Hosting is n’t constantly about being charm, it ‘s about the have as a whole, and being able to provide leading service to your patrons. The Ouran High School Host Club exists to entertain and please all patrons who visit the clubhouse careless of their background, status, or preferences. Hosts are expected to treat the guests heartily or romantically, whichever they prefer, and they provide an experience that is matchless when it comes to customer satisfaction .
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The hosts themselves possess a variety show of personalities to cater to a multitude of customers, ranging from the princely Tamaki Suoh to the firm and silent Takashi Morinozuka. Hosting is n’t always about being charm, it ‘s about the experience as a whole, and being able to provide leading service to your patrons.


10 Laurent Thierry Would Personally Greet Every Patron (Great Pretender)

Laurent (Great Pretender)
If there were a character who would act to make every single customer feel as if they were having a singular experience, it ‘d be the ill-famed con-man, Laurent Thierry from Great Pretender. Already possessing a natural spell alongside his brain and intelligence, Laurent could convince anyone that they were being entertained .
Although he has a lot of anger and vengeance bubbling underneath the surface, Laurent ‘s self-control negates his more negative aspects, and guests of the host club would likely be treated to a assortment of wyrd and fantastic tricks he ‘s kept up his sleeve .

9 Gojo Satoru Is A Master Of Flirtation (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu Kaisen Satoru Gojo Sunglasses Sparkling Stylish
Gojo has a repute in both the anime and manga for being something of a ladies ‘ serviceman : outgo his nights with a revolving door of different dates, dressing up in hyper-expensive clothing, and flirting with anyone who breathes .
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Casual, irregular relationships are Gojo ‘s thing, and he is no strange to having to say bye at the end of a date. Most of his colleagues chastize carefree attitude and carefree attitude to liveliness, but he ‘s surely doing something right to attract as much attention as he does .

8 Hideyoshi Nagachika Is Forever Smiling (Tokyo Ghoul)

Hideyoshi from Tokyo Ghoul
Hide is the ray of cheerfulness in Tokyo Ghoul ‘s fabulously dark world, with protagonist Kaneki often admitting that life would be negatively unlike if his best acquaintance were n’t in the mental picture. Hide would keep everyone in the horde club, node or differently, optimistic even on the toughest days .
He ‘s fabulously easy-going and laidback evening in the face of contiguous danger, and he would surely appeal to the more skittish patrons that might come through the doors .

7 Alphonse Elric Is Kind & Non-Threatening (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Fullmetal Alchemist Alphonse Elric blushing
Calm, gentle, and intellectual, Alphonse is the compassionate heart of the Elric brothers in Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood. not only is he incredibly potent, emotionally and physically, but he ‘s adept at listening to early people ‘s problems and giving them dear solutions .
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Alphonse is besides surprisingly good with women tied despite being trapped in a courtship of armor. With his sensible soul and ardent speeches, many find him to be person they want a opportunity with, particularly when there ‘s a opportunity he ‘s got a stray kitten on him at all times .

6 Kiba Inuzuka & Akamaru Are A Package Deal (Naruto)

Akamaru licks Kiba's face
not only is Kiba one of the more authentically likable characters in Naruto, showing the lead quality fiddling aggression from the starting signal and being reasonably open to becoming his friend, but he is besides joined by his life companion Akamaru throughout .
cipher can resist an adorable animal, and Akamaru is no exception. With Kiba ‘s huge loyalty and carefree attitude punctuated by his protective nature, anyone looking for the badly male child type with a kernel of amber will be immediately swayed by Kiba and his canine companion .

5 Atsumu & Osamu Miya Would Put Their Bickering To Good Use (Haikyuu!!)

haikyuu miya twins
While Ouran ‘s accept on twins often leans into the uncomfortable and taboo, Atsumu and Osamu as a counterpart server duet would be unmatched. Their quibble active but opposite personalities would mean they would both appeal to a large variety show of guests and provide endless entertainment .
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With Atsumu being brassy, aroused, and outgoing and Osamu being introverted, soft-spoken, and by and large displeased, they absolutely complement each other despite their arguments .

4 Alucard Has Centuries Worth Of Charm (Castlevania)

Alucard from Castlevania
The intense atmosphere of mystery round Alucard in Castlevania is precisely what makes him indeed irresistible to most viewers, specially paired with his genuine humanness and patience. He gives all the positive elements of a bad son whilst speak in a smooth, suave tone .
Most would n’t expect a centuries-old dhampir, who has not alone been alone about the entirety of his life but besides lost his mother at a unseasoned long time, to be as welcome and kind as he is, but Alucard ticks all the boxes. And he credibly has some great tea recommendations, making him an ideal partner for good afternoon tea.

3 Chrollo Lucifer Can Charm Almost Anybody (Hunter X Hunter)

Chrollo Leader Of The Phantom Troupe
A bear leader who finds himself at the helm of a group that ‘s full of unhinge personalities, Chrollo Lucifer from Hunter X Hunter does n’t simply command rooms, he controls them. His calm air demeanor and gentle manner of public speaking are so charismatic that viewers feel lulled into a fake feel of security around the villain .
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Chrollo is besides a brilliant actor and whilst all of these traits in an antagonist do n’t seem ideal, in a server, they ‘re incredibly utilitarian .

2 Tengen Uzui Has A Personality As Big As His Heart (Demon Slayer)

Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira, in the opening credits of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Tengen already has three wives in Demon Slayer that he loves and cherishes dearly, with each of the three women being happily devoted to him in reappearance, so he ‘d be pretty adept at balancing the wants and needs of the host golf club clientele. He tells his wives that they should value their lives above all others, showing off his potent hope for those he loves to be safe .
not entirely that, his aureate, eccentric personality would provide some incredible entertainment. While he ‘s caring underneath his façade, the actual façade itself is just as strike and would pull in a large crowd and even more return customers .

1 Brock Is The Boyfriend Experience (Pokémon)

Brock Geodude
The original bereft gymnasium leader himself, Brock would know precisely how to make each and every customer find special, excellently spending the majority of the original Pokémon serial fawn over the Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy of the earth .
Brock could provide the ultimate boyfriend experience to those who feel a little lonely. He ‘s an excellent hearer, a kind caretaker, and above all else a loyal friend. No count how often he got lost in his flirtations in the zanzibar copal, he constantly had Ash and Misty ‘s backs, and with his wide variety of skills, he surely knew how to take care of them .
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