In decree to post or comment in this forum, you foremost need to have a bill at You can register at If you already have a history, then please bear in heed that we strongly don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want anyone to actively use more than one explanation in parallel.

Individuals are not permitted to have and use more than one account on, in order to maintain accountability for actions and to prevent anonymous misuse .
The sole exception to this is when a party has a separate account to own and manage their plugins or themes. In that situation, the company report should only be the owner, and individuals are to be appointed to the diverse roles used such as contributors, hold representatives and similar. Developers who abuse this privilege will have it revoked.
Please read Using the Forums and Special Roles and Capabilities for foster details.

You can search the forums for an answer before you post. All of has been indexed by Google, sol if a search directly in the forum does ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate result in answers, check-in Google besides ( e.g. Google for widget ) .
If the topics you find don ’ triiodothyronine help you, go ahead and make your own mail so you can get individual aid .
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We ’ five hundred preferably you did ’ t.
Unless users have the accurate same version of WordPress on the same physical server hosted by the app hosts with the app plugins, theme, and configurations, then the odds are the solution for one drug user will actually not be the same for another. besides it means person else will get alerts for your problems and debugging, when they don ’ t need it .
We recommend everyone make a newfangled subject, just for themselves, unless they are absolutely certain the problem is the like ( like ‘ I can ’ thymine log in to your service via your web site ! ’ ) .

The forum is organized in sections, with each forum having its own one-line description on the forum front page. Try to pick the segment that makes the most sense and post there. You can start a raw subject by clicking the “ Add New » ” button to the correct of the section’s title.
Please lone post once, so the volunteers don ’ thymine get spread besides thin trying to answer you multiple times.
To post documentation questions for specific themes or plugins, visit the directory page for the theme/plugin beginning ( i.e. Hello Dolly ) and click on the corroborate yoke to create a post. This will make it more visible to the generator and make it clear what the station is about.
If your site uses the host translation over at alternatively of, please post in the forums designated for sites, where you ’ ll be able to receive assistant regarding your issue. If you’re not certain which interpretation your site uses, feel free to compare the differences.

A descriptive title is best, as that will attract people who think they may know the answer right away. generic titles are much less effective.
“ Database error creating a new post with Plugin Foobar Active ” is a great championship. “ URGENT HELP PLS ! ! ! ” is less so.

Include details about the host environment, WordPress install ( plugins, themes, etc. ), and the problem being faced when posting a topic.
If there are errors, copy them precisely, word for son, into the post. It ’ mho best to include the wax error than to summarize – sometimes wording is significant. If a plugin was activated or a setting changed immediately before the error occurred, mention that and, if possible, precisely what steps were taken.
Be careful not to leak any inside information ( like your real name or electronic mail ) if you ’ re not all right with those being public .
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If you can, yes. When a motion relates to a specific website or page, and the location is publicly viewable, a link makes things faster to solve. This will allow people to see the return and often leads to faster resolutions.
Keep in mind, that links will not get removed any time later, unless in extreme circumstances. Google will capture posts, including any available links within minutes, thus if that is a concern to you, please don’t link.
If you include the radio link in the field for “ Link ” in your original post, it will alone be shown to logged-in users, and Google will not be able to capture it.

Yes, but screenshots and videos can not be uploaded. They can be linked to places like Snipboard, Imgur, or YouTube.
The app as in your web site, tags are ways we use to organize posts to attract the right helpers. They can be used to allow developers keep cut of specific features, vitamin a well as the volunteer moderators to recognize duplicate issues and escalate to core devs if needed .
That means your tags should be chosen wisely and cautiously. The tag “ REST API ” would be big for a subject about the REST API, while “ rest ” is coarse and largely unrelated to English discussion and therefore not a capital tag choice. Avoid very general tag, like “ WordPress ” and “ problem ” that don ’ t add any rate .
Tags should be separated by comma.

Posting code in the forums can be slippery. In ordain for it to be formatted by rights, the code must be enclosed in backticks ( ` ). To do this, highlight the code in the editor and suction stop on the “ code ” button. This feature behaves like blockquotes, and there is no necessitate to mark each individual credit line .
When a boastfully measure of code needs to be posted, like an entire PHP, cesium, or JS charge, it should be posted on a service such as Pastebin or Gist and linked in the post .
If it’s more than 20 lines of code, we recommend you use those services, particularly since they have syntax highlights, which may point out the problem right away.

Users can edit a post for up to 60 minutes from the meter of submission. After that, the mail can only be edited by a moderator.

Moderators will edit posts when it ’ ‘s second is required. If person uses vulgarities, posts private information ( like emails or passwords ), or otherwise violates the guidelines, we will clean up the station. We besides may edit a post to fix code samples, or correct a misprint that completely changes the meaning of the post .

Either edit your post or answer to it and explain what was improper, then use the report post button and a moderator will help. Please don’t misuse this, and keep in mind that most posts will not be removed.

Please don’t. Bumping ( moving your own post to the top of the forums ) actually makes your military post hard to find for the volunteers, since it will look as if person has already replied and tried to help you.

We have an unharmed section for ‘ unanswered ’ posts. If you bump, you remove yourself from that tilt. The best thing to do is be patient and wait. Remember, this is a Tennessean forum!

We ask you not to make multiple posts. This actually makes it harder for people to help you, and drains the resources of the volunteers.

A list of all posts and replies you’ve made can be found on your profile :
When you’re logged in, you can click on the “ Howdy, Your name ” connect found in the top legal profession for immediate access.

There ’ s a drop-down on the right English of the post for ‘ status ’, which includes options to resolve your post. You can besides use the checkboxes at the bed of the reply form, to reply and mark a post solved.

Forum moderators can mark any military post resolved. Plugin and theme developers can mark posts resolved in their specific forum areas. They should have replied and explained why. If you think it’s not solved, you can precisely un-resolve it and ask again.

We do not delete posts except in extreme situations. We feel that leaving your solved post up will be helpful to the following person who has a similar issue.
If you feel you have a pressing motivation ( legal or otherwise ) to have a mail removed, you can report the post ( there’s a choice on the sidebar ) and explain why or come to the #forums groove on Slack.
Keep in mind, even if your post is deleted, Google already scraped it and we can ’ thyroxine fix that. Don ’ t stake anything you are not willing to have in public everlastingly.

Unless it’s a legal or security emergence, we do not remove links.
Rest assured, if your URL is listed in the customs battlefield from your post, alone logged-in users can see it and it is not possible for search engines to scrape it.

Posts ( including reviews ) are mechanically closed after certain menstruation of inactivity ( presently 6 months ). They can not be reopened after that time.
In accession, posts can be closed by a moderator if they ’ ve become non-productive to the community. By this we mean if person ’ second violating the guidelines ( using the forums as a web log, arguing about populace politics, coarseness, attacking people, etc ), we may close the post to prevent farther escalation. We besides will close posts that have gone excessively far off subject to be recovered.
In those cases, a moderator will normally explain why the post has been closed, and mastermind people who are calm trying to find help in what they can do following.
Moderators besides often will close “ Release notes ” for replies.

At times, posts are archived in order to hide them from public consumption. We archive posts and reviews that are in misdemeanor of the guidelines. sometimes this is done without apparent warning, as moderators have the ability to reply to close and archive posts and may have left an answer you can not see. besides sometimes posts are removed because a user has been warned previously not to do a thing ( like make multiple posts ) and they did it again. We always delete spam.
We try not to delete useful posts, but if there are legal issues, or harassment cases, we may do indeed to protect the people involved .

You can report the mail by using the “ Report ” button found on the sidebar of every forum post. That alerts the moderators that their attention is needed.
Please don ’ metric ton misuse this. It ’ south think of for issues in that post entirely, not for general personal issues.

possibly. Remember, there’s a remainder between lying and just being amiss about facts. A lie is when person intentionally says things they know aren’t ’ triiodothyronine genuine. Being wrong barely means they ’ are a mistake, and that can be solved.
If person sulfur is just wrong about debugging a problem and blamed your plugin, that’s not a lie-down. Reply to the post and explain how they are faulty ( nicely ! ) and try to help them out. It ’ ‘s sulfur besides not technically slander to post a review that they had a bad experience with your plugin or theme. That ’ second just a person’s experience and they believe it to be true.
It ’ ‘s second all about intent. You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be sure of person else ’ s, so we urge you to assume adept religion.
Of course, if a person second harassing you ( or your company ) on the forums, do report the post or come by Slack to ask for service.
top ↑ has an old-world chat system via a service called Slack. This constitution is released for all WordPress exploiters to join. The #forums channel there is available for anyone to come and post questions about handling questions on the forums.
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You can either report the post ( from the sidebar ) or you can come to Slack and ask for help oneself in the #forums groove. If you’re concerned about making a request in public, merely come to Slack and ask to speak to a moderator about harassment. We’re here for you.
harassment, by developers or users, is grounds for immediate banishment from This includes people following you to Twitter or your personal web site to complain at you. If you’re not a commercial enterprise, that’s a harassment complaint and simple, and it’s not permitted.
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We sadly do not have any authority over what people do to each other outside of, however pervert and harassment are not welcome in our community and can result in being banned .
If person is harassing, bullying, or otherwise abuse people outside of, please let the moderators know in Slack. We will do our best to curtail this behavior immediately.
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Reviews should be about your experiences with the plugin or composition you are reviewing. Links should ’ metric ton be needed for this, and are in a majority of cases only added by those wanting to promote their own websites ( frequently referred to as spam ).

To reduce the operating expense of needing to constantly re-check reviews, links and so forth for our volunteers, we made the decision that links should not be used in reviews. If we do notice these, any such connection will be removed or the revue will be archived, at the discretion of the moderators.
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We can not, however, this can be requested via the Data Erasure Request form. The Privacy Team will be able to assist you. Keep in mind, your userid will be ‘ locked ’ so it can not be reused, and you may have issues if you want to create a new report .

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