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In the movie “ Cube, ” a group of strangers find themselves in a inner ear make of shifting rooms. sometimes the rooms are safe to enter ; early times, they ’ re rigged with deadly traps .
That ’ s what it feels like for advertisers or publishers trying to navigate the earth of ad technical school. The promise is bang-up but the journey is fraught with hazard. As a leave, numerous consultancies have emerged in late years to provide steering .
What follows are snapshots of merely a divide of the ad technical school consultancies offering a guide unhorse through a brush of confusion.

They are arranged alphabetically. Scroll down or click on a name to access a profile directly .

deloitte digital

While Deloitte has offered advisory services for several years, it consolidated its disparate capabilities under the Deloitte Digital umbrella in 2012.
Buy-side or sell-side focused?
This conversation doesn ’ t very apply to Deloitte Digital because unlike many early consultancies, Deloitte Digital doesn ’ metric ton focus on ad technical school .
What is Deloitte Digital’s specialty?
Deloitte Digital helps companies build customer experiences. Its clients are much businesses that want to transform processes across selling, advertising and customer experience .
Depending on customer needs, it develops strategies and builds the tools needed to execute on those strategies. This can mean integration and shape for SaaS-based products, or actual development for on-premise deployments .
Deloitte Digital besides runs the implementations .
Its knead with pay media is broadly a depart of a larger battle. For case, Mark Singer, the principal leading the company ’ second representation offer, notes the company has “ greater than 10 and less than 20 ” clients for which the consultancy is pulling programmatic levers .
“ The clients we ’ rhenium doing that for are in truth looking for cross-channel and omnichannel, multiple methods of engaging a customer to move them through their funnel, ” he said .
Does it make tech recommendations or perform assessments?
Yes, Deloitte Digital ’ s services include performing technical school evaluations and assisting with technical school selections. That covers everything from data management and CRM to broader media and content technologies .
Boutique or big firm?
big firm. Deloitte Digital has about 5,000 employees globally, though that number fluctuates .
How many clients?
Deloitte Digital declined to disclose this information .
Vertical focus?
It runs the gamut. One way Deloitte Digital goes to market is by industry vertical. “ We have lastingness in a bunch of different verticals like consumer products to fiscal services, to tech, media and telcos to manufacture, ” Singer said .


Infinitive was formed in 2003 by two Accenture execs. It’s structured internally both by vertical (i.e., retail, media and entertainment, financial services, etc.) as well as by practice (IT security and risk, business transformation, customer intelligence and digital media).
“ We structure this way in order to maintain areas of expertness, but besides recognizing that, say, a fiscal services company might need/want to utilize services from each of our inner verticals, ” said Jay Wright, principal adviser in the digital media unit .
Buy-side or sell-side focused?
Both. The customer and audience intelligence business supports the buy side, working with CMOs, chiefly on data-driven selling efforts. Digital advertise and marketing solutions are tailored for the sell side. Infinitive besides works with a handful of technical school companies .
What is Infinitive’s specialty?
Order management and full commercial enterprise life cycle management. infinitive positions itself as the backbone of the entire operation, so it ’ s very hands-on, with expertness in disciplines including viewability, ad chase, CRM, DMPs, finance and tax income recognition. “ We have to know everything because we do the entire life cycle, ” said Wright .
In all, Infinitive ’ randomness work includes procedure optimization, organizational design, ad technical school choice, implementation and optimization, american samoa well as some gross management. It besides does custom-make educate .
recently, Infinitive developed a platform specifically for cross-channel campaign optimization, which integrates or unifies data, analyzes and segments it and activates it .
Does it make tech recommendations or perform assessments?
Yes, Infinitive does vendor assessments though Wright doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate “ believe besides much in the rigorous RFP/RFI approach. ” Infinitive performs those at the behest of clients, but prefers to score vendors against node KPIs. “ If it ’ s a concede management arrangement or an ad server, we try to think about the strategic direction of the organization, ” Wright said. Additionally, Infinitive helps clients determine the properly merchandise mix they should invest in .
Boutique or big firm?
infinitive itself is boastfully. As a unharmed, the consultancy has 100 full-time consultants, 25 of whom are in Infinitive ’ mho media erect .
How many clients?
infinitive ’ mho media upright normally has on its customer roll about 10 major companies and 10 minor to mid-sized companies. additionally, it has partnerships with ad technical school providers to service their customers .
“ But we are not biased and we do not resell their product, ” Wright adds. “ We service ad technical school customers like we service any early customer. ”
Vertical focus?
See above. The caller is organizes around certain verticals .

jounce media

Turn and AOL alum Chris Kane formed Jounce Media earlier this year. Kane feels he can bring more “hands-on keyboard experience” compared with what he saw in the space. His goal is to push Jounce from the strategic side and into operations consulting.
Buy-side or sell-side focused?
While Jounce would ideally like to work with buyers, sellers, agencies and vendors, its top clients are buy-side – and likely that is where the effect business will reside .
“ My expertness is in the buy side, ” Kane said, though he notes there is “ gigantic opportunity ” for working with publishers and supporting ad technical school vendors .
“ Some of it is crafting a scheme, some of it is client-facing, where they ’ ll have R & D lab extensions of their core commercial enterprise, ” Kane said. “ When they get a beginning node that wants to try something modern, they don ’ thyroxine constantly have resources to support it. ”
What is Jounce’s specialty?
Jounce ’ s initial oeuvre with a node typically begins with ad technical school strategy development, though that typically translates into implementation .
For case, he might help work through ad server migration. While at Turn, he said, he helped build trading desks and he ’ s increasingly using that have at Jounce .
“ I think [ execution is ] proving to be a key point of specialization for Jounce, ” Kane said. “ We ’ rhenium operators, and we know how to put a CEO-level strategy into carry through. ”
Does it make tech recommendations or perform assessments?
Yes .
many Jounce engagements begin at the ground floor. Kane does soup-to-nuts train and authored a 15-page booklet called, “ The little Black Book of Ad Tech, ” which describes the fundamental concepts of digital advertise. “ In one day, I can take your team through 15 concepts and give a basic establish on how the fundamentals of ad technical school function, ” he said .
From there, clients ask him about more specific problems, which is where Jounce transitions into more technical, problem-specific engagements .
Boutique or big firm?
Boutique. Kane recently hired his first employee, and he brings in specialists as customer requests warrant .
How many clients?
In its first five months of being, Jounce has worked with seven different clients and has three active clients .
Vertical focus?
presently no, but Kane anticipates that ’ sulfur coming. As core technology becomes commoditized, differentiation will occur through vertical customization. “ It ’ s crazy that Ford and Kimberly-Clark use the lapp technical school, ” he said. “ You don ’ t advertise cars the same direction you advertise diapers. ”


While MediaLink has been around for a number of years, it brought in former MediaMath and Omnicom exec Matt Spiegel to head its programmatic consulting practice – more specifically its marketing and tech solutions practice – in March 2014. MediaLink’s programmatic discipline employs 20 people mostly in Chicago, though some are scattered across its other offices.
Buy-side or sell-side focused?
MediaLink has worked in ad technical school tied ahead programmatic became a major interest. So it has a pretty universal focus and works with both the bargain and sell sides, with big brands and technical school companies .
What is MediaLink’s specialty?
It ’ south pretty broad. MediaLink ’ s market and technical school solutions practice helps with strategy, including marketplace judgment, road map and technology reviews. It besides assists with data scheme, which can lead to DMP reviews and activation, and builds media management models – facilitating connections with agencies and technical school partners .
“ We ’ rhenium part of everything MediaLink does, ” Spiegel said. “ Our forte is extending [ MediaLink ’ s ] strategic advisory operations into areas driven by data and engineering. ”
Does it make tech recommendations or perform assessments?

Yes .
“ We help these organizations understand that this is a travel, and as they adapt to more technical school and data-driven ideas and function models, this international relations and security network ’ t on and off, ” said Spiegel .
That initial fact-finding impacts solutions MediaLink recommends .
“ If they ’ ra heavily reliant on the representation to do the work, that dictates a different determine of solutions than if they have a team in-house for data buy or analysis, ” Spiegel added. “ Or if they plan to do the technical school themselves or with a collaborator. ”
MediaLink understands these versatile tools because the consultancy has “ jointly bought and sold these exact tools and used them ourselves. ”
Boutique or big firm?
It ’ sulfur pretty big. obviously, the marketing and technical school solutions practice weapon international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate huge, with 11 people based in Chicago, but it ’ south region of MediaLink, which is quite large .
How many clients?
MediaLink declined to disclose this information. It works with both Fortune 50 marketers and slightly smaller clients, a well as big, traditional media companies .
Vertical focus?
There ’ s no vertical focus, per selenium .


Matt Prohaska founded Prohaska Consulting in 2011. It went on hiatus when Prohaska, a digital ad vet since 1994, worked in-house for The New York Times between 2013 and 2014. It resumed operations in February 2014.
Buy-side or sell-side focused?
While Prohaska Consulting used to have a majority of publisher clients, now 40 % of its customer free-base are sell-siders. The company has scaled its other verticals, such that it immediately includes buyers, diligence groups and ad technical school vendors .
“ We ’ ve done a set of corporate shift, product judgment, technical school development assessment, ” Prohaska said of the latter group .
As trade desks reassess their consolidation strategies, its means work is besides picking up after peaking between 2011 and 2012 .
What is Prohaska Consulting’s specialty?
Eight-five percentage of Prohaska ’ s consultation work is related to programmatic. beyond that, it advises around “ old-school digital monetization. ” Its services run the gamut through display, fluid, television, social, electronic mail, native advertise, radio and television .
As mentioned, Prohaska has six types of clients, so its products and services cover a wide-eyed range. It ranges from writing white papers for industry groups to something highly specific, such as coaching publisher sales teams on the best way to deal with certain trade desks or media agencies .
Beyond its scheme and project shape, Prohaska Consulting besides has operating occupation exploitation teams that operate like publisher development teams for ad technical school companies or ad sales teams for publishers .
Does it make tech recommendations or perform assessments?
It does both. “ We look at dash cycles and we ’ ve done review of engineer teams, like who ’ s building it, ” Prohaska said. “ We couple that with a corporate scheme and sight, and make certain they ’ re construction things for markets one to three years from now. That has to do with a product road map and suit in with customers. After that, we look under the hood. ”
Prohaska Consulting besides has done systems integration work, depending on client needs .
Boutique or big firm?
Let ’ s call Prohaska Consulting a big boutique. It ’ s actively hiring and has salaried employees in leadership roles. Prohaska projects eight total by February .
In addition, the caller has 72 employees with “ a handful full-time. ” They are in 18 cities across the earth .
“ We match talents with client needs, ” Prohaska said .
How many clients?
Prohaska ’ sulfur firm has signed 95 clients .


Promatica Consulting was founded in October by Joe Weaver, a former executive at TubeMogul who also managed Mindshare’s trading desk and served as Omnicom Media Group’s global group director of digital.
Buy-side or sell-side focused?
While Promatica has engaged with publishers, the majority of its bring is with advertisers. Weaver estimates an 80 % /20 % tax income split in privilege of the buy side. He sees the publisher side – which involves helping them understand advertiser needs so they can build products that attract brands – as a business that could become core .
Promatica besides works with technology companies “ consulting on their go-to-market sales and positioning strategies and product development insights ( i.e., how to best position products and services to brands based upon what brands need ). ”
What is Promatica’s specialty?
Promatica develops a programmatic model and scheme for its clients, then designs activation plans to integrate systems. Since energizing plans are heavily customized, Promatica ’ s approach varies depending on versatile factors, such as whether stigmatize marketers want their media representation involved or if they want to begin buying and activating media in-house .
Does it make tech recommendations or perform assessments?
Yes, via a 200-point evaluation that provides a seller overview, history, locations of its different offices and its future mentality over the adjacent three to five years. “ A batch of vendors want to go public, which changes the way they work with their current customer nucleotide, ” Weaver said. The evaluation besides covers technical questions, such as whether a seller has a DMP, capabilities around analytics and integrates well with early players in the ecosystem .
Promatica besides has a short-change list of vendors for clients who want to get up and running cursorily .
Weaver is disbelieving about using bake-offs to evaluate technical school. “ They ’ re tough because if you run a political campaign today and run the lapp accurate campaign in a bake-off four weeks from nowadays, you could see very different results, ” he said .
Boutique or big firm?
Boutique. Weaver is presently its sole employee .
How many clients?
Promatica is small and has been operating for 12 months. It is selective about clients it engages with and takes two to three at a time, depending on node size .
Average length of engagement?
Promatica ’ s engagements are typically six to nine months. “ Lots of consultants want to get in or out, ” Weaver said. “ We tend to be engaged for longer periods of time. A set of the clients I ’ ve started with I ’ m still working with. ”
Vertical focus?
“ CPG is a big one, ” Weaver said. “ Some fiscal, luxury goods and some entertainment clients. ”


unbound was formed June 2013 by Brendan Moorcroft and Quentin George, two white house who helped form IPG Mediabrands ’ deal desk Cadreon. They were joined last year by Michael Brunick, another Cadreon co-founder .
Buy-side or sell-side focused?
about 40 % of its clients are on the bargain side, largely Fortune 100 brands that want to have conversations around work flow and efficiency. Another 40 % are media owner clients that need help figuring out what customers want, which new capabilities to offer and how to package their programmatic offerings. The remaining 20 % are companies that are trying to build businesses from their unique data sets .
What is Unbound’s specialty?
broadly public speaking, Unbound ’ s entry steer is executive education around programmatic. It helps clients define their business strategies around programmatic media buy, with particular expertness in data enablement .
Does it make tech recommendations or perform assessments?
Yes. Unbound has a dinner dress RFI/RFP work. “ We come up with request requirements for each of the categories, ” said Moorcroft. “ We put proof-of-trial concepts into marketplace. ”
Moorcroft emphasizes that “ while most early evaluations work over card, ” Unbound helps its clients develop and formalize their requirements, then designs specific use cases around those requirements .
“ When we get to the RFP phase, a technology company doesn ’ triiodothyronine good come in and show us capabilities, ” he said. alternatively, the seller takes Unbound – and Unbound ’ s node – through a particular bit-by-bit process and is graded by pre-set requirements .
“ There are very few companies that Mike, [ George ] and I haven ’ triiodothyronine worked with personally in this ecosystem, ” Moorcroft said .
Boutique or big firm?
Boutique. “ We enjoy being a belittled, private company, ” George said. Their industry connections, he said, allow Unbound to source the best endowment across the ecosystem .
How many clients?
unbound declined to disclose this information .
Vertical focus?

Unbound ’ s buy-side clients represent numerous categories, though there ’ s a peculiarly grave concentration in gamey technical school. It besides has a large sum of clients in retail, cosmetics and CPG. On the deal side, it tends to work with “ reasonably big, diversify media and entertainment holding companies with multiple assets. ”

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