There are many reasons why small companies are known for out innovating larger companies. This military post is about one of those reasons, the fact that small companies understand hats and adult companies don ’ metric ton .
airless your eyes and mental picture everyone in your organization wearing a hat that reflects their function. Looking good ? Seeing 10 Skippers and 1 Sailor ? possibly you need to try on our hats and get more things done in your meetings .
At LiquidPlanner everyone is on the product team and everyone wears multiple hats routinely. recently we wrote down the descriptions of the hat we wear when making merchandise decisions .

The Observer Hat

This critical character never quite gets the care it deserves. bang-up observers are your eyes and ears to the worldly concern and your customers. Observers ultimately serve as a reality crack. Everyone at LP participates in the overall design serve and it ’ s critical that they do because each person – whether they ’ re on the selling or software side of our business – offers up a valuable position because they interact with our customers and intersection in different ways. A developer who is tracking the latest updates to our open reference code components is wearing the Observer hat. Likewise, a sales coach who listens to customer experiences can translate that feedback back to our product team. good Observers detect trends and identify authoritative nuggets that help everyone keep broader awareness through smarter communication.

The Champion Hat

Ideas, investments, projects and priorities need champions. It takes a batch of energy to pull things in concert, expect issues, and drive the procedure. personally, this is my favorite hat. But I don ’ thymine wear it all the meter. For case, when I ’ meter working with Liz, our VP of Marketing, she typically wears the Champion hat while I grab my Challenger cap. With software engineering issues I tend to be an Observer. The Champion needs to lead the team to decisions. obviously, it is not a bang-up theme to try and wear multiple hats at once – and it ’ s particularly difficult to be both a Champion and a Challenger at the lapp time .

The Challenger Hat

This is a catchy one because being a capital Challenger requires some feat ; it ’ mho more than poking holes. The function of the Challenger is to help the Champion improve the enterprise and to facilitate bright, more inform decisions. It doesn ’ t need to be a confrontational role because your goals should ( hopefully ) be well aligned. When we uncover open disagreements at LP, we may in fact have discovered competing ideas which may require that the Challenger switch to the Champion hat and we debate the merits of two completing ideas .
The key thing is to put on the justly hat for the subcontract and be transparent and creditworthy with it. If your goal is to bring a competing idea forward, don ’ thymine be shy : arrange on the loss hat, paint a aim on yourself and pitch your mind !

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