Tamaki:  Kyoya and you have been spending the hole day together not for a cover girl old world chat or anything but for the finals that are coming up. Kyoya noticed you struggling with your studies and offered to help at any free here and now you both had which caused you to ignore Tamaki .
                           You and Kyoya were presently finishing up a question until Tamaki stood in front of you with a horned pout and a glower. 
                           `` Hi Tamaki. '' You smiled up at him .
                           `` Do n't `` Hi Tamaki '' me y/n ! Why did n't you tell me we were n't working out ! ? '' Your eyes widen in surprise from his comment. You looked over at Kyoya to see him with a belittled smile and raised eyebrows .
                           `` The idiot thinks you broke up with him and your now with me. '' Kyoya stated. You looked over to Tamaki alone to see him with an annoy twitch and burst out laughing .
                           `` Me and Kyoya are n't dating. '' You laughed .
                           `` then why did you ignore me all day ? '' He asked
                           `` Kyoya is helping me analyze Tamaki. '' Tamaki scratched his head and blushed red .
                           `` Where you covetous Tamaki ? '' You smiled knowing he was and that entirely mad him blush deep .
                           Kyoya:  You where sitting alone waiting for Kyoya to finish his business in the master of ceremonies baseball club. A certain counterpart noticed you alone and came and sat next you .
                           `` Are you waiting for Kyoya, y/n ? '' Hikaru asked as he sat future to you .
                           `` Yep only a couple of more minutes ! '' You said with a smile .
                           `` well its more like half an hour. '' You frowned and looked at him .
                           `` very ? '' You asked and he nodded. You thought it was going to be only ten more minutes not half an hour ... 
                           `` Hey since we ran out of commoners coffee can you take me to buy some ? '' You thought of it for a while and nodded .
                           `` sure. '' You both walked out instantaneously clicking with each other .
                           Twenty minutes late you walked in to the music room laughing with Hikaru. He was making you laugh louder than ever and this caught the attention of Kyoya .
                           `` Where were you y/n ? '' Kyoya asks as he looked between you and Hikaru suspiciously .
                           `` Hikaru wanted to buy some coffee so I went with him. '' You smiled. Kyoya frowned .
                           `` We have a stock of chocolate that will end us a month in the storage room. '' Surprised you looked at Hikaru who shrugged .
                           `` I was bored everyone was busy except you therefore I made that excuse up. '' Kyoya glared at him as you smiled .
                           `` Eh its approve I guess. ''
                           `` I think ? '' Kyoya asked slenderly irritated .
                           `` Yeah, I was equitable going to wait for you for thirty minutes I dont see a problem. '' Kyoya huffed out a breath. You smirked now realizing that he was jealous. Hikaru was farseeing gone and was sitting with his twin .
                           `` Are you covetous ? '' You smiled and he looked toss off at you .
                           `` No. '' He crossed his arms over his thorax and you kissed his boldness .
                           `` well I still have ten minutes to kill therefore possibly I 'll ask Hikaru to come with me to- '' 
                           `` No, your helping me with work now. '' You giggled and accepted .
                           Hikaru:  Hikaru and the rest of the host clubhouse were athirst and you offered to go to the nearest fast food place to grab them something to eat. They agreed but Tamaki made Mori tag along with you, since he believed it was to a lot bags for a person to carry .
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