• CSI/Jewett morgue refrigerators and freezers are constructed of the best materials known for this particular application. • Exterior fronts are dress with heavy-gauge, dressed stainless steel steel. • Sides, backs, tops, interior walls and ceiling use stucco embossed aluminum. • Tongue-in-groove style panels for sure-�tting, tight-seal wall construction.

    • Hermetically sealed compressors and quality-engineered refrigeration systems help provide process temperature uniformity. • Fast response to changes in cabinet temperature, ambient conditions, intersection loadings and door openings. Specializing in the design of systems, CSI/Jewett o�ers a wide diverseness of capacities and con�gurations from one body to hundreds. Compartmentalized designs include : • End-opening • Side-opening • Roll-in • End-opening/roll-in combinations • pass-through applications to load and drop in separate rooms All models are available with self-contained or distant mechanical systems to suit your facility ’ s needs. walk-in refrigerators or freezers are available in many design con�gurations with numerous criterion and optional features. All CSI/Jewett morgue refrigerators and freezers can be customized to your unique needs, custom and facility requirements. Our Morgue Autopsy Planning ( MAP ) avail is available to help you de�ne equipment and space coordination needs for award and future demands.

    GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS • Temperature Range : 35-42°F • Front : 20 Ga. ( .91mm ) Type 304 Polished Stainless Steel, # 4 finish • Sides/Back/Top : .032 ” [ .81mm ] Stucco Embossed Aluminum • Interior Finishes • Walls/Ceiling : .032 ” [ .81mm ] Stucco Embossed Aluminum • Floor : 20 Ga [ .91mm ] Galvanized Steel • Insulation – nominal 4 ” [ 102mm ] Foamed In Place Polyurethane Insulation • Door Heater • Chrome Plated Hardware • Keyed Latch • Card Holder • Gasket – Dart Style Replaceable • Three-piece telescopic tray baby buggy assembly provide full-extension process • 500 # capacity • Model MT1 Removable Tray Included • Quantity 1 per compartment • Refrigeration – self-contained Combination Package System, R404a refrigerant OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES • Bariatric Con�gurations • Pass-through con�guration • Lighting Fixture With Pilot Switch • Stainless Steel Interior • Stainless Steel Exterior • Stainless Steel Trim Enclosure Panels • Painted and understudy �nishes • Model DTPM Temperature and Power Monitoring System • Model 7ER Circular Seven Day Chart Recorder • Outdoor Mounted Condensing Unit • Remote Air or Water Cooled Condensing Unit • Freezer Application • Alternate Electrical • Opposite doorway swing ( dextrorotary is standard ) • Roller frame tray rails with anti-tilt for compatibility with CSI/JEWETT body transport systems • Single wide stature doors • Dual mechanical 100 percentage back-up with autoswitchover system • Contact CSI/Jewett For Custom Speci�cations or Options

    CSI JEWETT No company has a stronger custom of excellence in the design and construction of temperature-sensitive products than CSI/Jewett. many years of choice mastermind and fabrication craft have made CSI/Jewett the leading manufacturer of morgue and testing ground refrigerators and freezers. With our matchless expertness, you know that you can count on CSI/Jewett to produce morgue refrigerators and freezers which excel in relief of operation, temperature uniformity, energy e�ciency and long-run dependability .

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