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Why do the book club websites look so out of date?  I know if I wanted to join a book club I would want to join one that had a decent looking website.  Of course your Online Book Club must have all the essential ingredients such as a good book selection, regular in depth discussions, may or may not have weekly book club meetings, have a few members signed up, and in the book genre(s) that I’m interested in.  So if you are creating a book club, iron out all those details first and then go onto the fun stuff like making a website for your Book Club.  I recommend using the WordPress theme BookClub by Woothemes.  Check out more features of this theme here.

Reasons to use this theme for your BookClub website:

1.  Featured Books on Homepage – With BookClub theme you can highlight your featured book selection on a rotating carousel.  These can be your top pics for the week or the month.

2.  Top Genre Picks – If you have many genres of books for your book club, with the BookClub theme you can choose your top picks from each genre and easily highlight them on the frontpage.

3.  Book Listing – Each book can have their own page.  You can write a short summary of the book followed by the publisher, snippets of the book, images of the book, price and where you can purchase the book.

4.  Make money from your Book Listing – If you join an affiliate network like or, you can join book store affiliate programs such as Amazon or Chapters Indigo and make commission everytime you refer someone to purchase a book from your website.

5.  WordPress is also a blog – This WordPress theme is perfect because WordPress is essentially a blogging platform. After you read a book you can write a review about it and post it in your blog.  Open up the comments so people who have read the book can comment also on your posts.  You can link to your book listing or link your listings to your blog posts.

6.  Multiple Pages – You can easily add multiple pages to display whatever information.  Google maps integrated where you can blog or write a page about where the book club meets, about you, meeting times and how to contact you.

7.  Book author pages – You can individual pages for each author where you can include information about the author and below have all the books by that author listed.  You must first create a book listing with the author information for it to show up on the Book Author Page.

8.  Extensive Search – Book club members can easily search your website for book listings.  They can search by tags, web reference ID, Authors, Book Publishers, Book Categories or keywords.

9.  Social networking integrated – You can post updates to twitter or facebook.

10.  Easy to use Control Panel – All the features that I listed above are all controlled by the Bookclub Theme control panel.  It is all easily configured and instructions what to do.   You can also modify your book club website colors and layout.

Overall I believe that this is the best book club theme for your Book Club website.  It has a clean, crisp design that is basically a directory of books categorized by author, publisher and genres.  Users can easily search your website and easily view your blog for reviews of your selection.  Once you add affiliate links for users to purchase books online from Amazon or Chapters you can potentially make a lot of money just by doing what you love – talking about books.  Again this is the WordPress Theme BookClub by WooThemes.

Click here for a demo.

Click here to download the theme.

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