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Soooo, here’s your reason to finally visit Japan (for the first time, or again, for the 15th time!!)

I receive a lot of inquiries about traveling to Japan, and I apologize for not being able to respond to all of them. But don’t worry, there is a travel fair coming up that focuses solely on Japan and everything about it. This event might be even better than my blog posts combined.

When and Where?

The Japan Travel Fair will be held from 12-14 Feb 2016 at 1 Utama Shopping Center (LG Oval).

Let me give you a quick guide on what’s going to happen on that day!

This amazing event is organized by JNTO and supported by the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia. There will be various participating travel agents to help you with any queries you may have about traveling to Japan.

Event Highlights

Yukata Photo Session

Specially for the ladies!! There will be two Yukata wearing experiences plus photo sessions, and guess what? It’s all for free! I personally love Yukata. It always reminds me of my own Yukata moments. Oh, and let me share a fun fact: I was 7 months pregnant with Junya when I last wore one!

It’s Sushi Time!

Calling all sushi lovers! There will be a sushi master flown in from Japan to demonstrate how to make a sushi boat. And of course, visitors get to sample free sashimi! Don’t forget to watch the sushi eating contest on stage. It’s a must-see for any sushi enthusiast.

Rilakkuma Meet & Greet

Who loves Rilakkuma? I do! Take a photo with Rilakkuma, the adorable bear hailing all the way from Japan. It’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Fun Games!

Get ready for some traditional Japanese fun! Join in on the various games available, such as Daruma Otoshi and Syateki. These games will bring out your competitive spirit and give you a chance to win prizes!

Dance and Song Performance

Experience the energetic and colorful Yasakoi Dance, usually performed in Japanese schools and festive events. It’s guaranteed to bring a lot of fun and a taste of Japanese culture to the event.

Cheesie’s Japan Travelogue

Yes, that’s right, I’ll be there for three days in a row to share all the secret tips to traveling in Japan! If you’ve ever sent me an email about Japan and never received a response, here’s your chance for revenge. Just kidding! Please don’t throw eggs at me. Instead, come and enjoy the show. I’ll be talking about food on Friday, travel tips on Saturday, and even make-up tips on the last day. It’s going to be a blast!

Japan Travel Fair Schedule:

Please come at any time that’s convenient for you.

FREEBIES!!!!!! ????

No event is complete without a little bit of perks! When you purchase any travel packages or even just airfares, you’ll receive a travel essential selfie stick for capturing those precious moments.


Believe it or not, you have a chance to win free tickets to Japan! All you need to do is spend RM50 in 1 Utama. Just go for lunch with your buddies and make sure you spend more than that. Then, come and try your luck to win your ticket to Japan. There will be one Grand Prize winner each day, so to increase your chances, make sure to come every day!

Lastly, have you noticed how pink this whole blog post is? Most of the travel themes will be related to springtime, which means the romantic and breathtakingly beautiful sakura. Just to tempt you one last time, here’s an unedited picture from two years ago, on my birthday. You can experience this enchanting beauty yourself if you allow yourself this precious chance.


1 Utama Shopping Center

Come join me from 12-14 Feb 2016 at 1 Utama Shopping Center (LG Oval).

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