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The full range of CASIO watches in Hong Kong

Between the classical and iconic G-SHOCK and BABY-G serial to newer additions like EDIFICE, PRO TREK, SHEEN, and the reimagined VINTAGE & RETRO collection, your options are dateless. Having a watch and being able to keep meter in Hong Kong is necessity. Whether you ‘re looking for this year ’ randomness trending men ’ mho watches, a watch that can withstand the elements, or stylish watches for women that can seamlessly transition from the office to the gymnasium, there is a watch for you. Buy the CASIO watch of your dreams from our CASIO Authorized Online Flagship Store in HK today !


The virtually unbreakable line of watches that started it all, CASIO ‘s G-SHOCK collection constantly sets the barricade for the most durable watches in the industry. Known best for being water system and shock resistant, G-SHOCK has endlessly made advanced breakthroughs in design and engineering elevating CASIO to the watch industry ’ sulfur limelight for more than 30 years. Loved by athletes, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts cosmopolitan, G-SHOCK timepieces are equipped with a capital range of functionality that can get you through the toughest of situations .


Built as the perfect companion, BABY-G is the compact and colorful counterpart to CASIO ‘s iconic tough G-SHOCK solicitation. Ideal for active women who are constantly on the move, BABY-G offers a line-up of women ’ sulfur watches that are tough so far stylish, adequate to of withstanding drops, bumps, and any early rough discussion. Discover the trendiest and most covet BABY-G immediately !


Exuding style and edification, CASIO ‘s EDIFICE collection consists of a line-up of high-performance watches that fuses active design with advanced, advanced engineering. Capturing the exponent and travel rapidly of motorsports in a durable metallic watch, the EDIFICE collection is designed with solid and comfortable materials like resin and stainless sword. Featuring multi-layered dials, worldly concern time, smartphone link, and more, our men ’ s watches from this solicitation are perfect for the modern businessman.


Developed as the ultimate functional timepiece that can withstand vigorous outdoor activities, CASIO ‘s line up of PRO TREK watches combines innovative technology and design to take your outdoor adventures to the following level. PRO TREK features Triple Sensor engineering, dual-layer LCD, and water resistance on top of location memory, GPS, and more. Get fix to explore and conquer with PRO TREK collection .


Classy and delicate, SHEEN is CASIO ‘s lineup of women ‘s watches with the newest technology packed in elegant designs. Featuring reliable movements, SHEEN is perfect for the modern charwoman .


Timepieces that never go out of style, this collection of CASIO watches take the stigmatize ‘s true vintage stylus to the future level by reimagining modern engineering and combining it with CASIO ‘s iconic retro designs. Take a trip down memory lane with CASIO ‘s Vintage Collection. Whether you are looking for a stylish and multi-functional men ’ south watch or a classy and fashionable watch for women, CASIO Authorized Flagship Store in Hong Kong will offer you the widest collection with the best customer care .

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