It was 9:47 am when y/n woke which was simultaneously former and early for their standards. They quickly got ready for the day as their love or horde began in an hour and a half however they had things to do .
                           They put on a black crop top and a f/c hoodie along with jeans and sneakers and decided since today was the day of their love or host they 'd finally break up with Jared. They dialed the number and waited a few seconds as the phone ring before Jared picked up `` hey baby girl '' he said into the phone `` heyy.. Long story short-change i 'm break up with you ! ''
                           `` What ! ? Bitch you know you need m- '' they hung up the phone before he could continue. y/n sigh and decided to good go on their usual good morning jog with Winnie, their dog who they would sometimes jokingly call cunt as the cad was female and of course a chase. 
                           After that you decided to call as they merely had an hour. `` Hey Wilby '' they said happily into the phone `` you seem happy '' said the british man `` yeah, I broke up with Jared '' on the early tune was a sigh `` ultimately, thought you 'd stick with that arse constantly '' the brunet spoke jokingly .
                           y/n lone giggled at this statement `` yeah yeah, thanks for talking to Austin for me by the room ''
                           `` No trouble ''
                           You joked around for a while more before setting up everything and finally starting your streams .
                           You did you introduction like normal before unmuting. There were 10 contestants, 6 guys and 4 girls .
                           After introductions the show begins .
                           `` Okay first explain why your different from everyone else and why FateFire should pick you you ''
                           While a bunch of the answers were reasonably decent and one of the girls flush going as far to say she was in love with you one answered stuck out to you `` I do n't know, they 're just hot '' it was straight ahead and was n't actively trying to make you feel butterflies and despite it being slenderly well inappropriate .
                           `` sol who is the worst choice ? ''
                           Most people voted for Jschlatt but some besides voted for Minx and a few for Quackity. A few besides went to Isabel .
                           `` so who would be the ideal date ''
                           Most were reasonably standard, picnic, field, gambling, Quackity said MacDonald 's. And Jschlatt trying out chivalric agony methods. 
                           soon enough it was only Minx and Jschlatt .
                           `` then why do you deserve y/n ? ''
                           Minx spoke first `` because Jschlatt does n't know how to treat people and he young. Plus y/n is n't excessively brusque but they 're not improbable either ''
                           Jshclatt just shrugged as he took a sip of his coke. `` Well results are in ! ''
                           Chat was fighting over y/nlatt and y/inx .
                           `` well Minx your actually kind and I think your in truth pretty. I like your content, however.. You just are n't correct for me. I hope we can become friends though ! ''
                           Minx muted and then apparently began screaming and Jschlatt laughed. Minx unmuted `` thats fine.. Everything is good.. He credibly picked host anyways ''
                           Austin said she 'd chosen love and then she was removed .
                           `` so Schlatt, what 'd you pick.. ? '' Asked the brusque human, awkwardly knowing he credibly picked host .
                           Austin than announced `` Jschlatt picked ... love ! ''
                           Chat went hazardous .
                           'y/nlatt wins ! ' 
'y/nlatt ! ! '
'Does this make Schlatt Bi or Pan ? ? '
'Bdhsjzjxjsisjsujs y/nlatt ! ! '
'dhhsnsjajznsjsb sleep together ! I wanted a peasant girlfriend and cute bitch😤 '
'He picked Love ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? '
'y/nlatt poggers ! '
'Pog '
'Pog '
'Pog ! ' giggle, y/n looked binding at Jschlatt `` I though you 'd pick host '' `` Yeah yeah ! Just thought you were cute, big hand '' y/n smirked knowing this 'd be fun `` Well I 'll text you on Twitter death, Schlatty~ '' they flirted . then the call ended and therefore did your flow .

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