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Japanese Voice

Masumi Kageyama (1999) Machiko Toyoshima (2011)

Reading: Asta

English Voice

Dorothy Elias-Fahn (2011)


Manga Debut

chapter 133

Anime Debut

Episode 76 ( 1999 )
Episode 62 ( 2011 )



Female.png Female

Eye Color

Blue (1999)
Green (2011)

Hair Color

Violet (G.I. OVA)
Blond (G.I. Final OVA)
Orange (2011)



General Status

Previous Affiliation

Kazsule ‘s Alliance

Team Asta

Previous Occupation

Leader of Team Asta
Kazsule ‘s Alliance Member Greed Island PlayerLeader of Team AstaKazsule’s Alliance Member




image Gallery Asta ( アスタ, Asuta ) was a Greed Island musician and the drawing card of Team Asta, which included two other members, Manheim and Amana. She was besides a member of Kazsule ‘s Alliance. [ 1 ]


Asta had short orange hair, little eyes, and a big bust. She wore a amobarbital sodium tank top, large grey sweatpants supported by a belt, and leather boots. [ 1 ]


Asta was choleric and exultant, causing her to clash about immediately with Killua, who did n’t take kindly to her talking down to him. She wholly disregarded Nick Cue ‘s affirmation, claiming that it was impossible for anyone in Gon ‘s group to know something about the game she did n’t. Despite all this, she decided to trust Gon and shared with him her cognition about the plot. [ 1 ]


Asta ‘s team had two other members, Manheim and Amana. They were fairly advanced in the game, having collected 71 pin down slot cards by the time they decided to cooperate with Gon and Killua. [ 1 ]


Greed Island bow

Asta is one of the many Greed Island players to confront Gon and Killua after they win the Sword of Truth in the tournament hold in Antokiba. [ 2 ]
Asta, Manheim, and Amana are one of the teams present at the meet organized by Kazsule to discuss how to prevent Genthru from clearing the game. right as the meet begins, she belittles Gon ‘s team because she thinks the kids are amateurs and do n’t have a tauten grip of how the game works, which annoys Killua. Continuing with the confluence, Kazsule proposes that they monopolize one of the cards that Genthru ’ s team needs : “ Plot of Beach ”, “ Tree of Plenty ”, “ Wild Luck Alexandrite ”, or “ Ruler ’ s Blessing ” ( though the survive is only possible to obtain once person has the other 99 ). Asta then asks about overwhelming them with spells, but Kazsule replies that they could lone use “ Levy “ cards against them since they already have “ Paladin ‘s Necklace “. As the meeting progresses, Asta suggests that they use wedge to take Genthru ‘s cards, but Yabibi questions if that ‘s feasible without knowing their Nen abilities. [ 1 ]
Kazsule then proposes an confederation between all of the attendees, but while Asta supports the idea, she thinks that Gon ‘s group is n’t qualified to join as they have n’t collected a minimal of 50 pin down slot cards like everyone else at the meet. Gon, however, claims that they have vital data about Genthru ‘s abilities, and Killua adds that they have one of the cards Genthru needs, impressing Asta. She asks what Genthru ‘s abilities are and offers one A-rank card, but Killua demands two S-rank cards in switch over for the information. Asta becomes annoyed by his demands, and the two briefly argue with each other until Asta ‘s teammates tell her to accept the deal, giving them “ Pregnancy Stones “ and “ Shield of Faith “. After Gon explains Genthru ’ randomness abilities, Asta and several others realize that he has already used it on them. She then asks if there ‘s a way to undo the ability, and even though Killua says that they could have extorted more cards, Gon assures Asta that she should be dependable american samoa long as she stays away from Genthru. [ 1 ] Asta feels remorseful for how she acted towards Gon ’ mho group and tells them how to re-use while cards, how to easily accumulate B-rank cards from trade shops, and how to use the “ x-ray Goggles ” to get the S-rank cards “ Beauty Magnet Emerald “ and “ Mystery Pond “. She besides offers another S-rank wag, but Gon refuses, much to Killua ‘s depress. Afterwards, the players agree to form an alliance with each early and fountainhead to Soufrabi to try and acquire “ Plot of Beach “. [ 1 ]
Arriving at Soufrabi, Kazsule instructs them on how to acquire an SS-rank batting order, and the alliance members split up into small teams to go around the town to acquire information on the “ Plot of Beach ” calling card. A female NPC informs them that Razor and his fourteen devils, a group of pirates, rule over the city. She promises to tell them where the card is if they drive the pirates out of the town. The alliance members then make their way to the pirates ‘ base in the township and are challenged by the pirate Bopobo to a sumo match. [ 3 ] Killua manages to beat him, and the group is led to the pirates ‘ beacon basis, where they are challenged to a series of sports trials, [ 4 ] but they fail them all. Seeing that there ‘s no potential way for the Bombers to collect the “ Plot of Beach ” card, Asta convinces most of the others to leave the confederation. [ 5 ]

Asta ‘s appoint is listed in Gon ‘s binder. [ 6 ] After Gon and his group successfully frustration Razor and collect the rare batting order, they are contacted by Genthru, who mentions that Asta and the remainder of the alliance members are dead. [ 7 ]

Abilities & Powers

Despite being identical intimate about the game, Gon ‘s team estimated her to be besides weak to defeat Razor ‘s convicts, as turned out to be the case. Asta was besides unable to see the commandeer boxer ‘s teleport uppercut. [ 5 ]


ascribable to being able to access Greed Island, Asta was able of utilizing Nen. [ 8 ]


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