List of developer-friendly free responsive HTML5 website templates to create stunning websites.
As of June 2018, there are around 3.95 billion internet users in the world and about 3.7 billion internet users are mobile users. Smartphones have revolutionized the on-line world. There is a smartphone for every budget, a decent smartphone starts at $ 250 and it goes all the way up to $ 2000. As a resultant role, we all have the baron of the internet in our hands immediately, which makes a mobile reactive web site a must. In this list, we have collected the best free responsive HTML5 web site templates which are able of giving a seamless performance on mobile devices .
If you are a developer you will know that the older HTML templates demand a bunch of solve to make it work on a mobile device. even sometimes we have to skip a few functionalities to make the web site perform well on mobile devices. With the avail of the HTML5 framework, we are now able to give about the like level of web site know on mobile devices a well. To make a mobile web site feel better Google has introduced the AMP project and it is been followed by all major websites and CMS platforms. Since the AMP is basically a simplified adaptation of the HTML5 model, these release responsive HTML5 templates will besides help you make an AMP adaptation of your web site easily .

Places (FREE Template)

free responsive html5 website template for travel websites
Places is a chic absolve responsive HTML web site template for travel business websites .
The creator has loaded this template with utilitarian elements that a business web site needs mighty from the header to the pedestrian. consequently, users can easily search from the station they want and script a ticket a soon as they land on the web site. Lots of image spaces are there in this template to help you elegantly showcase the pictures of the places and let the hearing virtually feel the places before they decide their destination. If you want a clean and attractive responsive HTML5 web site template for your travel web site this is the best option for you .
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FineOak (FREE Template)

free HTML5 website template for businesses
FineOak is a reactive HTML5 web site template with loose to download HTML and CSS files .
This multipurpose web site template has a pristine houseclean purpose. Because of this template ’ randomness simple design, you can use it for all types of websites. Plus, the minimal layout makes the interactions easier on both big and small filmdom devices. All elements are designed using the CSS script to make them look astute. Another advantage of using responsive web site templates with all elements designed using code scripts is it adjusts to the shield resolutions without any issues .
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Cachet (FREE Template)

multipurpose free HTML5 responsive website template
Those who are looking for a free responsive HTML5 web site template with a video recording background will love this template. The creator has utilized the clean layout smartly in this template to deliver immersive storytelling. With the television background component, images, and bluff textbook, you can convey the message intelligibly to the audience. Being an HTML5 web site template, it can handle multimedia content effortlessly right out of the box. So you can try any television format on this template. The only thing you have to remember is to optimize the television size for better page amphetamine. overall, Cachet is a friendly web site template that can be used for all types of modern websites .
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Responsive website template with search bars and useful forms
Carrent, from the name itself you can understand that this template is made for cable car rental service websites. The godhead of this template has designed it thoughtfully and given all the necessary elements. All we have to do is to add the functionalities to the web site. For exercise, you can see a have section in the home page header to show your best cars and its rent. An advanced search bar is besides given in this template with the option to select the tone arm and reappearance date. All these forms and the search bars are besides made to fit by rights in small screen door devices. So the users can easily ledger your service on the go. alone a few free responsive HTML5 web site templates optimize each and every element like in the premium template. The Carrent template is one such barren template with premium timbre .
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responsive HTML5 hotel website template
Tasteit is a simple restaurant HTML template that is free to download. The reasonable layout of this template has the sections logically arranged. Hence, the authoritative information and frequently used sections are at the top. For example, you can see the postpone mental reservation mannequin below the heading section and the food menu correct below the reservation form. Subtle and neat vivification adds impressiveness to the overall feel. Since this template uses the latest CSS handwriting, animations are fluid. If you are looking for free responsive HTML5 web site templates with all basic pages pre-designed for you, Tasteit is the best option for you .
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free podcast HTML5 website template
Podcast is an ultra-clean professional-looking bootstrap responsive website template. As the name implies, this template is designed for podcast show websites. Having a responsive podcast web site will help your audience access your web site and listen to your shows on the fail. Being a podcast web site, it has to deal with lots of sound recording capacity, so the developer has used the latest HTML5 framework to efficiently manage the audio content. The built-in audio players have basic functions and are easy to use. If you want more interactional sound recording player designs, take a look at our HTML music player design collection .
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business HTML5 website template
Consulto is a multipurpose business and consultancy web site template. The contemporary layout of this template not entirely makes the web site visually appealing but besides makes the interactions easier. authoritative subject sections are made bold and bigger to draw the user ’ s attention easily on the needed spot. The best part is the godhead has retained the same synergistic design on the mobile version american samoa well. Hence, you can deliver an engaging exploiter experience across all platforms and devices with this template. Once you are done with the customizations and back-end works, you can simply launch your web site .
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fitness website template with dark and trendy color scheme
Using a reactive web site template for your gymnasium and seaworthiness web site is a must. contemporary users have at least one fitness-related app on their smartphones. With the increasing need for fitness bands and wearables, more dealings to the fitness web site will come from smart hand-held devices. The TopGym is one of few barren responsive HTML5 web site templates that are optimized for all types of modern devices. In the alive preview itself you can switch between different devices like computer, mobile, and tabs to see the design. The Bootstrap4 framework is handled well in this template so you get a fluid and flexible layout that easily fit in all types of devices. By making a few changes to the blueprint, you can use this template for your fitness and gymnasium websites .
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responsive even website template
Eventcon is a contemporary style event web site template. On the dark layout, colorful elements and trendy fonts look attractive. Plus, the smooth animation effects add life to the purpose. precisely design elements make this template a arrant option for both corporate events and fun events. The timeline purpose is used efficaciously to clearly show the consequence agenda. If you wish to make the timeline design even more engage, take a look at our CSS timeline design inspiration collection. Since this template is designed using the latest web development framework, it can handle all modern design elements easily .
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clean finance website template
You can infer that this is a fiscal niche web site template from the name itself. The godhead has used the professional look vigorously to improve the site ’ randomness credibility. authoritative information are placed high on the webpages sol that the users can quickly see your services angstrom soon as they land on your web site. To improve the engagement rate, you can place a finance calculator tool at the home page header part. Since it is an HTML template, all elements are working from the font-end side. You have to take care of the backend side. The creator has kept the code structure arsenic simple as potential so that developers will feel easily to work with this template .
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Pillow Mart

eCommerce HTML template
If you are making a little on-line store or a brand memory with a small inventory, dislodge responsive HTML5 web site templates like this will be a good choice. The brand-focused design of this template helps you easily sell your products and besides take your brand to the drug user. big imageries and bluff letters let you neatly explain your products. Since it is an eCommerce web site template, important pages like handcart pages, denounce pages, and check pages are given in this template. The creator of this template has taken care of the front-end design. All you have to do is to take wish of the backend shape. The solid code establish will help you easily integrate this template into any celebrated eCommerce platforms like the WooCommerce and the Shopify .
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image-rich travel website template
Travelo web site template will inspire the traveler inside everyone once the user gets into your web site. The neat design and big image spaces let you elegantly show the places. Subtle animation effects are used throughout the web site to give a lively feel. An ample measure of space is given between each section and element so that the user can easily interact with your web site. Plus, the interactions will be easier even on belittled shield devices. Each and every element is neatly calibrated for mobile and tablets so that the users can book your services easily on the travel .
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Job Board 2

interactive listin site template
Job Board 2 is a corporate manner job listing web site template. If you are planning to introduce a subscription model in your occupation listing website, free responsive HTML5 web site templates like this will give a premium front to your web site. The creator has elegantly balanced the blasphemous and green color elements to give a review count to this template. basic optimizations are taken care of by the template godhead, so you can concentrate on the backend employment. If you don ’ t have the resource to make a proper list web site and want a readymade solution, take a look at our Craigslist web site templates collection .
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clean responsive website template for blogs
Using exempt responsive HTML5 web site templates for your web log makes your web site future proof. If you are already running a blog, you might have a clear idea of your traffic. Depending on the type of contentedness you publish, the traffic from unlike devices varies. For model, if you are publishing largely B2B contents, chances are that most of your traffic might be from desktops and laptops. In such scenarios, you can use any responsive web site templates that can handle the situation. But if you receive closely 50 % of your traffic from mobile devices, then you have to use thoroughly optimize detached responsive HTML5 web site templates like the Miniblog. Yes, still you have to do little patches to meet your needs, but with this template, your work will be greatly reduced .
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html5 hotel website template with video background sections
Roxandrea is a unblock hotel web site template. If you have worked with hotel websites before, you will know the importance of using responsive design. right from Google search to Yelp review, most of the users start their research from their mobile devices and are directed to the respective hotel/restaurant websites. The creator of this template has given an interactional beautiful invention and has managed to deliver the lapp level of clean design on little shield devices equally well. For model, there is a video background section on the home page and it works flawlessly on mobile screens equally well. This is one of the few free responsive HTML5 web site templates that optimizes about all elements for multiple devices. All basic optimizations are done in this template so you can concentrate on the boost optimizations .
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responsive eCommerce website template
Aranoz is a responsive on-line furniture store web site template. The neat trendy design of this template helps you to present your products clearly to the hearing. right from the exploiter login page to the order confirmation page, everything is given in this template. And the best partially is all the pages are reactive and solve smoothly on all types of devices. The clean white backdrop helps you to deliver the contents elegantly on both fluid and background devices. If you are in search of free responsive HTML5 web site templates to your on-line store, this one is the best option for you. Though this template is primitively designed for furniture stores, you can use it for other stores as well. The compromising nature and slowly customization options make this template as one of the best absolve responsive HTML5 web site templates in this list .
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Foodfun web site template is designed by rights by understanding the modern exploiter ’ s needs. With this template, you can elegantly confront your foods to your consultation. The clean design of this template will make your food spirit great and let the user ’ s mouth water. Along with the food persona, you can besides show its monetary value, so that the drug user can ordain it well. In all the pages you have board mental reservation form placed near the footer section. As the mental reservation form is placed at an easily accessible blemish, the user can well book a table in your hotel. All you have to do is to take care of the back-end consolidation region .
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Taxa is a pristine reactive web site template for travel websites. In the default option design, the architect has used many modern colorful vectors, which gives a dreamy appearance to the template. The biggest advantage with this template is the godhead has shared all the icons and images used in the download charge. So you work easily with this template. In between sections you have a adult colorful standard to promote your latest offers and trips. Along with web pages, the creator has besides given you the tripper adjustment form. ample amount of outer space is given for the images so you can show your trip package images elegantly to the users .
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Sportsfit is a responsive web site template for gymnasium and fitness centers. closely 20 % of the smartphone users have at least one fitness app on their phone. stream generation people trying to make fitness activity a depart of their life. For the on the run low genesis, this mobile reactive web site template is the best option. In the header itself, you have space to add a immediate presentation video yoke. If you are running an active fitness Youtube groove, you can link your Youtube video link here. As this template uses the latest HTML5 model, it has native multimedia contented support. To motivate the new consultation, lots of seaworthiness images are used in this template .
If you are a personal flight simulator, then you can use this trope space to improve your personal brand. In between sections you have big parallax images to give a full of life feel when the user scrolls down the web pages. A bright orange color dodge is used in this template, which looks attractive on both light and darkness color backgrounds. High-quality vector icons are used in this template. As most of the icons are related to the seaworthiness niche, you can use them as such in your web site .
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even though there are several news applications to keep the users updated of current events. Most news program websites traffic are from smartphones, keeping your news web site mobile responsive is a must. After Google ’ s News app update, users can find more relate contents easily. Mobile responsive web site will help your site compete evenly with top news sites. Newsbox is a modern looking web site template, designed for news program and magazine websites. Since it is a magazine web site template, it is designed to tackle all types of contents. So you can add video recording and audio contents well in this template .
In fact, you have a break segment for the Youtube in this template. You can share your Youtube duct video recording immediately in this template. ad banners are besides given in this template, so you needn ’ triiodothyronine worry about adjusting the content for the ads. In the home page top barricade, you have a dynamic component to show the latest news. Mega menu are besides included in this template so you can easily organize all your contents under one hood. text fonts are chosen with care so that the users can easily read the contents easily even in the belittled screen devices .
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Onesound is a premium quality music web site template. Most of the release music and entertainment web site templates have the lapp old design with chunky borders and old colors. The couturier of this template has given you a trendy looking web site template with lively colors. Cool animation effects are used to add life to the template. not only with the design but besides with the features this template has many premium features. With this template, you can neatly list all your albums with beautiful album arts .
Tags are besides given in this template, so you can easily mark the exempt and bounty contents. An audio player is besides pre-designed in this template, in the demonstration itself you can play and see a song. Either you are building a music solicitation web site or making a web site for a ring, this template can handle both the needs elegantly. Along with the normal web pages you besides have pages for events and drug user login pre-designed. The pedestrian section is observe simple in this template with a big contact kind and space for adding sociable media profile links .
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Game Warrior

Gaming has changed a bunch from the arcade time menstruation. immediately we can play multiple musician games on our mobile. If you have a smartphone with decent RAM and graphics you can even play graphic intensifier games on your mobile itself. The gambling community is growing cosmopolitan and if you are starting a web site for gamers, then the Game Warrior template is the best option for you. The interior designer of this template has understood the taste of the modern gamers and designed this template with game intent. In the home page header, you have a big image skidder to show the latest bet on events, game launches, and reviews .
just below the header department, you have the flash newsworthiness element to share the latest news with the audience. An equal amount of space for is given for the persona and text contents so you can present the contents winsomely in the home page. Blog pages are besides given in this template to keep your web site active. Tags and review rate elements are besides given in this template to make the editorial influence fortune more dim-witted. In the top bar, you have space to add exploiter login and record option so you can build your gaming community. Take a spirit at our admin template collection to manage your users well in one place .
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Ultim8 is a business web site template designed for modern entrepreneurs. This template includes all the options a present business people expect. The long home page gives you an ample measure of outer space to give an overview of all your services and other pages on your web site. Smooth animation effects are used to present the contents winsomely to the users. A quotation mark request imprint is besides given in the home page to help the users reach you easily. farseeing pricing tables are besides there to help you neatly explain your subscription plans and features related to it .
gradient colors and single colors are used to neatly highlight the crucial web elements and distinguish important contents. Portfolio pages are besides given in the template, but you have to use a normal page to explain your project. If you have extra needs, then you can add customize the page as per your needs. The developer of this template has made it flexible enough for future customizations .
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Vertex is a business class web site template for construction websites. With fluid animation effects, this template can fit in well with all riddle sizes. Ample sum of spacing is given between each element to present the contents neatly to the users. In the header, you have an persona slider with bold text and just below the luger you have animated buffet to parcel your project stats. The practice of full and dashed lines for elements adds fullness to the expression of the template. fully stretched carousels are given on the home page to list all your testimonials interactively to the users. apart from the home page you besides get early subpages pre-designed for you. In all the pages just above the footnote, you have “ Request a Quote ” part to improve the chances of converting the visitors .
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Bright Hotel

Bright Hotel, as the appoint implies this is a hotel web site template. The designer of this template gave us all the option to set up a proper hotel web site. You get all the options right from food to room in this template so that the exploiter can get a complete theme of your hotel. In the heading itself, you have a tool to check room handiness, which keeps the exploiter to stick around in the web site for few more minutes. From the tool, you can take the exploiter to available rooms page and let the users book the room easily right from there. Out of the box, this template doesn ’ t have a room mental reservation shape, but you can easily integrate this template to your board reservation arrangement. Customized vector wrinkle icons are used in this template to represent the features and services of the hotel .
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Brotherlylove is a church web site template in a boxed-width layout. The best thing about the HTML5 template is it natively supports multimedia contents like video recording contents and audio contents. This multimedia have helps you to share your events, preachings, and latest sermon with the hearing directly therefore that they can see or hear it whenever they want. The simple clean design of this template gives you adequate space to add textbook contents and persona contents. Font amazing icons are used throughout the template, so you have more icon options to choose from .
The footnote department is made adult enough to add crucial foliate links, liaison details, and social media profile links. Though this template gives you options to share consequence news, you don ’ t have the option to reserve tickets for the events. If you need an consequence organizing options on your web site, you have to take care of it manually .
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e-commerce tax income through smartphones in the US is projected to be $ 459.38 billion in 2018. If you are owning an on-line store then making it mobile reactive is a must. Footwear is one of the best mobile friendly e-commerce storehouse templates. This template can be used for both small stores and bad e-commerce stores. The designer of this template has given all the pages from the shop page to the cart page. All you have to do is to integrate this template with your eCommerce platform. Bold text and big picture banners help you to promote your products elegantly on this template. ample amount of space is given between each merchandise to avoid accidental choice of wrong product. This template is amply functional from the front-end and all the basic optimizations works are besides taken care of by the godhead of this template .
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The Order

The Order is a professional web site template for the lawyers. This agio quality web site template can be used for both the personal websites and for organizations. The designer of this template has used advanced world wide web design and world wide web elements to make the web site touch the modern web user needs. Latest frameworks help you to carry the same web feel on the mobile devices american samoa good, for case, the synergistic scroll effects can be seen in the mobile devices a well. Icons are besides chosen with care so that it blends in well with the overall modern web site template design. The default design of the template gives you adequate outer space to add images, which you can use to improve your personal brand if you are using this template as a personal web site .
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Blue Sky

Blue Sky is a modern real estate web site template with lots of utilitarian features. The best thing about this template is all the tools are carried to the mobile translation besides. With the tools, you can keep the user engaged and help them chose a better property. In the home page header section, you have a boastfully outer space to feature the best property, along with it you besides have an advanced search prevention. The research bar comes with unlike trickle options so that the exploiter can select the property they are interested in .
Tags of different colors are used in this template to help the exploiter well identify the new properties and offers. Line icons are used to show the features of the property elegantly to the users. Gradient tinge schemes are used for the world wide web elements and hover effects to highlight the properties elegantly from the rest of the world wide web elements .
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Newspaper, as the diagnose implies it is a raw and magazine web site template. With the avail of the internet, people can learn the news program then and there. popular news program media have their own mobile application to stay in the exceed spot of the game. If you are an approaching news program web site, this Newspaper template can help you. There are several plugins for you to send push notifications from your web site to the exploiter fluid. As this template is developed using the latest model you can convert this template to CMS platforms like WordPress well. speak of the design this template has perfect news web site layout. You can organize all your contents neatly and there are reserved placed for add to help you monetize your web site. As it is an HTML5 web site template you can even link your Youtube duct to your web site easily .
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Martin is a perfect personal web site template and can besides be used as a portfolio web site template. The pixel arrant purpose of this template can help the freelancers to take their business to future stage. Both text contents and image contents are given peer importance in this template so that you can explain your projects in contingent to the users. The creator of this template has used modern network effects and color schemes effectively so that you can attract the contemporary consultation. On the clean white background, the ink black text spirit very attractive and besides make readability distribute more easier. other pages you get with this template are blog pages, about page, overhaul page and a contact page. The overall design of this template makes it a perfect option for creative agencies as well .
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If you are a life style blogger, then the Fantom is the best option for you. not only corporate websites even bloggers wholly depend upon the organic search locomotive traffics a lot. After the recent update, Google has made mobile responsive and SSL certificate a must for any web site. fortunately the Fantom got your bases covered in with the technical side SEO and mobile responsiveness. All you have to do is to take caution of your message strategy and the SSL security from your hosting provider. Since this template is originally designed for the web log, fonts are neat and clean. special cursive fonts are used for the logo, but if you already have your own logo you can use it hera. Sidebars give you ample sum of space to add categories, ad banners, and promotional contents .
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Bulkapp is a mobile responsive land page template or you can even use this template as a one page template as well. Though this template is mentioned as a landing page template, it is treated as a web site template. The long blank home page design gives you adequate space to partake your products. interactional vane elements are used in this template to keep the users engaged with your content. The graphic designer of this template given you elements to manage all types of contents. Shadow and depth effects are used to highlight the significant contents from the rest of the web elements. Along with the home page you besides get other pages for touch and web log. In the footnote, you have the space to add widgets, newsletter signup form and page links to other significant pages .
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The Charity

The Charity, as the identify implies this template is a charity web site template. The modern web development allows you to get payments from all over the world, that excessively within your web site. As more and more mobile requital methods are becoming popular, making your web site mobile ready is inevitable. With the clean bold design, this template helps you clearly mention your campaign and goal. synergistic sliders are used in this template to help you show the exploiter how much you have achieved toward your goal. At the exceed bar, you have the space to add contact details and a call to action buttons to accept donations. A offprint page for the gallery is given in this template to help you share some memories with your volunteers and supporters .
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The Conference

The Conference is a perfect event web site template. Event websites will help you reduce the excess work and help you concentrate on what matters the most. As most of the attendees are on the move and will reach the web site from their hand-held devices, having a mobile reactive web site will give a better exploiter know. The Conference web site template gives you all the options to promote your show and besides to sell tickets .
This template is completely functional, but as it is an HTML web site template you have to take care of the backend procedure. You have a separate foliate for speakers so that the attendees can know what they can expect in the event. On the home page, you have an event scheduler to help the drug user plan their visit absolutely. An interactional function is used on the contact page, which is very thoughtful. People who are modern to the are can use the map to reach your venue easily .
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Knowledge is a mod department of education web site template. The versatile design of this template makes it a perfect option for both institutional websites and on-line course put up web site. Lots of creative web elements are used throughout the template and they besides help you to manage the contents easily. If you are running a path offer web site you have to promote your best betray courses and you besides have to cover all the categories. The smart home page blueprint in this template helps you to categorize and arrange the contents well. celebrated e-commerce trick like striking the original price to highlight offer price, tag and distribute are used in this template to promote your courses lightly to the hearing. It is a multi-page template so you have more than enough space to explain all your courses on a separate page .
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Health Care

Health Care is a good planned and executed web site template. Without disturbing the clean layout of the template the godhead of this template manages to cover all contents in the given space. Modern network elements are used extensively throughout the template to keep avail the user well get what they want. If you are making a web site template for a hospital which has many departments, then this template is the best choice for you. Customized line icons are used in this template, as most of them are related to the healthcare recess you will find them useful. other useful elements you get with this template are animated counters, accordions, and polish animation effects .
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If you are looking for a web site template to give life to your mouth watering foods, then this template is the best option for you. The simpleton blank design of the template gives a distraction-free environment and let the drug user enjoy the food images in full. As images are the merely way you can use to let the exploiter feel your food, the couturier of this template has given you plenty of quad to add your food images. Mega menu options are besides given in this template so that you can list all your food category in one place. In the mega menu option, you besides have space to add images to promote special foods and offers. At the peak barricade you have the quad to add a special welcome message and along with it you besides have sociable media visibility links .
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Host Hub

Host Hub is a sport full-bodied web site template for hosting service providing websites. To make your hosting features lot more simple there are several tools available. One of the most used tools is WHMCS. Since this template uses the latest model you can integrate this template to the WHMCS without any worries. talk of the design, this template uses a full-width layout style with lots of space. Smart ocular effects are used to highlight the crucial web elements and contented blocks. Professional textbook fonts are used in this template which looks neat and besides easy to read. All the web elements are scaled to perform better flush in small screen devices so the users can access your web site easily. The home page is designed intuitively so that the user can get an overview of your services, price and all others from the home page itself .
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Papers is a creative business web site template. If you are creating a web site for creative startups with smart ideas, then this template is the best option for you. The fresh new design will show how creative the company is and what you can expect from their services. The home page design is pretty straightforward with lots of space for text contents. Being a inauguration web site, explaining our serve and services in detail is a must. The textbook message rich purpose of this template help you to give a brief overview of your services. interactional scroll effects are used in this template to keep the users engaged as they scroll from the header to the footnote. On the clean white setting, the refreshing green color looks attractive .
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Stellar is another creative web site template for creative agencies and startups. This template is besides from the creator of the Papers template mentioned above. You can expect the like design quality and coding quality, that you have seen in the Papers template. The only deviation between the two template is this matchless is a single page template. If you are looking for a simple even mod looking web site template that is easy to maintain, then this template is the best option for you. In the header, you have the choice to add television link along with the big bomber trope. You besides have space to add social media profile links at the acme correct recess. Custom line icons are used in this template to represent the services and features .
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Webuilder is the arrant web site templates for constructors, builders, and architects. With boldface text and big sections this template help you to explain your services neatly to the users. In the header of the home page, you have a big picture slider with bold text. Just below the double skidder, you have highlighted section for getting a quote for the service. Custom tune icons are used in this template to elegantly depict your services. As most of the icons are related to the niche you will find it extremely utilitarian when you use this template. The graphic designer of this template has given three portfolio style pages with a different style. If you are in search of free reactive HTML5 web site templates with portfolio pages, this is the one for you .
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Tattooz is a must-have template in your rid HTML5 reactive web site templates collection if you are a professional world wide web developer. As a software, this template comes with three home page variations and all other subpages pre-designed for you. The godhead of this template has given you all the pages to set up a professional web site in no time. All the template variation follows the like dark color scheme with different layout expressive style. You besides get a shopping page template in this template so you can set up an on-line store for your business .
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