Planning a Private Trip to Japan with a Travel Agency

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When it comes to planning a trip to Japan, especially if it’s your first time, it’s only natural to consider enlisting the help of a specialized travel agency. There are several travel agencies that specialize in Japan and can assist travelers from all over the world.

But with all the information available for free on the internet, including sites like Kanpai, you might wonder what the benefits are of working with a professional travel agency.

What are the Advantages of a Professional Service?

The first advantage that comes to mind is the ability to save time on preparation. Japan is a destination that is rich in history, art, and culture. Planning an itinerary alone can be overwhelming due to the abundance of possibilities. Every destination in Japan seems like a “must-see,” and it’s easy to feel pressured to try and see everything. This is where a travel specialist can help. With their expertise and knowledge, they can help narrow down the options and create an itinerary that is both interesting and manageable.

Travel specialists also provide assistance in making decisions regarding transportation and accommodation. This is especially helpful for busy travelers or those who may feel overwhelmed by the logistics of planning a trip. A travel agent can optimize transportation routes, find the best hotels in convenient locations, and provide other insider tips that only an expert would know. This level of preparation ensures that the trip goes smoothly, with the traveler unaware of the behind-the-scenes efforts. Japan is known for its reliable and punctual transportation system, but navigating it can be challenging for someone unfamiliar with the country or its language.

In addition to practical skills in coordinating private itineraries or all-inclusive trips, some specialized travel agencies offer an additional layer of immersion in Japan. They provide unique experiences led by seasoned tour guides, offering insights into local customs and daily life. The encounter with a passionate individual can greatly enhance a long-awaited trip. A trip to Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and nobody wants to return home saying, “We should have planned better.”

These travel agencies are experts in creating schedules that allow for flexibility and unexpected events. They understand the importance of balance and ensuring that travelers have enough time to fully experience each destination. And in the case of any problems, such as the recent Coronavirus crisis, the travel agency takes care of all the details, such as modifications, postponements, or cancellations.

How to Select the Right Tour Service Provider?

With the increasing popularity of travel to Japan, many travel agents have added it to their service offerings, even if they have little knowledge of the country. So how do you find the right tour service provider from a long list of options? It can be quite challenging, especially when the list includes agencies that don’t even offer travel to Japan. So how do you identify the appropriate mediator who can provide quality service at the right price?

Multi-destinations Tour Operators

These tour operators have gained reputation by offering tours to various countries. They primarily focus on all-inclusive organized tours, mainly targeting first-time travelers. Their itineraries don’t offer much originality, typically covering Tokyo, Kyoto, and a few major tourist hubs. Visits are often crammed into a tight schedule over 1 to 2 weeks, leaving little time to truly enjoy each place. These tours are more expensive compared to the actual cost of the travel, as customers pay for the convenience and peace of mind of having everything taken care of. Additionally, these tour operators usually subcontract tour services to specialist agencies, further raising costs.

Travel Intermediaries

Generalist travel agents primarily sell tour operators’ packages. While they may not add much value to the content of the itinerary, they make it easy for customers to access the latest offers. However, their services come at an additional cost, as they are paid by commission.

Japan-Specialist Travel Agencies

These agencies are fewer in number but offer a more refined and knowledgeable approach. They have a deep understanding of Japan based on their experience and expertise. These specialists not only sell tour packages but also create tailor-made travels. They directly negotiate with tourism-related companies in Japan, providing their customers with a unique and personalized experience. It is recommended to choose officially registered companies that partner with their own destination management companies in Japan.

Our Recommendation: Keikaku

Kanpai highly recommends Keikaku, a travel agency that specializes in Japan. Keikaku has earned its reputation through its team of certified bilingual tour guides and its recognition as an authorized sales agent for Japan Railways and Pocket Wi-Fi rental. They offer a wide range of services, including flight ticket bookings, accommodation bookings, transportation navigation, custom private itineraries, and booking of specific activities on demand. Keikaku is both a tour operator and the owner of a destination management company in Japan, named Keikaku Japan. By working directly with their own team and without intermediaries, they are able to lower costs for their customers. Keikaku is registered in Japan and has been one of the few agencies allowed to sponsor tourists during the recent reopening of Japan.

Keikaku’s team consists of passionate individuals who work in a human-sized agency. They focus on providing high-quality service by coming up with unique itineraries and activities. They understand the best time to travel in Japan and are dedicated to accommodating their clients’ expectations and pace.

If you’re interested in exploring Japan, take a look at Keikaku’s themed travel packages, which offer a variety of options for different types of travelers. The prices are displayed in real-time based on the services selected. Travelers with a higher budget can also receive a customized quote for a premium or high-end experience.

You can easily get in touch with a professional from Keikaku through their website or by phone. They will take the time to understand your request and provide you with the appropriate response.

So, let’s get started on planning your private trip to Japan with Keikaku!

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