“Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 5 Lyrics”

[ Intro ]
As I get a little older, I realize animation is position
And my perspective may differ from yours
I wan na say thank you to everyone that ’ south been down with me
All my fans, all my beautiful fans
Anyone who ’ sulfur always gave me a listen, all my people [ Verse 1 ]
I come from a generation of pain, where murder is minor
Rebellious and Margielas ’ ll chip you for couturier
Belt buckles and pull, fanatic if prone to violence
Make the faulty become, be it will or the wheel alliance
Residue burned, missed at a inner-city
Miscommunication to keep homi ’ detective busy
No protective covering is hazardous

Desensitized, I vandalized pain
Covered up and camouflaged
Get used to hearin ’ arsenal rain
Analyze, risk your liveliness, take the charge
Homies done fucked your baby ma once you hit the cubic yard, that ’ second culture
twenty-three hour lockdown, then person called
Said your lil ’ nephew was shot down, the culture ’ s involved
I done seen niggas do seventeen, hit the center house
Get out and get his brains blown out, lookin ’ to buy some weed
Car wash is played out, newly GoFundMe accounts ’ ll proceed
A brand-new victim ’ ll shatter those dreams, the culture [ Chorus ]
( I want, I want, I want, I want )
But I want you to want me excessively ( I want, I want, I want, I want )
I want the hood to want me back ( I want, I want, I want, I want )
I want the hood
Look what I done for you ( Look what I done for you )
Look what I done for you [ Verse 2 ]
I said I ’ d do this for my acculturation
To let y ’ all know what a nigger look like in a unassailable Rover
In my ma ’ s sofa was a doo-doo popper
Hair trip, walk up close, ain ’ triiodothyronine no Photoshoppin ’
Friends bipolar, snap up you by your pockets
No option if you froze up, constantly play the umbrage
Niggas goin ’ to work and sellin ’ work, belated for work
Workin ’ belated, prayin ’ for solve, but he on paperwork
That ’ s the culture, point the feel, promote ya
Remote localization, witness protection, they gon ’ hold ya
The streets got me fucked up, yttrium ’ all can miss me
I wan sodium constitute, for us
New rotation was astir and movin ’
I ’ m in Argentina wiping my tears full of confusion
Water in between us, another peer ’ s been executed
History repeats again
Make amends, then find a nigger with the same skin to do it
But that ’ s the culture, ace a bottle
Hard to deal with the pain when you ’ ra drab
By tomorrow, we forget the remains, we start over
That ’ s the problem
Our foundation garment was trained to accept whatever follows
Dehumanize, insensitive
Scrutinize the way we live for you and I
Enemies shook my hand, I can promise I ’ ll meet you
In the land where no equal is your equal
Never say I ain ’ t told ya, nah
In the land where hurt people hurt more people
Fuck callin ’ it culture

[ Chorus ]
( I want, I want, I want, I want )
But I want you to want me excessively ( I want, I want, I want, I want )
I want the hood to want me back ( I want, I want, I want, I want )
I want the hood
Look what I done for you ( Look what I done for you )
Look what I done for you [ Interlude ]
Take the drums out
Phew, phew
Phew, phew
Phew [ Verse 3 ]
Celebrate new life when it come back around
The purpose is in the lessons we learnin ’ immediately
Sacrifice personal profit over everything
Just to see the following generation better than ours
I wasn ’ thymine arrant, the bark I was in had sincerely suffer
Temptation and patience, everything that the body nurtures
I felt the good, I felt the bad, and I felt the worry
But all-in-all, my productiveness had stayed urging
Face your fears, always knew that I would make it here
Where the energy is magnified and persevered
Consciousness is synchronized and crystal-clear
Euphoria is glorified and made His
Reflectin ’ on my life and what I done
Paid dues, made rules, change outta love
Them like views made schools change curriculums
But didn ’ metric ton deepen me starin ’ down the barrel of that accelerator
Should I feel resentful I didn ’ triiodothyronine see my full potential ?
Should I feel regret about the good that I was into ?
Everything is everything, this own ’ thyroxine coincident
I woke up that dawn with more heart to give you
As I bleed through the speakers, feel my presence
To my brother, to my kids, I ’ m in Heaven
To my mother, to my sister, I ’ m in Heaven
To my father, to my wife, I am dangerous, this is Heaven
To my friends, make sure you countin ’ them blessings
To my fans, make sure you make them investments
And to the killer that sped up my demise
I forgive you, fair know your soul ’ second in question
I seen the annoyance in your student when that trip had squeezed
And though you did me gruesome, I was surely relieved
I completed my mission, wasn ’ t ready to leave
But fulfilled my days, my Creator was please
I can ’ thyroxine stress how I love yttrium ’ all
I don ’ t need to be in flesh just to hug y ’ all
The memories recollect just because y ’ all

Celebrate me with deference
The integrity we protect is above all
And Sam, I ’ ll be watchin ’ over you
do sure my kids watch all my interviews
Make surely you live all the dream we produce
Keep that brilliance in your brain on the move
And to my neighborhood, let the good prevail
Make indisputable them babies and them lead us outta imprison
Look for redemption when troubles get real number
‘ Cause you can ’ t help the world until you help yourself
And I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate blame the hood the day that I was killed
Y ’ all had to see it, that ’ s the entirely direction to feel
And though my physical north korean won ’ t reap the benefits
The energy that carry on emits still
I want you

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