here you learn how to make tricks of networks like this airtel free gprs tricks, docomo free gprs tricks you can make own tricks of any networks by this tutorials. here you can learn How make Pd-proxy Trick of any Network Operator ?, How Make Own Nmdvpn Or Openvpn Config ?, How Access Free internet with YourFreedom ?, How Access Free internet with Handlers ? How use Config with FeatVPN ? How Access Free Internet with DroidVpn, How Access Free internet with Simple Android Server, How Access free Internet with Hammer n Troid VPN, Download .JAR file in OperaHandler, warzoniya Phenomena to Unblock SIM, How to Use Openvpn in Android, How Access free Internet with FinchVpn, How Access Free Internet with Netify Vpn, How Access Free Internet With New Leaked Psiphone Pro Handler this all tricks and hacks and enjoying free gprs always in your network by this tutorials.

How to make palladium proxy trick of any network

Pd proxy is paid vpn that is give alone release 100 megabyte for free user per day so you can get outright palladium proxy premium accounts trick to get unlimited use of palladium proxy .
For running free internet in palladium proxy you need receptive ports in your network so you can check hera for how to scan open ports in network.

How to use palladium proxy

  1. Firstly Download Pd proxy.
  2. Extract it and click on pd proxy application.
  3. Go to setting > Advance setting > select proto options
  4. Enter open ports in tcp, udp and local ports which you scan above enter any one from it.
  5. Now click on Parent proxy and enter ” Transparent proxy on it” you can check working proxy in proxynova
  6. Select Header in Parent Proxy Option
    (in Place of you can enter your Operator Free home page like idea,voda,docomo,aircel,reliance)
  7. Save settings and enter your username and pass and connect with demo server
  8. If everything is ok then you can connect and you can use free internet in your whole pc like paid net.

How Make Own Nmdvpn Or Openvpn Config

By this you can make nmdvpn or openvpn config both are uses same config. By this you can make own config and run free internet in your calculator .
First of all, download VPNBook file as it is evergreen. But if you know any more faster service, then it is up to you. But be sure that is should support TCP 443 protocol and TCP protocol is opened in your region.

Goto Hidemyass and search working hypertext transfer protocol proxy or guileless for it

  1. then, add these lines in your VPNBook TCP 443 ovpn file .

  2. http-proxy-timeout 9
    http-proxy **.**.**. ** ****
    http-proxy-option AGENT
    ‘ Opera/9.80 ( J2ME/MIDP ; Opera
    Mini/528.16 ( iPhone ; U ; CPU
    iPhone OS 3.0 like Mac OS X ;
    en-us ; compatible ;
    Googlebot/870 ; U ; en )
    http-proxy-option EXT1
    ‘ Host : **.**.**. **/ ’
    http-proxy-option EXT2 ‘ X-
    Online-Host : **.**.**. **/ ’
  3. Replace the ‘*’ in front of ‘http-proxy’ with the proxy from HMA(HidemyAss).
  4. Replace the ‘*’ in front of ‘Host’ and ‘X-Online-Host’ with the host. Same host in both the lines.

now save it and connect and remember to run nmd via administrator .

worry shooting

1) VPN is connected but can’t browse or download:
a) Make sure that you are opening the NMD with administrator privileges in Windows Vista/7/8.
b) Also check if TAP Driver is successfully installed. This problem often occurs in Windows 8.
c) Also make sure that the below lines is mentioned in the config files: “route- method    exe”                     “route-delay 2” without quotes.
d) If problem still persists, then add these lines in your config: “win-sys env” without quotes.
2) VPN gets disconnected after a some seconds: Add this line in your config file: “reneg-sec 0” without quotes.

After this you never ask anybody for transmission control protocol tricks

How access Free Internet with Your Freedom

We alreday post this trick to access release internet from exemption vpn you can check hera. Just transfer everything with you network because this is airtel exemption vpn antic .

How access Free Internet with Handler

today many handler ’ mho are available for free internet by any work hosts so follow how to use this handler ’ mho and make their tricks .
Frontquery : Enter home page + / @ and any make frontquery

Backquery – Adds on Below of the url
MiddleQuery – Adds on Middle of the Url
very host : – Working homepages enter and run internet in your animal trainer application .

  • Check Whatsapp handler & Opera Mini Handler to Use this

How to Use Config with FeatVPN

Download featvpn
If you have Android 2.x or 3.x, then download
eclair-2013-01-23.apk :

If you have android 4.x or late, then download

Steps to use featvpn

  1. Click on tunnels.
  2. Then pop up is open tick and accept it.
  3. Click on ADD
  5. Click on your file
  6. After this connect and enjoy

How to access free internet with droid vpn

  1. Firstly install droid vpn
  2. After this make account on droid vpn.
  3. Go to Settings > Connection protocol and make it transmission control protocol
  4. Then http headers > tick it to enable >and type this
    host :
    X-Online-Host :
  5. Enter any working homepages of your network
  6. Now select any free server and connect.

How to use simple Android Server

Download Simple Server
Create New Settings in Mobile :
• Apn-
• Proxy-
• Port- 8080

Now Open Simple Server And Click Settings:
Listen Port – 8080
Proxy Host – (or) (or)
Proxy Port – 80
Injection Method – Select GET
Injection Query/ URL –
Injection Host –
Injection Line – DefaultBuffer
Size – 1024

How to download .jar in Opera mini

  • Firstly Convert your .jar file to .zip online
  • Paste this url in front of your .jar url :
  • For example : –
  • Goto this link your downloading starts.

How to entree free internet with netify and psiphone vpn

Before this we posts airtel gprs trick by netify vpn you can check and just exchange hosts from your hosts and Psiphone is besides lapp vpn like netify vpn both interface are same just servers are different

How to Use Configs in Android OpenVpn of PC NmdVpn

  1. Firstly open vpn for android
  2. Then click on folder icon
  3. import .ovpn file and .txt file

  4. Click on save and imports other config files
  5. Always add .ca .cert normality .key certificates change user/pass every week from config sites like vpnbook, vpngate, mytunneling
  6. You can edit or add fresh lines .ovpn file in custom-made option
  7. You can Open-Extract-Edit Config file .ovpn with ES File Explorer

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