description : TECHNOLOGY AREA ( S ) : Materials objective :
The Defense Logistics Agency ( DLA ) seeks to provide responsive, best value supplies systematically to our customers. DLA continually investigates divers technologies for fabrication which would lead to the highest grade of initiation in the discrete-parts support of field weapon systems ( many of which were designed in the 1960 ‘s, 1970 ‘s and 1980 ‘s ) with a future impact on both commercial engineering and government applications. As such, advanced engineering demonstrations for affordability and advance industrial practices to demonstrate the combination of better discrete-parts manufacture and improved business methods are of interest. All these areas of manufacture technologies provide potential avenues toward achieving breakthrough advances. Proposed efforts funded under this subject may encompass any specific discrete-parts or materials manufacturing or processing engineering at any level resulting in a whole cost reduction.

research and Development efforts selected under this topic shall demonstrate and involve a degree of gamble where the technical feasibility of the proposed workplace has not been amply established. Further, proposed efforts must be judged to be at a Technology Readiness Level ( TRL ) 6 or less, but greater than TRL 3 to receive fund retainer .
TRL 3. ( analytic and experimental Critical Function and/or Characteristic Proof of Concept )
TRL 6. ( System/Subsystem Model or Prototype Demonstration in a Relevant Environment ) description :
DLA R & D is looking for a domestic capability to address the lacking viable domestic beginning of isomolded graphite production. The military uses isomolded graphite in numerous applications, including tactical munitions, strategic rockets and missiles, and large, advance-launch systems. The United States has been dependant on extraneous sources for isomolded graphite. Verifying a domestic manufacture production march for isomolded graphite meets military reuqirements would elimate the costly alien alliance for this material .
R & D tasks include qualifying domestic pre-cursor materials for the a domestic isomolded manufactuing work, verify the domestically manufactured isomolded graphite material meets militrary requirements, and qualify the material on military applictions.


  • Phase I: N/A
  • PHASE II: Phase II – NTE 24 Months $1.6M – Base 12-18 months, $1M Option 6 Months NTE $.6M

phase I :
not Required for Direct to Phase II. Demonstrate your proof of concept in the first 20 pages of book 2. PHASE II :
Validate that domestically sourced pre-cursor materials for the isomolded graphite fabric can be utilized for the established domestic production procedure. Validation would include, but not be limited to, prototype quantities, data analysis, and labortaory tests. Validate the prouction proess can manufature isomolded graphite which can meet property specifications of previously used isomolded graphite for military applications. Validation would include, but not be limited to, prototype quantities, data analysis, and labortaory tests. Qualify the validate isomolded material on military applications that are utilizing disused or extraneous sourced isomolded graphite.

Provide a Domestic Source for the isomolded graphite material can be utilized for the established domestic product process. KEYWORDS : Isostatically Molded ( Isomolded ) Synthetic Graphite

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