Bootstrap is one of the simplest and most effective ways to build a mobile first project on the vane, but it works better with some hosting programs than with others. fortunately there are many Bootstrap-friendly host companies out there, including some with services specifically designed for Bootstrap projects .
today we ’ ra going to take a attend at the best host providers for Bootstrap, including one completely complimentary option you can use to test your software .

What makes a good Bootstrap host?

Most of the things a Bootstrap host should have are besides essential for other types of web host : fast servers, knowledgeable 24/7 customer support, and a variety show of plans so you can migrate to different levels as your web site grows. You besides shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be spending more than $ 10/month unless you ’ re hosting a massive visualize visited by millions of people.

Some host providers besides offer services specific to Bootstrap, such as one-click installation for both the initial software and any updates. These are great if you ’ re wholly newly to web host and you want something deoxyadenosine monophosphate simple as humanly potential .
The final thing you want to pay attention to is how many extras you get with the host plans in your budget. They ’ re besides varied to explore in full in this article, but many hosts offer perks like release ad credits, release domains. Most besides offer a variety of paid add-ons to make your site more plug or easier to manage. If you have extra room in your budget these are generally worth checking out .

Bluehost is one of the most democratic web hosts around, no matter what type of web site you ’ re creating. They offer VPS host, cloud-based host, and dedicated host ; overcast host is broadly best for Bootstrap projects. They besides offer several tiers of hosting plans with heavy discounts if you purchase hosting for more than one year .
The lowest degree design is available for ampere little as $ 3.95 per calendar month, but we typically remember the Plus design, which is $ 6.95/month and includes a free sphere and inexhaustible emails .
No topic which hosting grade you choose, Bluehost will set you up with a user-friendly control panel, and access to 24/7 customer service. They besides offer an extensive cognition base containing both cosmopolitan world wide web hosting data and information specific to Bluehost .
Another great thing about Bluehost is that they offer a release world with most of their host plans. many services besides sell domains, but a detached world is always better—and keeping them in the same place means you don ’ t have to worry about DNS settings. This makes it evening easier to set up your Bootstrap project .

If you’re already quite comfortable with web hosting servers or you want a challenge, Linode is a great option. They offer several tiered cloud-based hosting plans, with rates starting at $5/month. Most users suggest the $10/month plan, which offers 2GB of RAM and 2TB of transfers.
If you ’ re already quite comfortable with web hosting servers or you want a challenge, Linode is a capital option. They offer several tiered cloud-based host plans, with rates starting at $ 5/month. Most users suggest the $ 10/month plan, which offers 2GB of RAM and 2TB of transfers. When you purchase Linode you get an empty server, allowing you to install anything you want. They besides offer respective initiation scripts to kickstart this work, so you don ’ t need to be closely familiar with every detail of server set up, but you do need some cognition of how servers work .
Linode besides offers 24/7 confirm and an extensive collection of how-to guides. These are detail enough that you can learn how to use Linode even if you ’ ve never done waiter knead ahead, but it will take a meaning amount of prison term to sift through them .

A2Hosting offers a tiered set of Bootstrap-specific world wide web host plans, starting at $ 5.35/month. Like Bluehost, they offer a user-friendly operate panel that doesn ’ thyroxine require any previous cognition of web hosting systems. Their customer service agents are available 24/7 and there ’ south besides an across-the-board cognition base filled with information specific to A2Hosting ’ second services.

They besides offer a specialized one cluck installation program for Bootstrap software, Softaculous. This program even alerts you about Bootstrap updates a soon as they happen and allows you to update your software with a single snap .
Another great perk up of A2Hosting is that if you want to move an existing locate, they ’ ll actually help you do it—completely release of charge. They besides offer flying migration to higher tier plans, and most of these plans include outright web site universe. This can be a huge benefit if you ’ ve never migrated a web site before .
stopping point but surely not least, A2Hosting has a bang-up reputation, and they are one of the most commend sites for WordPress host equally well .

Squidix is another highly recommended vane server with a Bootstrap-specific host program. They offer exchangeable services to A2Hosting, including a user-friendly control dialog box and one chatter initiation of Bootstrap software and updates .
The Squidix Bootstrap plan features two tiers, one at $ 4.95 per month and one at $ 9.95 per calendar month. Both plans offer spare domains, migration services, and advertising credits .
Squidix customer service is available 24/7 and their web log serves as an educational resource for new web site builders .

5. Google Drive

Google Drive international relations and security network ’ t a great long-run solution, but it is a dear manner to test whether or not your Bootstrap software functions without spending any money. You can do this by creating a fresh Google Drive folder and giving it “ Public to the Web ” permissions ; then all you have to do is upload your files, click on a .html file, and go to View – > Preview .
When you use google Drive you ’ ll end up with an ugly Google URL, thus a soon as you ’ ve finished testing you ’ ll want to spring for one of the other hosts on this list .

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