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My husband Is My Maid

Reading: How I Started

By Janice C. Parker

Janice C. Parker was a distinctive businesswoman until her husband ’ south admission changed her life constantly. Take a confidential journey with Janice as she shares the intimate details of her clandestine life with her submissive cross-dress husband. Confronted with the reality of a slavish husband who came to her and admitted his desire to cross-dress Janice took the novel approach of not only indulging him in his submissive fantasy but turning his secret fantasy into her own fantasy. As a leave her submissive conserve fulfilled every womanhood ’ south dream by becoming her maid handmaid. Janice shares the shock of her initial discovery, the details of how she dealt with her conserve ’ s juju desires, and her growth as a Mistress. Embark on an cozy gamble filled with ideas of how to lead a slavish relationship .

Though probationary at first base Janice gained confidence as she became the Mistress of her family and you can besides. Take a playful sexual runaway with Janice and see her fantasy of having her own live in maid arrive true. At the lapp clock time she uncovers the hide feminine cravings of her slavish husband and exhibits them for your joy and amusement. Her conserve ’ sulfur fantasy is wholly revealed to you in-depth for your secret use. Discover how women can influence a unseasoned submissive. Learn how a submissive male thinks and see how you can use that cognition to take control of his private illusion animation. Janice tells aloud the clandestine details of her slavish that few will whisper about let alone reveal to her friends. If your conserve is slavish you won ’ metric ton want to miss out on this opportunity to live a pamper life of luxury while making indisputable that you never have to toil with family chores ever again !

My conserve Is silent My Maid

​By Janice C. Parker

Return you to the playful world where Janice C. Parker rules as Mistress and her husband Merri is still her maid. See what luxuries you may be missing as Janice shows you how to take control of a male fantasy while describing a distinctive day as a Mistress. Learn what tasks to give your slavish as Janice describes the distinctive domestic assignments of her maid so that you besides can lead a pamper life. Don ’ thymine ever labor with family chores always again ! Learn more details about how a submissive is formed and what you can do to encourage this demeanor. Laugh along with a dominant Mistress as Janice shares the foreign twists and turns of this unique relationship with you. You ’ ll find out about the exponent of invest and accessories as Janice besides shares details of how she dresses her submissive. nowadays you can be certain that your submissive looks the part when you are served ! If you are thinking about turning your conserve into your maid you won ’ metric ton want to miss out on the demonstrative examples displayed here .

There are many animal benefits to having your own submissive and Janice is not shy about telling all. Get that knowing smile correct along with Janice as she shares the details of her privy transformation of her conserve. Visit the Appendix for helpful transformation references. Some secrets are meant to be clandestine but we know that things don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always go as they are planned. Whispering secrets can be fun but you won ’ triiodothyronine believe what happens to Merrill when Janice slips and tells her best acquaintance about her confidential relationship with her conserve. So dame relax and put your feet up because a hale new earth is waiting equitable for you !
Make Your Husband Your Maid
By Janice C. Parker

Both married and single women will enjoy the shudder as Janice C. Parker shows you how to identify slavish males and turn them into obedient maid servants. Janice rules her dwelling as Mistress and immediately you can do the same. Using her own maid Merri as an example now you can safely explore how easy it is to be the charwoman in charge. You don ’ thymine ever need to settle for anything less than absolute female domination in your home again. If you are married then you will learn how to test your conserve to see if he has slavish tendencies. then learn how to nurture those inclinations and to develop them to the fullest. If you are single learn how to recognize and bring submissive males to you even in a crowded promenade .

submissive males are everywhere. Why not require them to be of service ? Janice shares her experience with you so that you can see how easily slavish males can be trained to served you. Find out how simple it can be to keep your maid in line with her passive discipline techniques. besides see for yourself how Janice applies more intensive discipline to naughty submissives .
Have you wondered how successful a novice can be dominating a male submissive ? You ’ ll delight in how simple it is to become a Mistress when you read the story of Carol, a shy college coed. Carol wanted to know more about submission so that she could date men who are interest in domestic service. See where curio leads a novitiate when the naïve coed with an interest in learning about dominating a submissive visits Janice and is served by Merri .

If you want to lead a life of leisure enjoying the services of your own maid then you owe it to yourself to see how easy it can be. In her homespun charwoman to woman style Janice shares it all with you heart to affection as though you are her baby sharing tea with her on the sofa. Don ’ t deprive yourself of the absolute delight of having a effeminate maid at your beck and call. You will feel confident and superscript training your own submissive after you have learned from Janice. So ladies come explore the world of female domination and prepare yourself to be pampered and served .
Keep Your Husband Your Maid
By Janice C. Parker
Don ’ metric ton let the thrill wear off ! Both novice and experienced dominant women can wonder “ How do I keep my husband as my maid ? ” Like so many achievements in our lives getting there is only half of the battle—keeping husband in his maid uniform serving you is the very test of a good mistress .
This comprehensive examination expose is meant to be savored one chapter at a time as you indulge your senses in the effeminate maid illusion. dominant allele women will delight in a presentation of newly ideas. In typical Janice fashion her homespun manner makes you feel as though you are good friends sharing cozy secrets together.

Let Janice help you as she describes alluring methods of holding your sissy maid in the firm compass of servitude. You ’ ll enjoy learning how Janice has tied her effeminate maid so tightly into a life sentence of servitude that she will humbly serve as required whenever she is needed. If you are striving to keep your effeminate maid in her best possible occupation—as your private housekeeper—then you won ’ t want to miss the exciting new concepts that Janice presents for you to explore in her latest wonderfully provocative and harbor book .

Ladies will delightfully expand their assertive horizons. slavish sissies will swoon and yearn to please their Mistress. Both will enjoy reading with pleasure the humiliations that a real biography slavish sissy maid is put through to pleasure her Mistress .

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