Maya  P.O.V
                           I yawned and scrunched my scent in confusion when I saw that I was n't in my lavender colored room. Though, as I pondered for a little while, I recalled the events in my mind of last night .
                           Scratching the circus tent of my pass, I sighed and got up to find Alex. I was a morsel defeated to know that he probably left in the middle of the nox. 
                           I took off the quick purple knitted shirt i fell asleep in, leaving me in my tank clear and the copulate of leggings I was wearing final night .
                           `` ally ? '' I said in a sing song voice, laughing at my girly nickname for my boyfriend .
                           `` I 'm in the bathroom. '' I heard a muffled spokesperson say sedately .
                           I skipped over to the public toilet and saw my 
Alexander wrapping his white towel around his shank. The tattoo right below his identical define v-line were a few words written in a script font : strength at its finest . I gulped in a fluster manner, doing my best not to graze my bridge player over his abdominal . I snickered at my stupid attraction and walked over, kissing him on the cheek . `` The cheek ? I 'm not being bumped down to the acquaintance zone, am I ? '' He said in mock concern . `` No, but I have n't brushed these pearly whites so far. '' I said . He scrunched up his nose, which I noticed was a little asymmetrical. Though, it looked cute on him . `` Mm fine. '' He shook his question vigorously, splattering droplets of water fron his blond hair's-breadth everywhere . I pouted. `` I barely realized ... .I do n't have a toothbrush ... '' I honestly did n't feel like going home plate and coming back. Knowing that I forgot to call, I have no theme if i 'll be allowed out the theater . He opened a music cabinet and pulled out a new brush . I thanked him and brushed as he went to go change. Though, before he left the toilet, he slapped my rear, a brash smile on his face and a laugh break from his throat . θθθθθθθθ I tried not to make any voice I would regret late on as Alex kissed my clavicle. The tug was teasing, knowing I was afraid to have sex and the fact that we 're holding off on it for now.His improbable self hovered over me with attraction and lust radiating off his body speech . `` S-stop. '' I half groan embarrassingly despite the fact that I was tilting my neck . I pushed my head further into his pillow . He kissed me passionately before saying on my lips, `` Stop being aphrodisiac. '' I gulped as he rose and walked into the toilet with his pass over his secret area. I could tell he was a bit sexually frustrated. Though, he would n't show it . I could do that to a guy ? The shower turned on . I felt my phone hover on the bed, and it was my dad 's number . Lord save me from what is to come. Picking up my telephone, I shakily answered . `` H-Hello ? Daddy ? '' `` OH GOD SHE 'S alive ! '' He overreacted. I heard my ma in the background saying. `` Well of class. She is mature adequate to stay animated after one night, baby. You 've been overreacting. '' My ma was always more of the put back one. She was protective but she knew that I would n't get into fuss, specially not intentionally . Though, my dad is a unlike story. One clock in seventh class, I came home late from school and he about called the cops to start a search party . `` Daddy I 'm fine. '' I said, fixing the choker of Alex 's shirt that I changed into after showering . `` good. You should have told me that you went to Kim 's house. '' He began . `` Papa I did n't go to- '' I tried to tell the truth before he cut me off . `` I do n't want anything happening to you. You need to tell me next time. Your lucky your a good child. '' He muttered in a warning tone . `` But- '' `` Your not in trouble this time. But do n't do it again. Okay ? '' His voice soothed over. Sighing, I gave him a small `` okay '' before saying adieu . I heard the shower read/write head end and once again, a drench Alex walked into the room . `` Sorry turn that ... I had some shít to uh take care of. '' He blushed . I nodded and sat on my legs in a kneel stead. `` Do you want me to go ... ? '' He shook his head. `` I just came in to get my clothes. Imma switch in the bathroom. '' He opened his draftsman and pulled out a copulate of sweats and boxers . `` Y-you forget to take a shirt. '' `` No I did n't forget. I just do n't wan na wear one. '' He smirked . I rolled my eyes. He kissed me on the frontal bone before leaving . About 2 minutes late, he came binding in . `` Did you miss me ? '' He said in a girly voice . `` not in the little. '' I laughed when he slapped his hand over his heart. sulk, he sat on the edge of the bed . I crawled over to him while trying to keep my laugh in. `` Aleeeex .... '' `` Hmph. '' He replied, crossing his arms like a child. Though, from my slant, I could see him trying to fight off laughter of his own . I hugged his bare, muscular back. `` Aleeeeex. '' When he did n't answer, I climbed on his back. `` You stupid cheeseball. This is why you answer your bunny. '' He chuckled forte and even louder when he got up and started prancing around the room with me silent on his back, making me yip . `` They call me cutie ! Cutie patootie ! Rockin ' out the pageant stage and shakin ' ma loot ! '' He sang the celebrated tune from Toddlers and Tiaras. And must I say- He can not spill the beans . I loved this side of Alex. Sure, he 's closed off, ill-mannered and decidedly not a people person. I learned that from the beginning clock time I met him. Though nowadays, He has opened up to me a hale lot more. It feels like I know indeed much about him and vice versa . For once, I feel like I have no doubts about us . And I love that . Alexander put me down lightly . `` Baby, did you hear me ? '' He said, my heart palpitate as he said child. He 's never called me that . `` Hm ? Oh um no. '' I said . `` I said that you should get going now. You have n't been home all day and adenine much as I 'd like for you to stay, I do n't want you getting in trouble. '' He sighed . I nodded. I wanted to stay, besides. But I understood. Plus, we entirely live across the street from each other. a long as my dad does n't find out that I 'm seeing Alex, we can always hang out . I cursorily changed into my other clothes, not making contact with Alex 's lubricious eyes . He walked neon down to the door. `` Bye bunny. '' He pecked me on the lips before I walked across the street to my base . `` Tell your ma I said adieu ! '' I shouted. queerly, she never once came out of her bedroom. possibly she was n't feeling well . He gave me a thumbs up before closing the doorway . < > ° < > ° < > ° < > ° < > ° < > ° < >

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