their site installations and web services. In this casing, the host companies have stepped in and have created proactive measures against potential and ongoing hack attacks and malware infections .
In terms of network defenses, the hosting companies normally integrate advanced firewall solutions that can inspect incoming and outgoing traffic for hacking attacks. In summation to this, an trespass detection system can be used to stop exploits from accessing the installed world wide web services. When working with versatile files, many hosting companies besides use an automatic rifle virus scanner. DDoS auspices, mottle site deployment, and early alike features are besides standard, evening with the lowest-priced plans .

Top 7 Best Cheap Shared Hosting Companies in Brazil

HostGator Hosting

hostgator hosting logo image
HostGator Brazil was founded by in his Florida Atlantic University dormitory, and it was officially registered on October 22, 2002. now the company is one of the biggest host provides in the universe. HostGtaor provides any kind of web host .
HostGator Brazil provides back in portuguese from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, and Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
HostGator host plans are Shared web hosting, WordPress host, and VPS .
Learn how to install HostGator on WordPress
There are a bunch together of features which HostGator have in their host plans.
Free SSL Certificate
Unmetered Bandwidth
One-Click Installs
Control Panel Integration
E-Commerce Integration
Security Tools
Database Support
The price of the shared web hosting starts from $8.39/mo to $27.99/mo.
A support team is available 24/7. The service is via old world chat or ticket ( e-mail ) when you need it .


Hostinger Brasil is estimated in 2004 and now has server locations in Sao Paolo, Kaunas, and Washington. The company has excellent customer service and good uptime, and provides very low-cost shared be web hosting for Brazil. The soluutions which Hostinger offers are Shared host, VPShosting, Resellerhosting, Cloudhosting, and WordPress Hosting. the chief features which the company provides are :
24/7 WordPress support
One-click WordPress facility
Practically unlimited bandwidth
Free SSL Certificate
A dislodge domain name
Hostinger ’ s support team is available 24/7. You can either give them a birdcall or send them a message.
Hostinger offers three different plans for Shared Hosting, which are on truly low-cost cost and you pay about nothing to host your web site. The first base one costs BRL 3.99 ($0.75)/mo, the second- BRL 8.09 ($1.53)/mo. And the death one costs BRL 10.85 ($2.05)/mo .
The second and third plans allow outright domains and one release .

UOL Host Brazil

UOL Host is a celebrated brazilian hosting company that is in top 10 most authentic shared host provides for Brazil. The company has three data centers in Porto Alegre, one in Sao Paulo and one in Houston ( USA ). It provides connectivity, eminent performance, handiness, and thoroughly technical material. The caller offers Shared hosting, Reseller, VPS and Cloud Hosting with features like :
SSL Certificates
24/7 Support
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Banks
Unlimited Transfers
Backing up websites
UOL Host features inclueds 24/7 e-mail, avail desk, and earphone support available for your questions. besides there is 99%+ Uptime Guarnatee .
UOL Host hosting provides 1 barren month test in which you can test their services for release without any taxes. The price of the UOL Host Shared hosting starts from $5.08 ( 384MB SSD space, 1GB MySQL databases ) and goes up to $9.45 ( 768MB SSD distance, 5GB MySQL databases ) .

Weblink BR logo image
Weblink is a brazilian host party that has 7,000 square feet of infrastructure made of concrete walls that are adequate to of withstanding level 4 hurricanes .
WebLink Data Center is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and offers the state ’ s most low-cost services. It offers Shared Hosting, Unlimited Website Hosting with cPanel, VPS Cloud Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Free Hosting, WordPress Hosting / Free Website Creator, Reseller Hosting, and Domain Registration. The plans for hosting include :
SSL Certificates
cPanel/ WHM
24/7 Support
30 days money-back guarantee
The prices for shared hosting start from BRL 2.55/mo to BRL 7.29/mo, and they are very low-cost from our point of opinion .

Locaweb Brazil

Locaweb is estimated in 2008 and since then the comany offers hosting, sphere registration, reseller host, outsourcing solutions for emails, e-commerce, and even infrastructure for audio and video stream. It is has over 280,000 customers with little and large companies. The company offers Shared, Reseller, Cloud and VPS Hosting with :
99.8 % uptime undertake
MySQL and PostgresSQL databases
SSL certificates
24/7 support
DNS management
IMAP, POP3, SMTP electronic mail accounts
Automated accompaniment with restore choice
Locaweb provides a 99.8 % uptime SLA, which ensures that your web site is available 365 days a year.
The monetary value for shared host starts from BRL 17.90($3.38)/mo to BRL 42.90($8.11)/mo. With all three plans, you besides have unmetered bandwidth, inexhaustible storehouse distance, inexhaustible databases, and the luck to transfer as many websites as possible .


KingHost is a little host company founded in 2006 in Brazil which offers an extensive compass of hosting packages and value-added services. It has over 300,000 websites hosted in the country of Brazil, which makes it one of the best ones there .
The company provides Virtual store, Website hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Java Hosting, NodeJS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and of course great one of the best shared hosting for Brazil
Domain Registration. The most basic shared host plans are coming with these features :
Daily backups
detached entree to KingHost ’ s web site builder
A Let ’ s Encrypt SSL Certificate
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL database
Unlimited electronic mail accounts
SSL Certificate
KingHost scored an average uptime of 99.91%, which is decidedly a full result.
It provides 24/7 confirm via live chat, e-mail, and a brazilian telephone hotline.
Kinghost ’ mho Shared Hosting plans starts from $2.36 to $4.91 .


Another Brazil host caller which provides great shared host is RedeHost. It is a brazilian company founded in 2002 which presently hosts more than 130 000 websites and had over 430 000 registered domains. It provides Shared hosting, Cloud server, Reseller Hosting, Domain cross-file, Email marketing, Email Exchange and
Professional Email. It has a server location in Sao Paulo. Their plans include :
Unlimited traffic valuation reserve
Free web site migration
Free SSL certificates
Unlimited subdomains
Optional world registration
scavenge cPanel

Their customer support is from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 8 am. You should know that there are no free plans, free trials, or money-back guarantees.
The price of the Shared hosting starts from BRL 11.65($2.20)/mo. to BRL 31.45($5.94)/mo .


Shared web hosting in Brazil is considered to be one of the most important domains of this type of service, as most customers choose it as a starting point to create their first on-line presence. The many price plans and tiers besides offer a elastic and very bum hosting proposal. many customers choose to remain on the shared host plans, even though their sites and services have grown — they prefer staying on them, because of the more low-cost plans, and they may not feel experience adequate to transfer over to VPS .
As an add bonus most of the shared host plans besides offer excellent support that is partially of the plan and no extra payment is needed. In our analysis of the lead host companies more and more features and excess services are constantly being added. For this reason, shared host remains one of the top priorities of all hosting companies .

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