Ultimate Silver and Copper by Johnson Products

$ 32.00 The ultimate in simplicity & mystery. Two coins are shown. a one-half Dollar and an english Penny, one in each handwriting. Hands are lento closed and the coins instantaneously change places. same consequence is repeated under equally impossible conditions. When the spectator pump grab for the coins, let him : The two coins can be completely examined. Truly a …

Johnson Plug Box

$ 12.00 so far another accessory to insure a big laugh in any coin box everyday. With the eyelid on, it looks precisely like an Okito Coin Box, but it is actually a solid man of brass. No exceed, no bottom, just solid heavy metallic element highly polished base only.

Locking $2.85 – Johnson

$ 60.00 lapp effect as the Locking $ 1.35 but uses two silver dollars, a half dollar, a quarter and adime. Everything vanishes except for one flatware dollar that can be examined with a blow up field glass.

Locking 1.35 trick – Johnson

$ 45.00 dollar and thirty-five cents worth of change disappear completely leaving only a half dollar. The coins disappear without one false travel. It ’ s the perfect vanish and the half that remains can be freely passed for examination. Includes a bang ring to insure your coin a long animation. Easy to follow act included.

Folding Coin ( Coin In Bottle ) – Johnson
One of the most amazing close-up effects has always been the mint in the bottle. many magicians have built their repute on this trick entirely. sorcerer borrows a coin and an empty bottle. With the spectator holding the bottle, you obviously knock the borrowed coin right through the bed of the bottle. After everyone has …

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Flipper Half by Johnson Products

$ 37.00 one-half Dollar that unfolds allowing you to show two half dollars. When you release the coin, the coins fold back up into one individual half dollar.

Boston Box by Johnson Products

$ 16.00 An claim duplicate of the Okito box with one important deviation. The bed has a recess that will accomodate a half dollar. This magnetic declination makes many amaze effects possible.

Cigarette Thru Coin by Johnson Products
This is a ocular miracle. photograph this : Borrow a quarter, and borrow a cigarette. then right under their noses you push the cigarette through the center of the quarter. Let the effect sink in, then pull the cigarette back out. You wont believe this gimmicked coin tied after you ‘ve seen it.

Coin Off Ribbon by Johnson Products

$ 15.00 Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate let the low price hera fool you. The method acting is elementary but the treat puts it into the miracle class. A half dollar with a large trap through the in-between is examined. The coin is then cautiously and reasonably threaded onto a musical composition of ribbon. The ends are held by the spectator pump as a handkerchief is thrown over the coin. Reach under the …

Dime and Penny by Johnson Products

$ 20.00 An old darling in top timbre. The coins are placed in the spectator ‘s pass and they are both visible as the hand is closed into a fist. When the hired hand is open the dime bag has wholly vanished. Easy to do and made to last. Any flim-flam that happens in the spectator pump ‘s hand is specially charming and this one will surely have them …

Hong Kong Coin by Johnson Products
The Hong Kong Coin is one of our most versatile utility coins. here are precisely a few possibilities. The taiwanese Coin can penetrate onto a shoelace while the ends are held by a spectator. The coin can be placed in your pocket and immediately return to your hand. It can jump from one hand to the early under impossible conditions. The Hong Kong …

Magna Coin Box by Johnson Products

$ 54.00 An Okito Box everyday with an endless variety show of incredible vanishes, productions, and penetrations plus a knock-out finish. Spectator places a coin in the box and covers it with the hat. The box is set on an address book and instantaneously the coin passes through the box and appears inside the book ! Routine is climaxed by spectator seeing five …

Magnetic Silver and Copper by Johnson Products

$ 65.00 A number of different routines are supplied, but the combinations possible with this singular set of coins are limited only by your imagination. here is just a sample : A drink glass is held in a horizontal put and two coins are set inside : an english Penny and a Half Dollar. The looking glass is slowly tipped up causing the coins to slide …

Nickel To Half by Johnson Products

$ 15.50 sorcerer display a nickel. The coin visually and cryptically transforms into a half dollar.Nothing to palm, switch or get rid of at the finish.

Okorto Box Set by Johnson Products

$ 34.00 The set includes an Okito box, a Boston box, and an Okito box with a smaller inside diameter.The plant is address very highly of in BoBo ‘s “ New Modern Coin Magic ”. Some great amusing and commercial routines can be performed with this fantastic dress of boxes.

Stack Of Halves by Johnson Products

$ 35.00 A authoritative consequence made to perfection. Half Dollars are stacked on the bet on of a spectator pump ‘s hand and covered with a fake leather cone. The cone is lifted revealing a push-down list of PENNIES ! Each stack of Halves is cautiously assembled by hand. complete with cone and intructions.

Stack Of Quarters by Johnson Products

$ 30.00 A classic effect made to perfection. Quarters are stacked on the back of a spectator pump ‘s hand and covered with a fake leather cone. The cone is lifted revealing a stack of PENNIES ! Each stack of quarters is carefully assembled by hand. complete with cone and instructions.

Twenty-One Cent Trick by Johnson Products

$ 22.00 Two nickels, a dime and a penny are placed into the magicians hand. When the sorcerer opens the handwriting everything has vanished except for a nickel.

preciseness made by Johnson Products

Two Copper One Silver by Johnson Products

$ 36.00 Three coins are shown – a Half Dollar, an english Penny, and a 20 Centavo. The two copper coinsare unmistakingly placed in one hand. The hand is immediately opened to reveal the Half dollar ! The copper coins are tossed on the table from your early hired hand ! immediately the copper coins are placed in your pocket as your other handwriting closes around the …

Visual Coin Penetration by Johnson Products

$ 40.00 This effect is stunning. Two clear up drinking glasses, a playing poster and two Half Dollars are shown. The card is placed on the sass of one glass and the moment glass is set on lead of the tease. Both Halves are dropped into the upper methamphetamine and when they hit the card one coin passesthrough the card and falls into the penetrate glass ! The coins …

Sun and Moon Coin

$ 25.00 The Sun and Moon coin is an expand english Penny Shell and a copper/silver insert. With this device you can do vanishes and transpositions. many routines are possible. This is intended for the advance coinworker.

JG Thompson Coin

$ 25.00 The J.G. Thompson mint is a gimmicked Half Dollar that can be used with the Magna Box or Jo ProBox. The coin will give the magic trick that the coin has vanished or appeared when in factit never leaves the box.

Jardine Ellis Ring by Johnson Products

$ 27.50 The identify bible here is preciseness. You ‘ll fool yourself with this beautifully made nibble of magic. All of the standard transpositions and penetrations are possible including this classical : spectator pump holds his hand in a fist with his finger pointing straight up. A handkerchief is spread over his hand and the solid boldness ring is placed over …

Jo Pro Coin Box

$ 45.00 The Jo Pro Coin Box comes with a gimmicked coin box, a gimmicked half dollar and a gimmicked menu. When used together you can perform some of the cleanest transpositions, penetrations, vanishes and productions you could imagine. The gimmicks do most the work so you do n’t have to be as adept in coin box manage as you would with …

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