I think we can all agree the most authoritative contribution of bid day ( besides meeting your perfective newly members of course ) is the subject ! Every view of invite sidereal day is planned around the root, from shirts and outfits devour to the interior decoration, food, and gifts. Chapters have very gone above in beyond in the last few years taking themes and taglines to a wholly newly level, and we are so here for it ! We love a ace punny Delta inspired composition and even better if it has a fun tagline to go along with it. Don ’ metric ton stress if you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate come up with something unique, we ’ ve scoured all our favorite Tri Delta feeds and listed our top 8 themes and taglines to help you out !

Delta Delta Delta Themes

  1. Sweat DDDreams

  2. Delta Disco

  3. greek GoDDDess

  4. Tri-Dye

  5. Ice ColDDD

  6. TallaDelta Nights ( Talladega Nights )

  7. Saved By the BiDDD

  8. erectile dysfunction C-Electric Delta Carnival


  1. Life ’ s a ambition with DDD

  2. Welcome to ParaDDDise

  3. We Hit a Grand DLAM

  4. TRI ’ d the Rest, Ran Home to the Best

  5. Welcome to the TRIbe

  6. Livin ’ the GooDDD life

  7. The Best good Got Better, With Just One letter

  8. Struck GolDDD

now that you have some subject and tagline ideas, you can start to focus on the fun stuff. GIFTS ! nothing is better than welcoming home your new sisters and then getting to surprise them with all their new Delta Delta Delta sag. This year we wanted to make certain every chapter with any sized budget could get the trendy and cutest Tri Delta merch for their offer day gifts. From custom totes and urine bottles to keychains and laptop decals, we ’ ve created the ultimate “ Build-Your-Own ” Bid day Bundles with 11 unlike products that you get to choose your favorites from. With all of our products being available in diverse colors and styles these bid day bundles are customizable for any chapter theme and budget ! Shop all of your options and check out every item in the bundle by clicking the bundle effigy below or by clicking hera !
Delta Delta Delta Bid Day Bundle

We can ’ thymine wait to see all the fun Delta Delta Delta themes come to liveliness this approaching bid day. If you use any of these themes or taglines make sure to tag us @ a_listgreek, we love seeing how creative our A-Listers are and besides tag us in all your early offer day pics american samoa well so we can get even more prompt and share your amazing ideas with other TriDelta ’ sulfur. For all things bid day planning make certain to check out our Delta Delta Delta Bid Day Pinterest Board, where you can find flush more theme, interior decoration and standard ideas .

Want more bid day gift ideas? Check our other Tri Delta bestsellers!

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